EPC student arrested for making school threats

LEPANTO, Ark. – Students at East Poinsett County High School were shocked on Monday as a student was arrested for allegedly making a school shooting threat, police confirmed.

Lepanto Police Chief Chad Henderson told NEA Report the school, which had an excellent relationship with his department, contacted him earlier in the day about the threat allegation.

“We were called up there because he had made a threat he would shoot up the school, the gentleman did,” said Henderson.

When Henderson said he get up there, the 16-year-old suspect reportedly  admitted to talking about it.

He is now facing a felony charge of making a terroristic threat to a school. Juvenile authorities have been contacted. There was also a mental health evaluation expected for the juvenile.

Henderson said there were no weapons or “hit-lists” found, as online rumors indicated. He said with everything going on, these scenarios had to be taken seriously. The quick work of the department determined there was no imminent threat of danger to anyone at the school.

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