Woman’s house shot seven times; Pizza driver’s car stolen; More reports released Wednesday and Thursday by JPD

The following are summaries of police reports released Wednesday and Thursday by the Jonesboro Police Department. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty. 

Police are investigating an alleged case of forgery after a 23-year-old woman, information masked, was reported to have tried to cash a $9,000 check without the balance to cover it. Happened on Tuesday, 1/19 at the 2400-block of E. Highland Drive.

Someone stole over $400 from a church bank account, a report on Tuesday said. Salvation Ministries reported the theft.

A pizza delivery man for Dominos was making a delivery around 9 PM on Tuesday at a masked location in Jonesboro. His car was stolen. A white 2017 Hyundai Accent.

A purse snatcher struck after 11 PM Tuesday night at Cregeen’s bar in Jonesboro, stealing a woman’s purse full of her personal information and credit/debit cards. A white male suspect, age 40-45, was thought to be responsible.

An accident just before 1 AM on Wednesday at the 3800-block of Harrisburg Road ended in a fatality. The vehicle rolled over in the accident, landing about 100 feet off of the east side of the road. The driver was partially hanging out of the vehicle, having sustained substantial injuries. He was pronounced dead at the scene. James Essary, 58, of Jonesboro, passed away in the accident.

A woman who had to pull her Cadillac CTS over after a flat tire on the way home from work returned to pick it up the following morning only to find it destroyed with what appeared to have been a sledgehammer, or some other blunt instrument. The woman said a large red truck had driven by, shouting at her to “get the hell out of the way,” to which she replied “kiss my ass,” but she had no idea other than this of who might have targeted her vehicle.

A victim discovered her residence had been burglarized after 3 PM on Wednesday at the 900-block of N. Culberhouse Street. Several thousand dollars in property were stolen.

A suspect was arrested with three types of narcotics and over $4,500 in various bills, along with digital scales, after 3:30 PM on Wednesday near the intersection of Cain and Stevens. G’yeon Damarcus Porter, 25, of Jonesboro, faces charges including possession with intent to deliver across the different drugs.

A storage unit was broken into between 2018 and 2020 at the 2100-block of Clinton School Road, a victim discovered on Wednesday. Christmas decorations, a camera, and military memorabilia were stolen.

A suspect was discovered to be in possession of a stolen vehicle along with felony drugs by police, a report from Wednesday evening in Jonesboro said. It began as a traffic stop for speeding on Culberhouse. Around 6 PM at the 1900-block of N. Culberhouse Street, Richard Alan Burgess, 49,  Tonya R. Allen, 50, and Terrie Beck, 51, all of Jonesboro, were arrested. Police found pipes and syringes with suspected meth, pills, and other substances.

A shooting happened around 9:37 PM on 1/20 on Warner Avenue in Jonesboro. Police say a suspect fired seven shots into the house of a victim while she and her kids were inside. A 37-year-old African American male, name masked from public view, is the suspect. Fortunately, no one was injured – although the entire family was likely traumatized by the incident.

A man was arrested for a DWI, resisting arrest, no insurance, and possession of meth after 11 PM on Wednesday near the intersection of Nettleton/Nelms/Airport Road. Brian Allen Roberts, 47, was arrested with two clear glass pipes with suspected meth and 1.5 grams of suspected meth, along with several pills.

A vehicle break-in happened early Thursday morning around the 2700-block of Pine Acres Street. A communications tablet with some type of eye-tracking attachment, valued at over $14,000 according to the report, was stolen.

Another vehicle break-in was reported at the 2700-block of Pine Acres Street during the same time frame, this time with a woman’s wallet and money being stolen.

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  1. Pizza delivery to a Masked location? A suspect name has been Masked? Seriously, using the term mask now?!?! How about the word MethApocolypse in Jungleboro?

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