10-time shoplifter returns to Walmart for round 11

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JONESBORO, Ark. – A woman who was already criminally banned after allegedly shoplifting ten times returned Monday afternoon to Walmart to give it another go, a police report alleged.

The Jonesboro Police Department dispatched Officer Joseph Branstetter at 3:22 PM Monday to Walmart on Parker Road where loss prevention reported seeing Stacy Brooke Pretty-Bowen, 34, of Tuckerman violating the law.

The report said she was witnessed placing a $0.97 tag on an $84 item and a $0.49 tag on a $7.76 item. The items were a Mojo-brand Duck Decoy and Christmas lights, respectively. This alleged act constitutes misdemeanor theft.

The loss prevention employee made contact with her and escorted her to their office without incident. He told police she had been previously banned from 1911 West Parker Road and “had shoplifted ten previous times.”

Bowen-Pretty, Stacy Brooke

Unfortunately, it gets worse from there.

After running Arrestee #1 (Pretty-Bowen, Stacy Brooke) information through dispatch, dispatch advised she had three confirmed warrants through The City of Jonesboro. – Officer Joseph Branstetter

Pretty-Bowen was cited for theft, less than $1000, criminal trespass, contempt of court for non-payment of fines, and two failure to appear charges. Her bond was set at $2,660.00, according to Craighead County Detention Center’s inmate roster. She remains in jail as of this publication.

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