54 Arrested in Osceola Joint Operation

Osceola, Ark. – A press release from the state prosecuting attorney’s office detailed a massive police operation Friday in Osceola resulting in dozens of arrest.

On Friday, June 3 in Osceola, local, district, and state law enforcement agencies conducted a joint operation and arrested 54 people. The Osceola Police Department (20 officers), the Mississippi County Sheriff’s Department (17 deputies), the Arkansas State Police (23 agents), and the Second Judicial District Drug Task Force (ten agents) saturated the city of about 7,000 citizens and yielded these results:

54 arrests, including six felony drug arrests, two felon-in-possession-of-firearm arrests, and one felony theft arrest. 124 citations were also issued. 92 warnings were issued.

Osceola Police Chief Jerry Hamilton thanked the other law enforcement agencies.

He also issued a warning to criminals:

“To the criminal element, Osceola is NOT open for business. I appreciate all these agencies who worked together to remove all doubt about whether Osceola is serious about attacking crime.”

Osceola Police Chief Jerry Hamilton

Commander Chad Henson echoed Chief Hamilton’s message and affirmed the Second Judicial District Drug Task Force’s districtwide commitment:

“Our DTF now—for the first time—encompasses our entire judicial district. And as DTF Commander, we’ll continue to work cooperatively with local law enforcement agencies to reduce drug-related crime, including participating in saturation operations like Osceola. Working together, there’s no corner of this district that will be safe for criminals.”

Task Force Commander Chad Henson

All those who were arrested, given a citation, or both are presumed innocent.


  1. All that time and money and manpower but they can’t (or won’t) do a damned thing about all the illegal terrorists here to rape, rob and murder. Sickening.

    • Thank the Biden administration — they brought them all here and keep them here to replace Americans who won’t kiss their behinds. It’s the Biden admin that’s burning down all the food processing plants, too, gonna starve you out.

  2. I’m my opinion Biden and his administration need to be out of office immediately. Blame him for the conditions of our country today

  3. I sit an read this whole DTF an shit ton other agency been working hard on these cases for last blah blah years…… Then tally it up to 54 arrest?? Then 6 felony arrests??? SIX??? All that wrk an they make a city sweep , that’s 50 man strong sweep at that, and u bragging on 6 felony arrests???? Ok here’s the numbers that told wat really went down…… 124 citations an 94 warnings, which was given in process of this big sweep/cleanup that’s making this big statement. How many rights were violated during all this, 124 I’m tickets????? It’s pretty transparent if u ask me. There was 200+ ppl that got harassed , prob ppl profiled because of history or past!!! An only 6 felony’s lol!

    1 question…… how many no knock warrants got served????

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