Mistrial declared in Sharp Co police brutality case

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SHARP COUNTY, Ark. – The State of Arkansas vs. Josh Trivitt, the Cherokee Village officer who slammed a man and permanently injured him, ended Tuesday in a mistrial.

Although Judge Harold Erwin did not release the numbers in open court, reporters with Spring River Chronicle overheard the jury as being hung 7-4, with 7 voting to convict Trivitt on first-degree battery and the other 4 voting against it. One juror appeared to be missing from this count.

The full jury is required to unanimously find guilt.

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Special Prosecutor Jack McQuary must decide on if he will opt to re-try the case and told press he would be reviewing evidence and making his decision.

The jury will return to court tomorrow morning at 9 AM as the process continues.

One courtroom source said Trivitt had rejected a plea that would have seen him take 1-2 years in prison for his misdeeds. He faced 5-20 years if convicted.


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