A tip to save a ton on your Suddenlink bill

Every little bit helps, so this is a gift from NEA Report to you.

If you want to save major money on your Suddenlink bill, the key is to “repackage” every 365 days. This is according to Suddenlink representatives, themselves!

After one year, your service cost begins to go back up. But if you simply call their customer service line and tell them you’re unhappy paying so much, they can not-so-miraculously decrease your bill by anywhere from $10 to $60, in some cases.

How To Do It

  1. Call their customer service line. The VIP number is 866-659-2861.
  2. Explain you have not repackaged in over a year and your bill is too high. “Repackage” is a key word.
  3. The customer service rep will either help you themselves or transfer you to “retention.” If you’re not having any luck, ask for someone in the “retention department.”
  4. Let us know in the comments how much you saved

Suddenlink is one of the largest cable, internet, home phone and security service providers in the region.



  1. I tried that with them last year, and I tried it for over 3 months, with no joy. My bill was just under $180 a month, with 1 digital box, one bedroom basic box, Second tier and one premium channel SHOWTIME. I called and asked for a new package (not repackage, I admit). Then I called again, asking for any deals they might have. No cigar. I asked if they have discounts for seniors or veterans. Not gonna happen. After doing this slow dance of the dead with them, I called and told them I was turning in my cable tv boxes (2) and keeping my internet. I own my modem, so they weren’t getting any fees out of me, after this. Finally, I go in to the local office, and turn in my equipment. I took photos of ALL of the labels on each one, prior to this, as well as getting a receipt. I digress: I arrived and sat down and was talking to the CSR, and she told me I had to call a certain number (which I was unaware of at the time) before I did anything. Figures.
    I took out my phone and dialed the number, put it on speakerphone, and set it on the desk. The guy asked me why I was doing this, and I explained that I was no longer able to afford their cable tv. He switched me to retention, after okaying my equipment return. (Like I was going to take it back home with me!)
    That’s when this other person tried to “RETAIN” me. Lower rate. Nope, can no longer afford it. One discount and HBO for 3 months free. NO. Can no longer afford it. This guy didn’t get that I did not want to be stuck choosing between the cable bill, or groceries at the end of the month. He finally asked what he could do for me. I said turn off my television service, and up my internet speed to 100Mbps with NO data cap. He said he would do that, and hung up on me. Having two Suddenlink employees as witnesses, helped me get what I wanted, and Altice (Suddenlinks’ Parent company) was just so sweet. For a minute.
    Now, just over a year later, they have increased my bill by about $40, eating up half of the amount I had knocked off my account. Add to that, the cost of my streaming services ($30 + or -), and my bill is almost back to where it was before all this. They are charging me just over $100 bucks just for internet, and I only use 400 Gigs a month, tops. Usually less 300 Gigabytes, is more the norm. This is ridiculous. I am so happy that AT&T has been running their fiber optic cables in my neighborhood, and I have been told they are going live in a TWO months. When they CALL me, I will set that up, and tell Suddenstink to take their high priced internet, and do whatever comes to mind.

    But hey, if you get a better deal with them, go for it. I know my experience wasn’t so hot.

    • My month the bill was always $75.00 just for internet but they did screw up they gave two boxes to my girlfriend’s parents & no one told me that so argued with them about 2 boxes I didn’t know about & I told the cashier to go fuck himself

  2. Dee Worth, I had the same thing happen to me. I can’t afford Suddenlink. I just recently have signed up for less expensive internet and canceling my last link to Suddenlink.

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  4. I am getting ready to go to different provider . I am tried of them going up on my bill and give a great rate to customers that are signing up with their company for the first time and I have been with them for a long time. I tried to get a better rate on my bill and only got 13 dollars off. I am tired of this company.

  5. Same here, sudden link is a rip off. My bill started at 120 and within a year it was 160 by year three it was 190 and after more than five calls asking for a little loyalty discount or even a cheaper package I was told I’m on the cheapest package at the cheapest possible price so I’m now on DirecTV more channels less money and way less hassle

  6. Did this on my bill and it went down by $72 a month and we got to add all the showtime channels at no extra charge. MY Mom didn’t have as much as we do and hers went down by $27 a month.

