Heinous crimes involving children reported to JPD; Vehicle break-ins rampant

A Jonesboro Police Department patrol car. Photo by Stan Morris.

JONESBORO, Ark. – Several concerning crimes involving children were reported in the past 24 hours to Jonesboro police.

This report contains a full wrap-up of the past 24 hours from Friday, August 16, 2019. All photos taken from CraigheadSO.org and all suspects are innocent until proven guilty in court.

A 50 year old man is listed as the potential suspect in an investigation into possible felony indecency with a child. The report states that it was alleged the suspect rubbed the private area of two victims, 11, and 9, both female. The date states it may have happened between June 1 and August 16.

Another possible sex crime involving a child was being investigated. It was alleged that sometime between May 1 and August 16, a 12-year-old boy inserted his genitalia into the mouth of a 4-year-old girl.

A third crime involving a child was reported to JPD Thursday evening. A 15-year-old girl reported two other girls, 16, were cyberbullying her by posting naked photos of her on Facebook. Cyberbullying is a misdemeanor. Possession of sexually explicit digital material by a juvenile is also a misdemeanor. The officer said the girl was visibly upset.

Vehicle Vandal Thieves

A woman’s passenger window was broken and her credit card and social security card was taken sometime between Thursday night at 9 PM and Friday morning at 10:12 AM at the 500 block of N. Caraway Road (apartments).

A driver’s window was busted at the 2000-block of Old Greensboro Road sometime between Thursday night at 7 PM and Friday morning at 8:51 AM. Money was stolen from the truck and it appeared that the lock had an attempt made to “punch” it.

A back window was broken out of a vehicle at the 900-block of North Caraway Road in Jonesboro sometime between 10 PM Thursday night and 6:33 AM Friday morning. A black and white purse with money and a tote bag were stolen.

At 5:50 PM Thursday at the desk, a man reported someone tried to drill his lock the night before. He said he noticed it when going to work that morning. It happened at the 300-block of Fisher.

Sometime between 10 AM Thursday and 6:44 AM Friday, someone stole items from a car at the 500-block of West Huntington. The vehicle was unlocked but it is still a felony to enter someone’s vehicle and steal items. Debit and credit cards and other pertinent identification was stolen. Curiously, at 10:10 AM, one of the cards was found in the 911 Center parking lot by Jeff Presley.

A 60-year-old man and 18-year-old man ran into a confrontation with Jonesboro police after they were reported to have been uncooperative with an officer investigating a call about a possible break-in in-progress. The call was later found out to have been two workers at a house trying to get in (around 10 AM) but unable to due to the resident still being asleep. But the officer didn’t know that when the call came in and he was told someone with a possible tool was peaking through windows. The men were resistant enough to be placed into handcuffs and threatened with a taser by several officers. Finally, after officers made sense of the incident, the men were released without charges.

An officer made contact with two people who were in the parking lot of a closed business on Gee Street around midnight early Friday. Both had warrants and were arrested. Gregory Michael Sons, 42, was wanted for absconding from the Arkansas Parole Board. Lauren Harmon, 32, had a failure to appear warrant through JPD and a warrant through Craighead County Sheriff’s Office. Both were arrested. Harmon’s booking information said she was being held for forgery on a $200,000 bond as of 3 PM Friday. Sons was also being held for forgery, the jail intake information said, on a $200,000 bond.


A traffic stop late Wednesday lead to the discovery of a man who had warrants out of Jonesboro and no driver’s license. Harry J. Williams, 36, of Jonesboro, was stopped around 11:12 PM going northbound on Red Wolf with a headlight out. The vehicle made a quick turn into Fairview Drive and into the driveway toward the back of a residence. They tried getting out of the vehicle but the officer ordered them back into the car, after several commands. The officer learned Williams had two warrants for his arrest (failure to comply and failure to pay fines). He also did not have a driver’s license. He was arrested, booked, and has already bailed out as of this post.


A 14-year-old attempted suicide by overdosing with pills late Thursday in Jonesboro. No other information was released.

