No dispensaries in Jonesboro, THREE in West Memphis

JONESBORO, Ark. – The train wreck that has been Arkansas’ adoption of medical marijuana continues with the news Wednesday that three dispensaries for NEA will be in the same town while none are in Jonesboro – the largest community in the zone.

A new opening for a dispensary in Zone 3 was revealed after one of the initial top scoring companies, The Valentine Group, chose to build in a different zone. Next in line would have been Grassroots OPCO. It chose Ward instead of Hardy. Companies which scored in multiple zones had to pick one.

So, as it stands, the dispensaries for NEA are as follows:

Zone 3

THC RX, Inc. (West Memphis)

Delta Cannabis Co. (West Memphis)

Comprehensive Care Group (West Memphis)

NEA Full Spectrum (Rector)

The news was of concern to many in the medical marijuana community in Jonesboro and “Zone 3,” which is NEA. Arkansas Progressive Medicine’s Dr. Dane Flippin told NEA Report he had alerted the MMJ Commission to make him aware of the situation. Flippin was concerned for patients who have waited for so long for care in the area. 

“As it currently stands, if things play out the way we think they’re going to play out, the people of Jonesboro will have to drive almost an hour to get to the nearest dispensary,” Flippin said Wednesday. 

The initial zone map had Clay County and Randolph County in opposite spots.

The next highest scoring dispensary after the one’s on the list which is in the Jonesboro metropolitan area is AR Green Spirit, LLC. Wayde Robertson is the managing owner. He was first learning of the news when we contacted him.

“I think that would probably be too many for West Memphis,” chuckled Robertson.

Robertson said a dispensary in Jonesboro would be a big difference to those who need medicinal cannabis.

“A lot of the people that need it are elderly and would not be able to make that journey to wherever they have to go outside of Jonesboro,” Robertson said. “In Jonesboro, they can take a taxi if they can’t get to an area. With Jonesboro being the largest metropolitan in this area, I just figured Jonesboro would have at least two dispensaries. But apparently there not going to have any, which is a real shame.”

Both Flippin and Robertson said they thought a fifth dispensary in Zone 3 may be needed to provide balance for those in need. With patients having waited several years already, Robertson fears it will mean more will suffer.

“I just know a lot of people are suffering,” Robertson said. “I know, personally, a lot of people are suffering and trying to get away from opioids, right? They are anxiously awaiting medical marijuana to be available in Jonesboro. They’ve waited so long, I think they would be very disappointed to know it would not be readily available in Jonesboro or in the Northeast Arkansas area. It would be 60 miles or more from there, it sounds like. I think it would be a tremendous disappointment for a lot of people. This medicine takes care of about 13 different diseases. It would help a lot.”


  1. Probably the pressure of certain politicians. Their hands are in this up to their elbows. Sure they get fatter pockets from their actions. What a shame they are.

  2. You already have to wear a bullet proof jacket to go to West Memphis. These places and their customers will be victims of all sorts of crime.

  3. ‘customers will be victims of all sorts of crimes’…I was thinking the same thing! Who is in charge of picking the locations & have they seen the crime statistics for West Memphis? It’s like voted the most dangerous city in Arkansas every year, this was not a smart move.

    • This is just as i figured,i cant believe they had a stipulation to only pick one to each zone and allowed three in one city thats 100 miles away in the most dangerous town in Arkansas i feel for the shop owners robbed every other day not to mention the coustomers live will be put in danger too this is wrong in so many ways i guesx ill be the one whoes waiyed for 2 years to get my card paying 300 and now ill have to drive 2 hrs round trip not me i can barley make it to Wal-Mart im in Paragould 😡😠 Acia board should be ashamed for letting this happen no compassion none whatsoever its all about money .

      • If you live in Paragould you are in pretty good shape since the 4th dispensary is in Rector!

  4. This will open the door for all the marijuana to flow effortlessly into the Memphis market. Memfrica is earning it’s name.

  5. Jonesboro is three times the size of West Memphis. The decisions being made on a point basis only, without geographical considerations, was stupid and irresponsible. I’m not knocking West Memphis but I worked there for 10 years and carried my Glock on me at all times!! The 4th dispensary is in Rector with a population of less than 2000. This entire process has been a sham and a disappointment, I fear it probably will continue to be that way.

  6. My husband has head/ neck cancer. He is on morphine and fentanyl Patch 75 and still lives everyday with pain.
    We want to get him a medical marijuana card,but can’t find where we go to get him signed up.

    • Arkansas Progressive Medicine is where you need to go and tell them NEA Report sent you. Dr. Dane Flippin is a sweet man.

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