Man repeatedly dialed 911 because he was out of cell minutes: JPD

JONESBORO, Ark. – He kept calling 911 because he was out of minutes.

That’s what a Jonesboro police incident report said happened through Thursday, June 6. In the public record, officers say Mark Elrod, 59, of Jonesboro, had called 911 several times over the past few days for non-emergency purposes or even criminal complaints.

Each time Elrod called, officers responded and told him he is not to call 911 if there is no emergency or criminal complaint. Officer David McDaniel reported the man would reply he had no minutes on his phone and could only call 911. 

While the behavior may not have struck the man as harmful, it disrupted the operations of the department and E911 Dispatch, the report said, and could have caused delays in service to someone who was in need.

Elrod was cited for obstruction of governmental operations and released with no bond being required. A record of the calls made by him was created by E911 Director Jeff Presley.

NEA Report has requested the calls.

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