A man was going through old things of his roommate and found a pipe used to smoke marijuana and a CD labeled “KIDA PON JUST LISTEN.” The officer told the man he could not charge anyone with the pipe. The caller did fear there might be child pornography on the CD. The Internet Crimes Against Children reviewed the CD and found, although extremely damaged, that it contained 14 tracks of music.

A man was stopped for driving a vehicle with a license plate that didn’t return to him and issued several warrant citations as a result of the stop. It was about 5:27 PM Thursday at the intersection of Burke and Union the officer made the stop. Steven Daron Carruth, 53, of Jonesboro, said he thought his wife had transferred the tags from their old car to his new truck a few months prior. Carruth had three warrants and was showing to be on probation. He was searched but nothing illegal was found, so he was issued citations for three contempt of court warrants (failure to pay fines) and released from the scene. He was given a warning for failure to register his vehicle.

A couple was struck in a hit-and-run after the female left the scene. It was at 5:06 PM police were dispatched to Highland and Nettleton where a woman and her husband said they had been struck in traffic from behind. They moved to a nearby parking lot with the suspect. The suspect, only described as a black female, got out and asked if there were any scratches. The woman said there was damage and she was calling the police. That’s when the suspect got into her vehicle and left, heading south on Nettleton Avenue. The license plate was said to be Arkansas 392 YBT. The victims were advised to contact their insurance.

A 94-year-old woman called police around 4:11 PM on Thursday to report things have been disappearing from her house. She said on August 12, she began to notice items vanishing when she mentioned she was going to destroy some old documents to her house keeper. She said after she left for a little while, she noticed all of her documents were missing and her house keeper was gone. She said this was the only thing missing she was worried about. The case was not assigned after review.

A man’s PS4 was stolen while he was at work Thursday. It happened between noon and 4 PM at the 100-block of North Bridge Street. His window A/C unit was possibly forced out of the window. The console and a pair of headphones were stolen.

A man was stopped in traffic around 4:17 PM at Nettleton and Nelms and found to have multiple warrants out of both Jonesboro and Craighead County. Elijah Samuel Moore, 44, of Jonesboro, also had expired tags on his car. He was arrested and taken to CCDC.

An apartment was broken into at the 500-block of Melrose around 1:00 to 1:30 PM Thursday afternoon. A Playstation 4 with Far Cry: Primal and Samsung Tablet E were stolen.

A woman said someone in Tallassee, Alabama tried to open an account for a phone in her name. She had to file a report. The individual somehow obtained her social security number to do so and possibly her driver’s license.

Several suspects were taken into custody on warrant arrests including: Jessie Lee Randle, 45; Marcus Anthony Joe, 22 ; Dylon Chance Davies, 24; Caleb Jarod Scales, 25; Calvin W. Simmons, 44; Rhiannon Nicole Junyor, 18; Catherine Power, 45; Tierra Monee Smith, 26

A report states an infant was found “unresponsive” at the 6000-block of Wisteria Lane. It was classified as an unattended death. The coroner requested detectives presence but the report is still being investigated Friday.

Someone cashed several checks over $2,300 fraudulently in a Jonesboro business’ name. The checks were cashed in Minnesota and made out to an Akayla Alexis Lucy.

A 55-year-old female’s credit card number was stolen and used online to make purchases.

A woman was arrested for allegedly stealing several items from Walmart including a vibrator. Jennifer Michelle Hedge, 38, was arrested for shoplifting on allegations she wanted a Trojan Vibrating Bullet, a box of Kiss brand press-on nails, and some diapers and pants. Hedge had already been banned from their location in the past, so she was arrested for shoplifting $1,000 or less and criminal trespass.


A suspect was located and cited for leaving the scene of an accident Thursday morning in Jonesboro. Around 10:45, the first vehicle made a turn onto Caraway Road from Stallings into the center left turning lane. As they began to change lanes, a second vehicle struck them. However, the second vehicle’s driver continued driving without stopping. Police cited Eric Frazier, 25, of Jonesboro, for misdemeanor leaving the scene of an accident.

A 51-year-old man was arrested for assault on a family or household member in the second degree. Michael Turner allegedly slapped his 29-year-old girlfriend in the face hard enough to leave a red hand print to the right side of her lower face and neck, according to the responding officer. It happened around 10 AM Thursday.


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