Teen taken to hospital after smoking marijuana

JONESBORO, Ark. – A girl “freaked out” after smoking what she feared was laced marijuana and called 911 last week, ending up in a Jonesboro hospital.

On Tuesday night, August 15, Officer Jordan Fowler with JPD was dispatched to a restaurant at the 1900-block of East Johnson where a 16-year-old said she was hallucinating. The officer arrived and found the girl shaking violently, the report said, but still able to talk. She was without shoes and “being very erratic.”

The girl said she had been smoking weed with a guy before she felt something was wrong and “freaked out,” yelling at him and asking what he gave her. Her version of events said he told her he had no idea what she was talking about and left. The girl then requested an ambulance which transported her to St. Bernard’s. Blood work was requested to determine if an unknown controlled substance was introduced into her body.

After Detective Shane Fox was assigned the case, on Thursday, August 17, he spoke with the male suspect who had a slightly different version of events. He said he had picked the girl up on Tuesday from work and, after going to get Chik-fil-A, took her to his apartment.

“While at the apartment, the two of them smoked a blunt (marijuana) while watching television,” Fox reported. “(The suspect) stated that the victim then stood up and stated that she was hot and thirsty. He said that she went to get her drink out of the car and then she ‘disappeared.’ I asked him where the marijuana came from and he stated that the victim brought it with her. He also stated that he rolled the blunt but the female victim was sitting with him the whole time watching him.”

On Monday, August 21, Fox spoke with the mother of the teenage girl and explained the disagreement about who owned the cannabis. He also mentioned “the fact that the victim voluntarily smoked,” would disqualify the requirements for a charge of introducing a controlled substance into the body of another.

The case was closed and the complainants were advised of the affidavit process for filing misdemeanor charges against the suspect.

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