Three arrested for flashing guns at party; Man arrested for kicking in woman’s door; Weekend reports from JPD

Suspects cut several thousand dollars worth of wire from residential construction sites at the 5600-block of Brookshire Drive between 1/28 and 1/29.

A domestic disturbance call between 11 AM and noon on 1/29 at the 3100-block of Colony Drive indicated a female suspect chased a male with a knife and slashed his tires. No arrests.

A suspect was arrested for theft of a Rolex watch around 5:27 PM on 1/29 at Sissy’s Log Cabin in Jonesboro. Jermaine Antonio Byers, 43, of Memphis, was arrested for felony theft and robbery.

A home was burglarized between 1:15 PM and 6:23 PM at the 1700-block of Irby Street on 1/29, with a residence being entered through a back window. A TV and XBox were stolen.

A report on 1/29 indicated that a suspect shot through a man’s window and entered his residence at the 1300-block of S. Madison Street, an apartment. Drugs were suspected to be involved. No arrests were listed.

A report alleged that a suspect threatened a victim with a knife around 12:26 AM at the 600-block of E. Oak on 1/30.

Sometime around 6 AM on 1/30, a suspect entered a home and began making threats at the 1600-block of Garland Drive, a report said.

A burglary reported around 4:20 AM on 1/30 at the 2200-block of Clover indicated a suspect broke in and stole two TVs and a PS4.

An apartment unit at the 3700-block of Kristi Lake was found burned on 1/30, completely covered in soot and ash.

A report alleging aggravated assault said a subject pointed a firearm at a victim and said he would put a hole in him. The location was masked but it happened around 8 PM on 1/30. The narrative indicated the report was filed by a Dominos Pizza delivery driver.

A suspect was arrested around 9:30 PM on 1/30 at Hibbett Sports for allegedly trying to steal clothing. She was found to have a plastic straw with controlled substance residue as well. Amanda Bentley, 29, of Jonesboro, was arrested.

A call to police around 2 AM on 1/31 from the Stadium View apartment security indicated a party at building F where some individuals had flashed guns at people in the crowd. Four individuals fled from officers and three were caught and taken to jail for fleeing, carrying a weapon, and possession of a controlled substance, the report said. Devaron Bowers, 19, of Lake City, Theotis Mcguire, 21, of Trumann, and Marlon Barnes, 19, of Trumann, were arrested.

A man was arrested for possession of meth, tampering with evidence, and driving on a suspended license between 6 and 7 AM on 1/31 at the 2900-block of Phillips Drive. Steven R. Parnell, 48, of Lebanon, MO, was arrested with syringes, a methamphetamine pipe, and $880 in street value of suspected crystal meth.

A suspect was arrested for violating a no contact order by kicking in a victim’s door and assaulting a minor victim before 7 AM on 1/31 at the 10000 block of Willow Creek Lane. Larry Dean Bryant, 32, was arrested. The report indicated he was already due in court on other charges.

A suspect made threats to blow up the mall after 4:30 PM on 1/31 in Jonesboro. Police cleared Target and JC Penney after the threats. No explosive devices were found. The report listed a suspect but did not indicate any arrests as of yet.

A residential burglary was reported after 5:30 PM on 1/31 at the 1100-block of E. Washington Avenue.

A vehicle break-in was reported between 2 AM and 9:30 AM on 1/29 at the 2900-block of Phillips Drive.

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