Man arrested after driving on suspended license for similar circumstances, report said

JONESBORO, Ark. – After a man was arrested for operating a vehicle with a suspended license, he left a mess for detention center staff to tend to.

At about 1 a.m. Saturday morning, Craighead County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Dustin Norwood was traveling southbound on Interstate-555, the ‘Triple Nickel,’ as it is sometimes called, when he noticed a black Dodge Charger ahead of his patrol unit going excessively fast, his report said. He caught up to the vehicle and paced it going at 82 miles per hour in the 65 MPH zone. His report said the driver failed to signal a lane change at least 100 feet prior to moving and also drifted right of the fog line. At mile marker 42, he initiated a traffic stop. 

Norwood immediately took note of the smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle, as officers are trained to do. He made contact with the driver, Christopher William Robinson, 26, of Jonesboro, and the passenger and registered owner of the vehicle, Eden Chanlian Thomas, 25, of Bono. Both had suspended licenses, the report said, with Robinson’s being for a DWI charged while Thomas had a suspended license for excessive points.

Robinson was arrested. A licensed driver arrived to take control of the vehicle.

“Soon after we walked into the intake area of the Detention Center, Robinson urinated all over himself, as well as in the floor,” Norwood reported.

He was issued a citation for the charge of operating a motor vehicle while having a suspended license for a DWI, a misdemeanor.

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