Killer goes to Supermax after attempted escape

BRICKEYS, Ark. – A murderer from NEA who eluded guards for a day in what was believed to be a prison escape is back in custody now he’s in maximum security prison.

Inmate Calvin Adams #105046, who had escaped his cell and eluded guards from the East Arkansas Regional Unit in Brickeys on Monday, was found during the 8 AM hour Tuesday hiding under a ventilation hood on the roof of the prison.

Brickeys is in Lee County.

The Varner Supermax is where Adams is now housed. He arrived there early Tuesday afternoon, an update from ADC said.

Adams was housed in medium security at East Arkansas. But not anymore. – ADC said, showing that even those with a life sentence can lose something.

At the Supermax, inmate movement is severely restricted. Inmates are locked in their cells nearly all hours of the day. They only come out to exercise for an hour or for medical care or other authorized reasons. When they do, they are in restraints and escorted by two officers.

Every inmate on Supermax status is there because of their poor behavior – including Adams.

The Varner Supermax is about 28 miles south of Pine Bluff. It’s also where death row inmates are housed awaiting execution. The facility has, among other safeguards, an electric fence surrounded by non-energized fences.

Adams was confirmed to be gone after a unit-wide count on Monday. He remained hidden for almost 24 hours until being found in a ventilation hood.

Adams is doing a Life Without Parole Sentence for Capital Murder out of Mississippi County. In 1994, he kidnapped Richard and Cassandra Austin from their Leachville home. Richard was a bank vice president. Adams hoped to rob a local bank with help from Richard but when he learned the bank employee didn’t have access to the vault, his plan took a dark turn.

Adams drove both Richard and Cassandra, who was pregnant, to a remote area. He shot Richard three times, killing him at the scene. Cassandra suffered a gunshot wound to the chest and a fractured skull. She walked nearly a mile for help.

Adams has escaped prison before. In 2009, he made it to New York before being apprehended with another man. That time, he escaped wearing a guard uniform and drove away in a car left for them in the prison’s parking lot.

An earlier version of this story incorrectly said Adams murdered in Greene County. It was Mississippi County. NEA Report regrets the error.


  1. “unsuccessful in 2009” wasn’t he caught in upper New York? That was a fairly successful escape!

  2. how in the redneck hell state of Arkansas wasn’t this guy sentenced to death? what does it take nowadays?

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