Man alleged to have assaulted, imprisoned ex-girlfriend with pickaxe

Also resisted arrest when confronted by police, report alleges

JONESBORO, Ark. – A woman alleges a man physically assaulted her and prevented her from leaving her home for many hours before stealing her vehicle Friday in Jonesboro.

Austin Andrew Goldman, 36, of Jonesboro, is facing several possible charges including felony aggravated assault, theft of a vehicle, and misdemeanors including kidnapping/false imprisonment, resisting arrest, fleeing, and other possible crimes.

The report said the woman (whose name we are choosing to not publish) contacted police sometime after 7 PM Friday evening. She advised her ex-boyfriend, Goldman, had arrived at her residence around 9 AM Friday morning, Sept. 7. When she told him to leave, however, she said he replied that he didn’t have to nor was he going to. He became physically aggressive, she said, and prevented her from leaving throughout the day by using physical force and intimidation.

The alleged victim told police she was hit with an open hand in the head and strangled/choked by being placed in a “headlock.” She was thrown to the ground, the report details, and the suspect allegedly used a pickaxe to physically hold her down by putting it on her back and keeping weight on it.

She was finally able to exit the residence, she said, running outside and screaming for help. This was when Goldman took her vehicle, a 1996 Dodge Ram with a broken ignition replaced by a screw-driver. A BOLO was put out on the stolen vehicle and the suspect.

Officer Christopher Shull searched through ACIC to find Goldman’s address at the 2700-block of Scotchwood. Coalescing with other officers, police made contact with another man who answered the door and told officers that Goldman was in the home. Goldman came to the door and exited the residence. As soon as he did, officer’s asked him to place his hands behind his back and grabbed him. Shull reported Goldman tensed up and passively resisted. Suddenly, after looking left and right, the man began fleeing with an officer still gripping his wrist. He dragged the officer into a bush. Three officers gave chase and all three pulled out tasers, giving Goldman loud commands to stop or be tased. The suspect stopped fleeing and complied without further incident. He was arrested.

Goldman. Source: CCDC.

Goldman told police that the alleged victim was his “fiance” and this was all “just a big misunderstanding.” When he arrived at the jail, he told police he swallowed a bag of “ice” earlier in the night. Police couldn’t take Goldman to jail before they took him to the hospital. Throughout the night, officers remained with the man who at times, was reportedly aggressive toward hospital staff. He was said to have become increasingly agitated and disoriented. At one point, he calmed down but at 3 AM, he became aggressive again and was throwing items around his room. Officers had to physically restrain the man once more and place him into handcuffs.

Detective Josh Wiiest was assigned the case and on Monday, September 10, interviewed Goldman. Goldman denied holding down the alleged victim with a pickaxe and denied restraining her. He said he had been living there for almost a week after getting out of jail and the woman was his fiance. He said both of the two had used meth all week and said he had threatened to kill himself. When asked if he struck her, his response in the report was, “No, not really.” He told Wiiest he had lied to officer’s about swallowing drugs, however, and gave a curious answer when pressed.

“I asked him why he did this and he advised if you ask a stupid question then you get a stupid answer,” Wiiest said.

Goldman was vague with his answers and seemed unsure of what he was telling the detective at times, the law enforcement officer reported. Later on Monday, probable cause was found to charge him with felony aggravated assault, theft of a vehicle, residential burglary, and misdemeanors including kidnapping/false imprisonment, resisting arrest, and fleeing. A $45,000 bond was set for Goldman by Judge Tommy Fowler and his next court date was scheduled for 8:30 AM on October 26. He is still in jail as of this publication.

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