Lost pig found in the City of Jonesboro

The officers at Jonesboro Animal Control recovered a pig this week and are looking for its owners.

The pig was found on Valentine’s Day: Monday, February 14. Animal control said in a Facebook post the pig was “very vocal but bored to tears here.”

Courtesy Sgt. Larry Rogers, Animal Control

The comments on the post left some readers squealing with laughter.

There is a pig seen frequently on 780, it belongs to some homeowners on that road and frequently runs loose with their dogs. It actually thinks it’s a dog.

Traci Lee


That little piggy went to town

Davy Lisk


Who’s ex is this?! 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

Annah Elrod


Animal control was searching for the owners on Tuesday, the post said. NEA Report checked with Sgt. Larry Rogers on Wednesday. He said the pig was still waiting to be claimed.

“We have got to keep it seven days and if no owner shows, we will be sending him to a rescue farm since pigs are not allowed in the city limits,” Rogers said.

If you are missing a pig or know someone who is, contact the animal control office at 870-935-3920.

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