Teacher arrested for alleged sexual assault of student

A school teacher is facing charges including first degree sexual assault that allegedly involved a student.

Clay County Sheriff Terry Miller reports that after five weeks investigation, deputies with the sheriff’s department arrested a Rector school teacher for having an inappropriate relationship with a student.

Sheriff Miller reports on August 13, 2021 deputies arrested Sarah Beth Isom, of Rector, on charges of Sexual Assault, 1st degree.

Isom was in custody pending probable cause hearing, at the time of the release.

Attorneys representing the school issued the following statement to local media:

Rector School District officials were notified that Sarah Beth Isom was arrested and charged with sexual assault. Last school year, Ms. Isom worked as a substitute teacher, and she was hired as a teacher for this upcoming school year. Once the District received notice of allegations of sexual misconduct, Ms. Isom was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. The District has a zero-tolerance policy for any inappropriate relationship between educators and students. Ms. Isom resigned from her position earlier today, and she will no longer be allowed on campus. School officials will offer additional support and counseling to any student affected by this matter. Rector School District will continue its commitment to ensuring that all students learn in a safe environment and have a successful school year.

Rebecca Worsham, Attorney for Rector School District

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  1. I wonder if she’ll get any prison time or if she’ll get probation & a fine like that child molester school cop Matthew Guthrie did. I don’t understand how a jury can find someone “a school resource officer” guilty of six counts of first degree sexual assault on a minor and then the judge just gives him probation, a fine, and he will NOT have to register as a sex offender. I’m guessing it’s because he’s a cop which makes it even worse because he knew better. I bet the school teacher gets a lot worse then the child molesting cop Matthew Guthrie.

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