Hunter Nelson being sued over shady dog business

This is "Slick," who Nelson claimed died from kennel cough. The owner has doubts and believes Slick may have been sold.

Yet another dog “died” in Nelson’s care in 2018 – or did it?

JONESBORO, Ark. – The notorious dog trainer receiving massive attention for his shady business practices is facing lawsuits from at least two plaintiffs, one of which has not come forward before now.

One of the possible lawsuits is from Rachel Tyrer and pertains to her missing dog, Ollie. Tyrer, who has retained counsel, lost her dog to Hunter Nelson (4-Legged Retrievers) under similarly suspicious circumstances.

But another lawsuit was already filed – on January 9. It comes from Gene Adams through his attorney Christopher D. Cheadle in Mississippi County Circuit Court. The suit details yet another case of Nelson letting a dog (supposedly) die, burying it, and never showing the owner any proof.

The lawsuit indicates the dog owner isn’t buying the story, either.

Adams owned a pedigree Labrador Retriever named “Mattie’s Slick Grace” or “Slick” for short. The dog was seasoned and regularly worked with Adams’ Black Mallard Guide Service, the lawsuit says. In addition to being an award winning dog, it was a beloved pet to Adams’ daughters and family.

In preparation for the winter hunting season, Adams contacted  Nelson to train his dog. Just prior to the opening of the 2018 season, Adams contacted Nelson to get his dog back. That’s when the lawsuit says Nelson engaged in his trademark evasive communications, evading the return of Slick for a period of months.

Then, sometime after the events, the lawsuit said Nelson finally answered Adams about what happened. Nelson claimed around Thanksgiving, Slick had contracted “kennel cough and despite veterinary treatment, had passed away on November 10, 2018. Nelson claims to have buried Slick, just as he has claimed in several other instances.

Nelson lied about the veterinary treatment, the lawsuit said. After contacting the veterinarians, it was confirmed none had ever seen Slick.

“It is unknown if Slick indeed passed away or if Slick was sold,” the lawsuit says.

The lawsuit seeks special damages and punitive damages, in addition to compensation for deceptive trade practices that led to loss of business by the plaintiff. A jury trial is requested.

“Defendant falsely represented that he had the knowledge, skill, and ability to adequately care for and train those animals under his control. Defendant knew he lacked the necessary skill, knowledge, and expertise to perform as he had represented. Regardless of whether Slick became ill and passed away or Defendant wrongly sold him to a third party, Defendant engaged in deceptive and unconscionable behavior.”

Nelson has not filed a response to the lawsuit.

Read the full complaint here: geneadamslawsuit

Countless others have detailed horror stories, from losing their dogs to similar “deaths,” to getting their dog back and finding them starved and filthy. To read more about those cases, visit this earlier story.


  1. Thank you for your continued coverage of this story. I hope Hunter Nelson and his wife are punished severely. If she had no knowledge of what he was doing she should say so but I highly doubt she didn’t know. This is a terrible thing to do not just once but several times. He’s an evil person.

  2. This man needs to be punished and never to be around or own a animal for the rest of his life! I would never let my animal be left with a stranger shame on y’all for believing him I feel sorry for the animals they trusted there owners!

    • You’re a jerk for blaming the owners for what this asshole did. They believed they hired someone reputable to train their dogs. I guess no one is as perfect as you though.

  3. So many lazy people who can’t be bothered to train their own dog…..

    Shame on this man for being such a shady POS

  4. I cant believe there are no animal cruelty investigations going on for these cases and this man has not been arrested for fraud, theft, animal cruelty and negligence, i mean seriously. Im so sorry for all of your losses and i hope you find your sweet Ollie, Rachel. <3 that breaks my heart.

  5. WHY hasn’t anyone posted a picture of this POS??
    This guy Hunter is in the wind-he’ll disappear and pop up in ANOTHER county, no one will help, etc. (Isn’t it a crime ANYWHERE in Arkansas to abuse an ANIMAL??? Isn’t this also torture-in the VERY least, of the dog’s OWNER?
    Don’t just stand there, DO SOMETHING!!!
    This guy’s shady slick, but LAZY. Doesn’t go to much of an extent to prove his case….

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