Numerous arrested for alleged drug dealing in St. Francis County

An eleven month long Arkansas State Police undercover narcotics investigation in St. Francis County culminated with the arrest of 22 alleged drug dealers today.  State troopers are continuing to search for 8 individuals who have evaded apprehension during the arrest operation that has been centered in Forrest City.

  All of the arrests were based on felony warrants charging each of the accused with delivery of a controlled substance.  The investigation, which began in August 2021, specifically pursued suspected drug dealers selling heroin, fentanyl, cocaine, methamphetamine and ecstasy.

  During the investigation, special agents of the Arkansas State Police Criminal Investigation Division, assisted by Forrest City police detectives, coordinated drug transactions with each of the suspects.  More than 5 pounds of the various narcotics were purchased cumulatively among the 30 suspects.

  The execution of the arrest warrants and arrests involved approximately 60 Arkansas State Troopers, assisted by other law enforcement officers from the Arkansas Department of Community Corrections, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, 1st Judicial District Drug Task Force, Forrest City Police Department, St. Francis and Cross County sheriff’s deputies and officers of the Palestine Police Department.

  “This investigation and subsequent arrests demonstrate the commitment of the Arkansas State Police to remove drug dealers from our communities and cut-off the supply of the worst and most dangerous narcotics being funneled into Arkansas,” said Colonel Bill Bryant, Director of the Arkansas State Police.  “On behalf of Arkansans in communities, large and small, I commend the special agents who tirelessly led the investigation and the united spirit of the troopers and other law enforcement officers who banned together today to make the arrests.”

  As of 11:30 AM today, the following individuals are among the 30 charged with the delivery of a controlled substance and currently incarcerated at the Cross County Detention Center in Wynne:

  • Lonzo Shealy, 44, of Forrest City
  • Kirk Mosby, 26, of Forrest City
  • Roy Parker, 37, of Forrest City
  • Clenton Wofford, 41, of Forrest City
  • Theo Walker, 32, of Forrest City
  • Jeremy Buchanan, 31, of Forrest City
  • Xavier Jones, 32, of Forrest City
  • Danny Brimley, 33, of Forrest City
  • Joseph Higgins, 30, of Forrest City
  • Freddie Gray, Jr., 48, of Forrest City
  • Ray Thomas, Jr., 22, of Forrest City
  • Kyiler King, 28, of Forrest City
  • Emilio Williams, 30, of Forrest City
  • Toney Walker, 36, of Forrest City
  • Candice Bradley, 34, of Forrest City
  • Joey Jones, 33, of Wynne
  • Ladarius Hartaway, 30, of Little Rock
  • Tevvion Jones, 26, of Widener
  • Demitrius Hunter, 33, of Forrest City
  • Antonio Neal, 53, of Forrest City
  • Timothy Graham, 29, of Forrest City
  • Latarsha McMillian, 44, of Forrest City

  Currently, not in custody, but charged and being sought by the Arkansas State Police are:

  • Marco Lee, 31, of Forrest City
  • Ronald Williams, 30, of Forrest City
  • Freshawn Dosty, 25, of Forrest City
  • Diante Russell, 31 of Forrest City
  • Romero Barber, 30, of Forrest City
  • Robert Smith, 31, of Forrest City
  • Tyrek Anderson, 22, of Forrest City
  • Ronald Scott, Jr., 31, of Colt

  Anyone with information as to the whereabouts of the suspects still being sought should contact the Arkansas State Police in Forrest City or the Forrest City Police Department.

Additional criminal charges in the form of federal indictments are expected to be filed against several of the individuals identified in the investigation and facing state charges.

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  1. Back in Coolidge Conlee’s day this would be a list of those who didn’t make the payoff. Anyone in St. Francis county know how that works these days? I haven’t crossed the county line (south of Wynne) in years due to the corruption down there.

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