Woman: Boyfriend put gun to my head, threatened to kill me

JONESBORO, Ark. – A woman alleged her boyfriend put a handgun to her head and threatened to kill her during a violent car ride Friday night in Jonesboro.

At 8:43 p.m. August 18, Officer Casey Moore was dispatched along with several other officers to a residence at the 1900-block of Rosemond Avenue, where a woman, 37, said her boyfriend, Marvin G. Young, 30, of Jonesboro, had put a gun to her head and threatened to end her life. 

She said it began at 8 p.m. when she woke up to from a nap at her home and stepped outside, noticing Young seated in the passenger seat of her vehicle. She said he told her they needed to talk about some things and to get in the car but she told him to get out of the vehicle so she could go to the store. He refused. She ended up taking him to the store with her but along the way, she said the argument devolved into him cursing and using profanity at her while saying he hated her. At a nearby store, the two went in and she said his tirade against her continued.

The two returned to the vehicle and headed back to Rosemond. On the way, she said, he leaned over and began to choke her with both hands.Young let go but she said the situation went even further as she was catching her breath. Her allegation is he then pulled a silver handgun from his pants and put it to the right side of her head, saying “Bitch I will kill you,” and “I am tired of you.” After an unknown amount of time, he put the gun down, took the keys, broke the windshield wiping lever and got out of the car. That’s when she called 911.

As a tow truck was en route, the victim received a call in front of police. A family member told her Young was watching police and the woman at the incident location and could see the police. Police found Young in a home on the 1900-block of Rosemond.

He was arrested and faces charges of felony aggravated assault on a family or household member and first degree terroristic threatening.

On Monday, August 21, Detective Joe Robinson made contact with Young at the Justice Complex. After being read his rights, he provided a statement.

“Young stated that he and (the victim) had been arguing the day of the incident,” Robinson said. “Young stated that they went to the gas station on Gee St. Young stated that while inside the gas station he and (the victim) were arguing and she told the clerk to call the police.”

Robinson said he gave no detail into the argument in the vehicle and “seemed to avoid speaking of the subject.”

At 1 p.m. Monday, Young was taken before Judge David Boling who found probable cause to charge him with aggravated assault on a household member and first degree terroristic threatening. His next court date will be at 8:30 a.m. on September 29.

Young was shown to have several failure to appear misdemeanors on the Craighead County Sheriff’s Office inmate roster. He remains in jail as of noon Tuesday, August 22.

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