Momentum felt at Team Jonesboro event

JONESBORO, Ark. – If the goal was to gain momentum, Tuesday evening’s event achieved that goal and more.

The event was held at The Forum and was a full crowd. One of the organizers, Brian Richardson, told NEA Report the event was all about building positive momentum.

“It was really great seeing the energy in the room,” Richardson said. “People all there for one reason, to stand united for positive change. We look forward to continuing to build on our momentum over the coming weeks and getting everyone involved in the Team Jonesboro movement.“

Community members from all corners were on stage discussing their reasons for being “I Am Team Jonesboro,” as Trey Stafford led chants that continued throughout the presentations. Speakers gave presentations on the recommendations that Team Jonesboro feel are most needed by the community – should the sales tax initiative pass. The presentations included:

  • Fire department (by Chief Kevin Miller)
  • Tennis Complex (by Pat Malone/Pat Farmer)
  • Aquatic Center (by Vic Moore)
  • Unity in Community (by Rev. Dr. Charles Coleman)
  • Bike & Pedestrian Trail System (by Martin Smith)
  • Volleyball Multi-Sport Complex (by Kelly Kelley)
  • Police Department (Chief Rick Elliott)
  • Amphitheater (Scott McDaniel)
  • Children’s Museum (Scott McDaniel)
  • Other Quality of Life Projects: Mosquito Control, Senior Center, Sidewalks, Parks, Dog Parks, Beautification. (Paul Ford)
  • Arts & Theater (Kristi Pulliam)

To see the entire presentation line-up along with some entertainment, watch our live coverage.  

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