Jonesboro homicide suspect apprehended by US Marshals

JPD officers, along with the US Marshals Fugitive Task Force apprehended Mark Austin Slaughter on Friday evening in reference to the December 8th homicide of Brandon Broadway in Jonesboro.

Marshals developed info that Slaughter fled the Jonesboro area in his work truck and the vehicle was recovered in Little Rock by the Marshals Service but Slaughter was nowhere to be found.

US Marshals Fugitive Task Force then obtained information that he was traveling west in his girlfriend’s vehicle. Slaughter and his girlfriend were located in west Siloam Springs, Oklahoma and Slaughter was arrested without incident.

He is still in Oklahoma awaiting extradition to Jonesboro.

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  1. He and his girlfriend had stayed in my home a few days before the killing where they rob me of money, jewelry and a lot more stuff and left at first it was believed that he did all of the stealing , but when i started missing more and more things it became clear that the girlfriend was the only one that new. the where about s of a lot of high dollar jewelry she also got into my purse and made a copy of my debit card and also got on line and got some things added to my wyze order she called me after the shooting crying and saying she had to get out of town and would never be able to come back and that she had to. get red of her phone i ask her what was wrong she would not tell me i ask her if she had done something bad and she would only say maybe

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