Greene County sheriff changes from Democrat to Republican

Source: Steve Franks, Facebook

PARAGOULD, Ark. – The Greene County sheriff is now a Republican.

Greene County Sheriff Steve Franks was elected as a Democrat, beating out Republican David Carter in 2018. But on Thursday, January 23, 2020, Franks announced he was switching parties to become a Republican himself.

Franks said he made the decision because the Democrat party had begun to lean so far left, it was unrecognizable to him.

After much prayer, thought and deliberation, today I am proudly switching my party affiliation from Democrat to Republican. The Democratic party has begun to lean so far left that it is now completely unrecognizable to me and is no longer the conservative Democrat party that my Grandfather once knew. The Democratic party simply no longer reflects the values of hardworking folks in Greene County, and the State of Arkansas, and I can no longer, in good conscious, support it. I look forward to having a huge impact as a Republican in Greene County and embracing the conservative values that it represents. – Steve Franks, Greene County Sheriff

Most social media comments were positive and supportive of the announcement Thursday night.



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  1. Like I’ve said many times, the longer the Trump Derangement Syndrome rolls on, the more people leave the democrat party.

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