Child returned after being taken during home invasion

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Bench warrant for suspect issued

JONESBORO, Ark. – A late-Thursday home invasion that involved a child being taken from the home fortunately ended with the child back in custody of the mother. Now, police want the suspect in custody.

The incident report released by the Jonesboro Police Department said the situation happened between 9:15 PM and 9:22 PM at the 1700-block of Arch Street in Jonesboro. The report itself says a suspect broke into a victim’s home, attacked her, and took her child.

It was a non-custodial father who came and got the child, said Sally Smith with JPD. She said the child is six months old.

Officer Trevor Sutton made an initial report on the scene after making contact with the mother of the child. She told him the male suspect broke in, struck her in the face, ripped out her weaves, and took their child. Three children ages four and under were present during the incident, the report states.

Police are not releasing the suspect’s name until he is in custody, Smith said. However, authorities know who the man is and the suspect knows that. Police hope he will turn himself in.

The suspect is facing felony charges of residential burglary and interference with custody. He is also facing a misdemeanor third degree battery charge.


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