ATV reported stolen in Lake City

LAKE CITY, Ark. – Someone’s four-wheeler was stolen over the weekend and whoever took it faces a felony charge.

Sometime between Saturday at 11 PM and Sunday at 7:30 AM, a 2009 green Honda Ranch ATV was stolen off of the front porch of a home at the 300-block of County Road 988, a report filed with Craighead County Sheriff’s Department said.┬áThe owner said the four-wheeler normally sat on the front porch of the home chained and locked to the porch pole but when doing yard work, they moved it and did not lock it back to the pole.

It was last seen sitting there at 11 PM the night before the report was made.

Sunday morning, the owners woke up to find the ATV stolen. They could see tracks in the grass where it had been pushed through the yard to the road – County Road 988. Fortunately, the thieves didn’t get the keys.

The back right fender has two or three bolts missing and will flop when riding. The vehicle, valued at $4,500, would constitute a felony charge for the thieves involved.

If you have any information on who may have taken it or think you may have seen it, call Crimestoppers of Jonesboro at 870-935-STOP.

Several malnourished horses were surrendered to the NEA Humane Society on Friday. They were located at 99 County Road 484 in Craighead County. It began during a Probation and Parole search nearby when an officer spotted the horses. One was a little under weight, as the deputy described.

The other: “extremely malnourished.”

The owner of the property said he had only recently allowed the horses on his property by the owner, another woman. He said she was trying to nurse them back to health, indicating he was also trying to save them. However, after being notified by authorities, they agreed to turn the malnourished horses over to NEAHS.

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