352 grams of Meth seized during traffic stop

Almost $10,000 and over 350 grams of crystal meth were seized during a traffic stop this month in Jonesboro.

On June 19, 3rd shift officer Kaitlyn Inouye initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle that was driving erratically near Caraway and Parker.

Through the course of the stop, Officers Greg Trout and Tucker Harris performed (or attempted to perform) Standardized Field Sobriety Tests on the driver, searched the vehicle, and seized 352g of methamphetamine, a firearm, several electronics, over $9,900 cash, and other paraphernalia.

The driver was charged with DWI – Drugs, trafficking of a controlled substance, simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms, possession of firearm by certain persons, possession of drug paraphernalia, refusal to submit, disorderly conduct, reckless driving, and no proof of liability insurance.

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  1. A little more than twelve ounces and about ten thousand dollars of meth in addition to the cash seized. Amazing bust for certain! What’s even more amazing,is that anyone would transport all of that at once, especially that time of the day! The death penalty should be imposed on these idiots! However, their is no continual revenue if that were the case. Seriously, twelve ounces of dope!? If only this bust would dry my neighbors out for awhile, I’d be very happy for certain 😃

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