“Big K” arrested for internet stalking of a child

PARAGOULD, Ark. – A Paragould man is behind bars in Cross County tonight after traveling to Wynne to meet up with what he believed was a 13 year old girl for the purpose of having sex. The arrest is the result of an undercover criminal investigation by the First Judicial District Drug Task Force, the release said.

Kevin Sullivan AKA “Big K”, 44, drove from Jonesboro to Wynne to have sex with what he believed was a 13 year old female. After talking to the purported underage female on social media for several days, Sullivan made it clear that he understood the child was 13 years old after being told several times. When asked how old he was, Sullivan messaged, “Way older than u”. Over the course of conversation, Sullivan stated that he usually attracts younger women, stating “It aint some thin I try to do they just like me I guess.” Sullivan messaged the purported 13 year old girl, “I hate to even say this because of your age but dam u are a hot lil thing lol”.

Sullivan messaged that he could not believe she was that young, and needed to check it out for himself. The purported female stated, “I’m only 13. I’ve only been with three guys so. That mite bother u”. Sullivan responded, “Why would that bother me? Uve had sex with three guys?” During the conversation, Sullivan asked for sexually explicit photos of the minor child’s genitalia multiple times, asked if she liked to perform oral sex, and described sex acts that he wanted to perform on the child stating that he hoped he did not hurt her. Sullivan also explained that he had a foot fetish. Sullivan even went so far as to ask the purported child, ““U ever had anal sex?” Sullivan told her, “Its awesome”.

Sullivan made it clear that he did not want to get in trouble and that he knew that he could go to prison, which shows clear intent to commit a crime, investigators said. Sullivan asked, “U wouldn’t try and get me in trouble would u?” Sullivan messaged, “That sounds awesome but I’m trying to figure out if your serious or your setting me up to get in trouble. Your so freaking hot I’d hate to pass it up. It’s pretty big they say. They do call me big k lol.”

The entire time Sullivan was completely aware that what he was doing was illegal, even asking if she had a safe place that they could meet for sex and stating that he would never meet her mother because of his age. Sullivan stated, “Dam girl, U got me messaging u shit I could go to prison over.”

Sullivan then drove his Central Chevrolet-owned work truck to meet the underage female at a local gas station to pick her up for sex. After arriving at the meeting place, he messaged the girl that he spotted an on-duty police officer and to meet him at the McDonald’s instead. Sullivan was taken down on a traffic stop when he left the parking lot by officers with the Wynne Police Department and an undercover investigator with the Drug Task Force. Sullivan was interviewed and told investigators that he did it, he messed up, and that it would cost him his job and his reputation. Sullivan was adamant that it was the first time he ever approached a minor about sex, saying, “That ain’t who I am.”

The First Judicial District Drug Task Force has charged Kevin Sullivan with Internet Stalking of a Child, 5-27-306 which is a Class B Felony. His bond was set at $50,000 but he is currently being held in Cross County Jail on a probation hold as he is currently on “active supervision” with the Arkansas Department of Community Correction.

An agent with the Drug Task Force stated, “This is an example of proactive law enforcement. Too often, law enforcement investigators are forced to work reactive cases of children disappearing, being raped, or trafficked. The Drug Task Force continues to work with our area partners to take the fight to the bad guys before they bring the fight to our homes.”

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