Suspected grandparent killer faces death penalty

POCAHONTAS, Ark. – Nicholaus David Patterson, 25, of Pocahontas, will face the death penalty for allegedly murdering his grandparents, Ricky and Rita Bozwell, KAIT reported Tuesday afternoon.

The Third Judicial District prosecutor formally charged Patterson with two counts of capital murder on Tuesday.

Patterson is accused of killing his grandparents on July 10 at their home at Pocahontas. However, their bodies were not found until four days later.

Patterson’s own mother, who is the daughter of the murdered couple, was the one to make the discovery.

She had called the sheriff’s department the night before but nothing came of her effort to get their help.  They finally responded to the scene when she called them to explain what she found the following day: her parents apparently had been murdered by her son. Then, after responding to the scene, the sheriff’s department passed the investigation off to Arkansas State Police.

The suspect, Patterson, confessed to the killings, the prosecutor said.

His trial is set for November 5, 2019.

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