Monday: 4,813 (1,068 active) COVID-19 cases in Arkansas; Bars to reopen

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Arkansas COVID Numbers

Cumulative Confirmed Cases: 4,813

378 in corrections; 99 in nursing homes; 591 in the community

Deaths: 100

Recovered: 3,645

Total Active Cases: 1,068

Total Tested: 85,182 (previous update)

Source: ADH’s map

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  • Craighead: 141 cases, 90 recoveries, 0 deaths, 2,662 negatives
  • Poinsett: 27 cases, 22 recoveries, 2 deaths, 371 negatives
  • Greene: 24 cases, 22 recoveries, 0 deaths, 1,240 negatives
  • Clay: 4 cases, 3 recoveries, 0 deaths, 405 negatives
  • Randolph: 22 cases, 21 recoveries, 0 deaths, 746 negatives
  • Lawrence: 73 cases, 55 recoveries, 4 deaths, 514 negatives
  • Crittenden: 237 cases, 196 recoveries, 7 deaths, 2,011 negatives
  • Cross: 36 cases, 27 recoveries, 0 deaths, 457 negatives
  • Jackson: 1 case, 1 recovery, 0 deaths, 183 negatives
  • Mississippi: 62 cases, 30 recoveries, 0 deaths, 737 negatives
  • Sharp: 37 cases, 6 recoveries, 2 death, 220 negatives

Source: ADH’s map

1:30 PM

United States: 1,496,509 positive

89,874 have died. 272,265 have recovered.

Global: 4,769,177 positive

316,898 have died. 1,612,030 have recovered.

Source: Johns Hopkins University.

1:30 PM

Bars to begin reopening

Governor Asa Hutchinson announced that bars would begin reopening over the next week.

On Tuesday, bars attached to or in restaurants may reopen (May 19).

On Tuesday, May 26, stand-alone bars may begin to reopen.

Social distancing restrictions will apply to businesses.


Craighead County sees spike in active cases

JONESBORO, Ark. – Craighead County is seeing a rise in COVID-19 cases with the county up to 140 cumulative confirmed as of Monday morning.

This was expected, the City of Jonesboro’s spokesperson told NEA Report.

“We knew all along we weren’t getting the tests done,” said City Communications Director Bill Campbell.

The uncertainty is what caused the concern among city leadership – including the curfews. The numbers reflect two to three weeks old data, Campbell said. But, medical experts are getting a closer idea now of where we truly are.

The Department of Health on Washington Street is doing drive-thru testing beginning today, Campbell said. Both major hospitals in Jonesboro along with Walmart on Parker Road are also testing now, too.

Vaccine tests yield positive results

Those who have been given Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine showed positive results, according to the biotech company. All of the participants of the study measured developed neutralizing antibodies that met or even exceeded the levels of those who had recovered from COVID-19. If results continue the positive trend, it could be available as early as January, 2021.

Read more from CNN.

Second round of stimulus money?

It’s possible another $1,200 check will be coming the way of many Americans after the House of Representatives on Friday passed a $3 trillion economic relief package, titled the Heroes Act. It contains a second round of $1,200 stimulus checks, $200 billion in hazard pay for essential workers and six additional months of unemployment funding for COVID-19.

The first round of stimulus money provided $500 for children. Forbes reports the second round of checks would include $1,200 for all eligible members of a household, including children, up to a maximum of $6,000 for a family.

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This article will be updated throughout the day on Monday, May 18, 2020. Check back and refresh for the latest numbers and news. 

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