Pepsi donates recycling bins to City

JONESBORO, Ark. – The City of Jonesboro has received 40 recycling bins from PepsiCo Recycling and is placing them in public spaces for use around the city.

Residents can place bottles and cans into the Pepsi-themed bins, and the City will collect them as part of its recycling initiative.

“We’re doing everything we can to upgrade and promote recycling in our city,” Mayor Harold Perrin said. “We’re thrilled to partner with PepsiCo Recycling, because creating an environmentally friendly city ensures people will be able to enjoy our community for many years to come.”

Tiffny Calloway, the City’s Director of Community Development, contacted Pepsi about a partnership to provide public recycling containers, and local Pepsi leaders were eager to participate.

With a goal to increase the national beverage-container recycling rate, PepsiCo Recycling’s bin program has brought recycling to high-traffic retail locations, colleges and universities, K-12 schools and other organizations across the U.S. Since 2010, PepsiCo Recycling has helped recycle about 179 million bottles and cans.

“I think what Pepsi does and what the City is doing are right in lockstep,” said Dennis Spurlock, senior associate manager of PepsiCo in Jonesboro. “PepsiCo is excited to partner with the City of Jonesboro.”

“Recycling replaces part of our footprint,” Joe Winters of Pepsi in Jonesboro said. “It puts used bottles back in use. It just makes sense for the environment. As a resident of Jonesboro, I’m all for it.”

Eight of the bins have been placed in Craighead Forest Park and eight more in Joe Mack Campbell Park. Bins are inside and outside of the City’s community centers and four are placed at Southside Softball Complex.

Press Release – Bill Campbell, City of Jonesboro

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