Pocahontas man accused of raping 18-year-old

A Pocahontas Police Department patrol car. Photo by Stan Morris.

POCAHONTAS, Ark. – A 25-year-old man is accused of rape after he allegedly refused to stop having sex with a girl who told him no several times.

The release states Matthew Colten Simpson, 25, of Pocahontas, was arrested Saturday, Sept. 16. Police say they responded to a call from an 18-year-old Pocahontas girl who accused Simpson of engaging in sexual activity with her against her wishes. He was brought before Circuit Judge Phil Smith on Monday, Sept. 19, and bond was set at $ 25,000 cash or professional. He was being held on a charge of rape, a Class Y Felony, and is scheduled to appear in Randolph County Circuit Court on November 1, 2017.Warning – Graphic Content Below

In the incident report, the girl said Simpson had invited her over to his apartment several times that day to watch a movie and she finally agreed. The girl said she was laying on Simpson’s bed watching a movie when they began kissing. She said he began kissing her “very quickly.”

“I don’t want to go all the way,” the girl was quoted as saying, in the incident report.

Officer Brian Tilghman’s narrative states Simpson took off her shirt and bra as they continued to kiss. The girl stated it was going too far when he tried taking her pants and underwear off and she, again, had to tell him no. The report alleges Simpson did not listen and continued pulling her pants and panties off.

The girl stated she was closing her legs and trying to push-off her hips and told him to stop, but Simpson would not listen.

“Are you sure? Don’t it feel good?” Simpson allegedly said, according to the report.

The girl pleaded with him to stop and told him she couldn’t. As she looked down, the report said she saw Simpson had finished. She had semen on her stomach and upper thigh after the sexual contact.  The girl was taken to Five Rivers Medical Center where a sexual assault evidence kit was performed. At the same time, authorities went to make contact with Simpson.

Tilghman wrote that in a private setting, he read Matthew (Colten) Simpson his Miranda Rights and Simpson agreed to speak to him. Simpson said he was watching movies with the alleged victim but Tilghman noted the suspect seemed to be hesitating on telling him about being with the alleged victim. Simpson said several times he was really upset because he got carried away and went to far, the report states. He also said he was trying to apologize to the girl, his alleged victim, because he got carried away.

The officer said Simpson described the incident like this: the two were laying together and began kissing. Simpson said the girl told him she did not want to go all the way but he stated, “he just got carried away in the moment,” the officer said. Simpson said they were kissing and it got intense. He said he took her shirt and pants off and was performing oral sex on her. He pulled his pants down and went up to kiss her but she again told him she did not want to have sex and began “squirming.”

Simpson claimed he looked down and was inside of her. He claims he pulled out, although prior to penetrating, he admitted she had already told him no – twice. He claimed he only inserted the head of his penis while also saying he did not know his penis was inside of her.

The officer was later provided photos of text messages sent to the alleged victim from Simpson, stating multiple times he went too far and that he is sorry.

Simpson was arrested and transported to Randolph County Jail on suspicion he committed rape.

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