Mistrial declared in Sharp Co police brutality case

SHARP COUNTY, Ark. – The State of Arkansas vs. Josh Trivitt, the Cherokee Village officer who slammed a man and permanently injured him, ended Tuesday in a mistrial.

Although Judge Harold Erwin did not release the numbers in open court, reporters with Spring River Chronicle overheard the jury as being hung 7-4, with 7 voting to convict Trivitt on first-degree battery and the other 4 voting against it. One juror appeared to be missing from this count.

The full jury is required to unanimously find guilt.

Special Prosecutor Jack McQuary must decide on if he will opt to re-try the case and told press he would be reviewing evidence and making his decision.

The jury will return to court tomorrow morning at 9 AM as the process continues.

One courtroom source said Trivitt had rejected a plea that would have seen him take 1-2 years in prison for his misdeeds. He faced 5-20 years if convicted.

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