Deer jumps through window of Jonesboro home on Saturday

JONESBORO, Ark. – It is rutting season for deer and for one buck, he took it to the extreme by diving through a window of a home in Jonesboro. Fortunately, no one was hurt as the wild animal thrashed in the unoccupied room.

It happened at about 11 a.m. Saturday morning at a home at the 1600-block of West Washington Avenue in Jonesboro – just off of Gee Street and not near a forested area. A child of the home’s resident was playing in the back yard when he described a four-point buck jumping over the six-foot fence, running up to a window and diving through it, leaving shattered glass and torn blinds all throughout the bedroom. 

As the residents described it to NEA Report, the wild animal ran into a bathroom door – breaking it off the hinges. Then, the deer ran into a closet door, busting it from the hinges as well. It drove an antler through the door, which was pulled shut by a young lady in the home who heard the commotion. The deer, at one point, was on the bed and seemed to have broken an area of it when stomping around the cushioned-surface.

After causing a panic in the home, which was occupied at the time, the animal ran back out of the bedroom, jumping through the window it had entered through. Glass was left both inside and out of the home, as were the deer’s hoof-print.

Several children were both inside of the home and outside but fortunately, the bedroom was empty during the mayhem.

An article by the Department of Animal Sciences in the University of Wisconsin-Madison states the prime period for white-tail deer rutting runs from October through December. During that time, according to Desert USA, “bucks develop a pair of spiked antlers by the fall of their second year, when they become fierce fighters for the autumn mating season. Winners of head-on clashes are awarded mating privileges with the does in the vicinity.”

The theory of both the JPD officer who responded to the scene and the landlord/this reporter* was that the animal saw its reflection in the window after leaping into the backyard and charged, by instinct.

After the animal left the backyard, it continued in a north direction and reportedly leaped over a ten-foot chain-link fence, a witness said.

*Full disclosure: The property is one of several rental units owned by NEA Report News Director Stan Morris, who reported, with consent of the residents, on the destruction. This is how we were at the scene minutes after it occurred in the live report below. 

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