Scare at Hoxie turns out to be false alarm

HOXIE, Ark. – A false alarm of an active shooter at Hoxie schools put parents in a frenzy Friday.

One person was arrested after multiple agencies converged on the school Friday, Feb. 15.

A press release from Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department gave more details. It said after learning of an alleged threat, school officials placed the campus on lock-down and placed a call to Lawrence County 911. The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office, Hoxie Police, Walnut Ridge Police, Arkansas State Police and Jackson County Sheriff’s Office all responded to the call and the campus was secured shortly after the call.

After interviewing multiple witnesses, police say it was learned that a student had made a comment regarding a possible firearm on the campus. Students overheard the comment and believed it to be a threat towards the school and immediately informed a teacher.

No firearm had been present and the student who communicated the threat had no intentions of harming anyone, authorities said in a release. After it was determined that the students were in no danger the campus was taken off of lock-down and classes were able to resume.

One person has been arrested in the matter for “Communicating a False Alarm” and other unrelated charges. The name of the subject in custody is not being released at this time pending formal charges.

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