Monday night shots fired call with no injuries on Cherry in Jonesboro

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JONESBORO, Ark. – Police have been able to confirm someone fired several rounds off tonight in Jonesboro.

No injuries are known at this time, fortunately.

Authorities responded to a shots heard call from at least one resident, said Sally Smith with JPD. The public information specialist was not sure how many casings were found as the incident was still being investigated.

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Numerous residents reported as few as six shots being fired online. Two people on NEA Report said they heard as many as ten. Several reportedly heard the commotion near Walnut, which is several streets over from West Cherry.

You’ll see Nisbett on the map, too. A shooting was there last week.

The area of Monday night’s shooting is very close to where a shooting happened last week, on Nisbett.

There may be a relation to the shooting this morning, Smith told NEA Report. She said there was a fight at CWL Park last week which may also have been a factor.

“Since we cannot get anyone to name a suspect, we can’t say 100% what the cause or reason is sparking all of the violence,” Smith said.


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If you may have any information to assist authorities, contact JPD at 870-935-5657.

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  1. Another shooting in Jonesboro while the mayor and chief of police are out drinking and eating and patting each other on the back and trying to impress people with what a great job they are doing. Notice it’s not happening in their neighborhoods; could it be they have 24/7 police stationed there?

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