Arkansas Life magazine honors NEA Report

Physical copy of Arkansas Life's story on Stan Morris and NEA Report.

NEA Report and this reporter were recently honored by Arkansas Life magazine.

Specifically, the Little Rock-based publication named seven people who were the 2018 Arkansans Of The Year. Don’t just take our word for it – see for yourself at their website!

IT’S EASY to let the status quo go unchallenged, to see the world as it is and accept it. But if you ask the folks who make up our sixth class of Arkansans of the Year—people from all different walks of life, scientists and students, CEOs and journalists, all of them innovators—they’ll tell you: There are plenty of ways to shape the world around you, as told by Mariam Makatsaria

The seven Arkansans chosen were:

  1. Dr. Arny Ferrando, researcher, Institute on Aging at Little Rock’s University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
  2. Bentonville Soup (Hannah Bahn, Monica Diodati, Chelsea Miller, Bianca Montoya, Jessie Wagner )
  3. HUQP 2.0 (Anonymous student publication at Searcy’s Harding University)
  4. Kim Lane, CEO of Conway’s The Conductor, consultant for the Kauffman Foundation, founder of Global Entrepreneurship Week Arkansas, and Startup Grind Central Arkansas
  5. Maf Sonko, Founder and CEO at Little Rock’s LumoXchange
  6. Meghana Bollimpalli, Researcher and student at Little Rock’s Central High School
  7. Stan Morris, Owner, founder and reporter at Jonesboro’s NEA Report

“I love covering news that nobody else is covering. I love finding stories that nobody else has reported. And I have a knack for that. I can find news that nobody’s recognized as news. Stories related to criminal justice are my specialty. I always try to cover it from the side of the innocent, from the side of the victim and from the side of the police.

Stan Morris, speaking to Mariam Makatsaria, Arkansas Life

Both the stories and the photography are remarkable. To check them out, pick up a physical copy of Arkansas Life magazine!

Or, check out the online article here.


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