Thursday: Only 710 cases considered active out of 3,665 in Arkansas; Decision on casinos coming May 18


Once again, recoveries have been reclassified. With the latest changes, over 700 new recoveries were added to the total, moving active cases down significantly.

1:30 PM

Cumulative Confirmed Cases: 3,665

Deaths: 88

Recovered: 2,867

Total Active Cases: 710

Total Tested: Approx. 60,000

Source: ADH Website

97 new cases from yesterday, 30 correctional related and the other 67 are community cases. 70 hospitalized (net increase of 1);

9 AM

NEA County Numbers:

  • Randolph County: 21 positive, 14 recoveries, 579 negative
  • Clay County: 3 positive, 0 recoveries, 301 negative
  • Cleburne County: 72 positive, 66 recoveries, 214 negative, 4 deaths
  • Craighead County: 88 positive, 57 recoveries, 1,294 negative, 0 death
  • Crittenden County: 202 positive, 152 recoveries, 1,172 negative, 7 deaths
  • Fulton County: 3 positive, 0 recoveries, 111 negative
  • Greene County: 21 positive, 12 recoveries, 791 negative
  • Independence County: 11 positive, 9 recoveries, 216 negative
  • Jackson County: 1 positive, 1 recoveries, 91 negative
  • Lawrence County: 69 positive, 29 recoveries, 299 negative, 4 deaths
  • Mississippi County: 42 positive, 10 recoveries, 327 negative
  • Poinsett County: 25 positive, 14 recoveries, 198 negatives, 2 deaths
  • Sharp County: 7 positives, 3 recoveries, 67 negative
  • Don’t see your county? Click here to find it on ADH’s map.

9 AM

United States: 1,229,089 positive

73,435 have died. 189,910 have recovered.

Global: 3,778,179 positive

264,437 have died. 1,254,744 have recovered.

Source: Johns Hopkins University.

Tracking the Growth

The latest numbers have been added to graphics by our friend Dr. Pat Carroll, who is helping us track new cases and active cases by date.

7 PM Wednesday
7 PM Wednesday
7 PM Wednesday

Casinos announcement coming

On May 18, Governor Hutchinson said new guidance will be provided for the three gaming casinos in Arkansas so they may resume limited operations.

Over 33 million unemployed in seven weeks

An additional 3.2 million people filed requesting first-time unemployment benefits last week. That brings the total over seven weeks to more than 33 million.

This erases the entirety of all jobs created during the past decade. Fox Business reports unemployment hasn’t been at this scale since the Great Depression.

Read more from the NY Times.

Coronavirus survivors banned from joining the military?

A memo circulating on Twitter indicates that anyone who has tested positive previously for COVID-19 is no longer eligible for military service. Read more from Military Times. 


Mayor: Don’t let guard down against COVID-19

State Health Director Dr. Nathaniel Smith identified Jonesboro as a city with some of Arkansas’ top COVID-19 case growth Wednesday during Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s daily news conference.

Mayor Harold Perrin, meanwhile, has been working since Sunday with Wal-Mart executives to open drive-thru testing for potential coronavirus cases at one of Jonesboro’s store parking lots.

Perrin was neither surprised nor alarmed by Smith’s statement, but doesn’t consider Jonesboro a “hotspot” for coronavirus.

“We have believed for two months that the numbers are higher than announced in Jonesboro, simply because we haven’t had the tests run,” Perrin said. “I don’t know that we’re necessarily a hotspot, but I do know COVID-19 hasn’t gone anywhere. And just because the governor has loosened restrictions doesn’t mean we don’t have to be careful.

“We in fact should be more cautious in public because more people will be out and about.”

Perrin said he is optimistic that residents will respond well to the easing of restrictions by the state, based on the city’s ability to prevent a mass outbreak of COVID-19 in the wake of the March 28 tornado.

“I had a lot of concern after that tornado that COVID might run rampant through our city, through our police force or fire department,” Perrin said. “As you know, this coronavirus can lie dormant for weeks before symptoms begin to show.

“I consider it a great response by our city that even though our numbers continue to grow, we didn’t see a large spike after the tornado. I do believe, however, that we have not had accurate totals because of the lack of tests.”

Perrin said he hopes that a partnership with Wal-Mart will lead to more testing and accurate numbers.

“I want us to proceed,” he said of the easing of public restrictions. “But with caution. That means yes, you should wear a mask in public. And yes, you should stay home if you have a fever or other signs of illness. And yes, you should maintain social distance at all times.”

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