Man cleared of criminal conduct in alleged rape at ASU frat party

Defense attorney credits witness statements for result

JONESBORO, Ark. – A man arrested for an alleged rape during a frat party at Arkansas State University on Feb. 10, 2017 is cleared of any criminal conduct, his attorney informed NEA Report on Thursday.

James Key Chambless, 19, of Lonoke, learned on Oct. 23 no charges will be filed against him in the case ASU 2017-0142, a prosecutor’s letter confirms (below). He faced a felony charge of raping a woman in February during a registered fraternity party at Alpha Gamma Rho on the campus of ASU. He was accused of “going too far” and allegedly refusing to stop when a girl said “no,” a report in the A-State Herald said.

Prosecutor’s letter showing no charges will be filed.

Jared Woodard of Stanley Woodard Law Firm in Jonesboro represented Chambless. He told NEA Report that Chambless is cleared of any criminal conduct as the letter indicates.

“Immediately following the arrest of James Chambless, we interviewed over a dozen witnesses that were either present during the AGR party or had information related to the arrest,” Woodard said. “We forwarded our summaries of these interviews along with contact information of these key witnesses to the prosecutor’s office in order for their team to have sufficient information to make a fair decision before filing formal charges. Since this case has received significant media attention, we wanted the public to know that Mr. Chambless has been cleared of any criminal wrongdoing.”

Chambless’ photo from February. No charges will be filed in the arrest.

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