Caught on Camera: Woman stealing off of back porch in Trumann

TRUMANN, Ark. – While a woman pilfered through several pair of shoes left outside at a Trumann home this week, the security camera recorded her every move.

The video was posted by Michael Bentley of Trumann on Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2020. Bentley said the incident happened earlier in the same day on his back porch. As the suspected thief steps onto the porch in the first video, a noise startles the woman. She doesn’t stay for long, grabbing a tool and pair of boots and then leaving.

But she was just getting started.

A second video shows her returning with a duffel bag. This time, she appears to grab three more pairs of shoes and a box with other items in it.

One person in the comments seemed to recognize the woman, stating she had been a victim of theft from her before. Another comment said she was seen pushing a stroller around town.

The resident said he reported the incident to the Trumann Police Department. He said he provided the video to them with the report.




  1. Looks like it could be Nancy Kirkland of Trumann. She’s a bad kleptomaniac and steals all of the time to support her drug habit!

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