Dog reported stolen after biting woman on the arm

A Jonesboro Police Department patrol car. Photo by Stan Morris.

JONESBORO, Ark. – Two dog attacks on humans were reported Sunday in Jonesboro within 90 minutes of one another but one was followed up by the alleged theft of the dog.

The first was reported at 12:29 p.m., when NEA Baptist Hospital was treating the first victim, Celine Ramsey, 22, of Jonesboro, who had a laceration on the top part of her arm visible to police. She told police she had been walking out to her car when she saw Maribel C. Weaver, 51, walking her dog, at the apartment complex both resided at. This was at the 4200-block of Aggie Road. When they met, the dog jumped up and bit the victim in the top of her left arm, knocking her to the ground, the report said. The victim said the female owner of the dog couldn’t keep control of it due to her smaller size.

Weaver had a different story. She said she and her dog, a large white male husky with a red collar, were returning from their walk when they saw Ramsey leaving the apartment. Weaver said she announced that they were there but they did not receive an answer back from the victim. The report says the victim walked down the driveway fast, and went to grab the dog without permission. The dog then bit her on the upper part of her left arm.

She was written a citation for dog at large, no state rabies vaccination, and harboring a dangerous animal.

However, Weaver said a short time later, between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m, she said she was walking the dog (again). She said the dog used the bathroom and she left to go get a plastic sack to pick up the waste. She said when she returned, the dog was gone. The woman said a bystander told her someone in a white truck picked the dog up. The woman believes the dog was stolen.

A second dog bite was reported at approximately 1:45 p.m. the same day in Jonesboro (Sunday, January 28, 2018). This was reported in the 3200-block of Rhonda Drive.

A man, Thomas James Anderson, told police he was walking down the street with Lacy Anderson and their dog when two dogs appeared from the yard next to them and approached them. Lacy ran to the resident to let them know their dogs were loose, the report said, but when she began knocking on the door, two more dogs appeared, making it a total of four.

The dogs attacked, knocking Thomas down. The report said he tried covering his dog to protect it. He ended up with several lacerations. His dog was also injured and required medical treatment.

The man who claimed ownership of the four dogs was Marcello Anderson, 36, of Jonesboro (the last names being the same appears to be a coincidence as of this writing). He’s cited for lack of proof of rabies for three of the four dogs, four counts of dog at large and four counts of harboring dangerous animals.

The dogs are quarantined at animal control until Feb. 7.

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