  7. Local and corporate management have both been notified of my experience with Suddenlink. Not to beat everyone up with the details but I switched to Suddenlink from AT&T a little less than a year ago. They had one of their contracted technicians come out who was pretty chatty. He used foul language in front of my 3 and 4 year old on more than one occasion making himself at home at our kitchen table without being invited. No big deal. Several inappropriate things were exchanged however the kicker was when he said “Looks like yall are doing pretty well here” as he looked at our stainless steel appliances that are installed under formica countertops… “How much money are yall making” at this point I was on high alert and just wanted the guy gone. He stayed for over 2 hours trying to get the internet and 2 basic cable boxes to work. In the end he got the internet working but left the modem in the middle of my bedroom floor with the two cable boxes sitting next to it because he didnt have a power cord for them. I had to go to the office and pick up a cord. The cable boxes still didnt work right. I have spent probably 4 hours (mostly on hold) trying to get them to work. ended up returning and swapping out both boxes. As it stands a year later one cable box works well and the other works 50% of the time. When I returned the boxes I informed the representative of my experience and asked to speak with a manager. He stated that the manager was not in but he would leave a message. This approach was taken while speaking with someone on the customer service line and I recieved a similar response. I have yet to hear from anyone about this. This is after a year of recieving an advertisement a day (sometimes 2) in the mail trying to get my business. Meanwhile my bill seems to tick up slightly every month. The internet is very good and WAY faster than my old AT&T but the hassle really wasnt worth the bandwidth.

  8. OMG!! I’m so glad I ran upon this. I’m paying $270 per month for nothing but HBO on two tv’s and internet. Thanks everyone for your information.

  9. all the commercials! too many commercials,a 30 minute show is consumed by 20 minutes of commercials! i’m also paying far too much for services rendered!i’ll be searching for another provider.

    • Tell them, politely of course, that you have a smartphone and will get your internet by setting it up as a mobile hotspot unless Suddenlink can make their service affordable for you.

  10. Our bill was $80 last year. We are paying almost $200 a month now, no TV service either, simply internet. They told us we use around 700gb a month (!!!) My wife saw they were offering $39 package of the same exact services we have. When she called to ask why she’s paying so much for so long, but new customers are getting a better deal they hung up on her. Twice. But I’m pretty sure she got a little nasty with them. We have been trying to repackage since 2018. The first time they told us we were “grandfathered” into our package & to repackage would make it cost more… What?? But why can’t we repackage for less? Also about 4 years ago when we lived in a different city, Suddenlink let us buy our router, thus no monthly charges for renting it basically. They don’t offer that now, & I have their $110 router sitting in a closet now unusable. They told us we need to rent their equipment here in this small backwards town.

    • Update: After making those calls my data has slowed, & quality of video streams are pixilated now. I recieved a call from Suddenlink recently that my “router is obsolete” suddenly, & need to upgrade to 1GB. Pricing would also be MORE than I’m paying now! Also saw ads for my area for monthly service for $69, when a few days ago the ad was for $39. We still can’t repackage for a lower rate either. I am DONE with Suddenlink!! They do this because they know we have no options in our area.

  11. The wait at the local office is terrible. Folks are queued in line circles around the office. Calling is no better. 20+ minutes waiting for a call back that never happened.

  12. Suddenlink became quite malleable after I told them that I was going to use my smartphone as a mobile hot spot if they didn’t lower the price for my internet-only service.

  13. Had my Suddenlink cable/internet bill reduced by $40.00 ($171.00 to $131.00 – same service) and got my cell phone bill reduced from $55.00 to $31.00 (unlimited) by following the directions in this article. However, when going through the automatic messages, I said I was looking for new service, I then got to a real person that spoke really good English…

    • Do you have the name of the person and the number you called.? If so may I have it? I have been trying and trying to talk to an English speaking person for two weeks. I have double hearing aids and at best is hard to hear and comprehend for me. Suddenlink has gone from bad to worse for over 3 or 4 years. Their service is horrible and they are not good at taking care of old coustomers; I have been their coustomer 47 years as per their records and never have been late paying and later years began drafting the account for their service and shortly there after is when they started increase in billing with no warrening. Now to make matters worse all new customers are given the option of A Life Time rate unchanged!!! I find that rather remarkable and more over disloyal to their old customers; for what reason? I would like to know if others are experiencing these issues?

      • I have had an account with suddenlink forever, I wanted to have my home phone taken out. I was told I couldn’t do that. Now my bill is almost 200 dollars. I am so frustrated with this company. If there were a company, I would go with it.

  14. No luck for me…tried getting my bill reduced and the only thing they could offer was dropping my 200 meg service to 100 meg and reducing my bill by $10. Now I’m reviewing all the available options to cut the cord with Suddenlink…they are NOT A GOOD COMPANY to deal with…

    • You will be well advised to cut the cord because of my experience with Suddenlink!!! By the way it is not only me; I live in Jonesboro, Craighead Co. Arkansas; and late summer there was a large gathering of residents to met with Suddenlink ‘s representives to discuss such matters of the poor service, scoring rates and the meeting room seats approximately 500 and it was over flowing and very few people were able to state the grieves which all in line with poor to non exsisting service and HIGH RATES!!! I therefore have formed the openion that were are dealing with a very management and the company has regressed continually for 2 or 3 years and it appears with all that the outlook for the future is very sad for many reasons. The company lacks in leadership and does not take care of their coustomers .

