Murder suspects bought pot at Galaxy Street residence before returning

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JONESBORO, Ark. – The second fatal shooting of 2019 seemed to be drug related, if what police have learned thus far is accurate.

In the probable cause affidavits released to NEA Report, Taurus Bedford and Flando Montgomery were reported to have came to the residence about 90 minutes before the shooting to buy marijuana. They left – but they weren’t done.

Bedford and Montgomery returned to the residence about one and a half hours later. Bedford went into the house first and Montgomery then followed him in. Police say Montgomery shot the 16-year-old victim. Then, he and Bedford shot the other victims.

“The intent into the residence at this time was to rob the occupants and victims that were in the residence,” Detective Keri Varner wrote on the affidavit.

Bedford’s bond is set at $5 million. Montgomery’s bond is $10 million.

Both men face a litany of charges:

  • First degree murder
  • (2 counts) Attempted Murder
  • Aggravated Robbery
  • First Degree Battery
  • (7 counts!) Aggravated Assault

Each charge is a felony, with penalties ranging from 5 year minimums to the possibility of life in prison for the murder and aggravated robbery charge. Both will face the possibility of a life sentence on two charges, in addition to facing up to 172 years in prison across all the charges, if served consecutively.

Probable cause affidavit is identical for both suspects

Four victims were shot in the January 2 armed robbery at 3516 Galaxy Street. The residence is near the Mall at Turtle Creek. 16-year-old Malcom Jemison was fatally wounded. Cedric Finch, 28, Quinterious Finch, 23, and Chauncey Jovon Thomas, 21, were injured. Two of the men, we believe Thomas and Quinterious, required surgery from their injuries.

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