  15. 1. I cannot get into my e-mail. It will not accept my info. 2. I Had to buy a new phone, but it won’t give a dial tone. Tried to call for assistance but no one answered.Hope someone can call my cell phone and walk me through hooking up my new phone. Rose M. Barrows Athens,Texas non-working/Suddenlink home phone: 903-675-1272 cell: 903-203-7600 HELP Cannot communicate through e-mail. Only the cell phone

    • Previously had Suddenlink 07-10 when it was smaller & had different owners. THEN they were very helpful & business like & no hour+ waits on phone. NOW it seems like the mafia has control. I had a landline with them & used it for medical responses. A problem arose & the “all in one box”, & somehow my landline was disabled. After taking several screenshots for proof of more than one hour on hold. The representative came back on & I told him I was going to cancel (this wasn’t the first time) he said he was going to get a supervisor & hung up on me. I disconnected the”all in one box” & took everything back. Stood in line outside for 42 minutes on a very hot day. When my name was called I went inside only to learn I could not have my phone number back. Ask for a bill & received a “pay now” bill & I did & expected it to be over. Less than a month later I’ve received a bill for just under $50. Two days after I returned everything, a supervisor called my cell & said “ What if I guarantee you can have your old landline number back.” I hung up on him as I’d already contacted all doctors and changed.

  16. Just called and did what this site suggested. We’ve had the same plan for three years and the price has gone up about ten dollars per year from 49 to currently 79 dollars for 350mbs of data/mo. I called and now I have unlimited data/mo for 69 dollars. Was on the phone for about 20 minutes. Thanks for the tip!

  17. I grew weary of dickering with overpriced Suddenlink and dropped their services altogether. The data overage charges they slap onto your bill are outrageous. My only regret is that I didn’t drop them sooner! I switched to internet only with another company and bought a Roku device. What I found is more cost efficient, interesting, free programming than I had with the mundane limited channels I had with Suddenlink. We need more competition in town.

  18. Suddenlink, as a company are a bunch of scumbags. I’m getting a wireless Verizon MiFi, and cancelling my Suddenlink account. I’m not for over regulation of these companies by the Government, but the way they operate should be illegal. I’ve filed several complaints with the Better Business Bureau, but it’s basically a waste of time. Absolutely horrible company with terrible customer service.

  19. In my area, Suddenlink is the only provider. Bad service and same as others are saying, and my bill mysteriously creeps up over the year. Started around $59 for internet only then somehow up to $79.59. Now, since it’s COVID and all, new bill is $15 higher- with no change in service whatsoever. I’m on a forever hold… trying to dispute the new $5 unlimited internet charge? For what? And a decrease of my “special discount” from -56 to -46. Again, nothing has changed. They just randomly raise your bill. This needs to be against the law!

  20. I asked for the repackage and they said there is none. My internet bill is $120 and I am done with Suddenlink. I get all kinds of promotional letters in the mail but when I call they say I don’t qualify so I told them stop sending me deals you are not going to honor. I should file a lawsuit. Worst cable company ever.

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  22. Your article is as much of a ripoff as Suddenlink itself. VIP number? HAH!!! Same hellish voice mail system answers and leads the caller through a not-so-merry chase of the tail no matter which extension you punch in, with the same old no help at all after a wasted half hour or hour or more. Suddenlink is the worst company in Jonesboro and if you live in Jonesboro you know what a huge statement that is since all companies/service providers/retailers/wholesalers/vendors in Jonesboro SUCK.

  23. Suddenlink is from Hell, the most evil company ever to descend on consumers. That big riot/demonstration in Jonesboro fixed nothing. The worthless mayor said he was turning it over to the Arkansas Attorney General. Another big fat useless nothing. Shame on Suddenlink and shame on the mayor and shame on the AG. Jonesboro needs a viable alternative and Suddenlink needs to be put down like the mad dog it is.

  24. tell me who does not need the internet now days to pay bills and suddenlink knows it they have a monoply on services and no respect for customers they go up on your bill without warning they push automatic payment so you wont notice it atempt to give special discounts that no one quiflies for long wait time for customer service WHAT A WONDERFUL COMPANY ALL THEY HAVE TO DO IS SELL ELEVATORS BE CAUSE YOU GET THE SHAFT!

    • Exactly right, James, and anybody on here saying Suddenlink is a good option or that they will reduce bills is a Suddenlink shill or just a plain damned liar.

  25. My bill is always high they say there is noth they can do about it..I dont even have a kind line with them cause they said they dont service in my area.so I dont know why my bill is so high..I have the lowest internet service with them..so you explain to me why it’s so high..thank you..

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