A-State Announces 2017 Spring Chancellor’s, Dean’s Lists

JONESBORO – Students on the Chancellor’s and Dean’s Lists for spring 2017 at Arkansas State University have been announced. Combined, the group numbers 2,174 students.

The two lists recognize undergraduate students who achieved the highest grade point averages while enrolled in 12 or more credit hours of study.

The Chancellor’s List (designated as CL) includes students who earned a grade point average of 3.80 to 4.0 for spring classes. The Dean’s List (DL) includes students with a grade point average of 3.6 to 3.79.

Students from 28 states and 19 countries are listed below alphabetically by state, county, hometown, student’s name and list.

Hartselle, Elizabeth Compton, DL
Helena, Grayson Gladden, DL
Pelham, Elizabeth Ingram, DL
Arkansas, Casscoe, Lauren Barnett, DL
Arkansas, Dewitt, Corey Fuhrman, CL
Arkansas, Dewitt, Randi Hestir, CL
Arkansas, Dewitt, Samantha Woodiel, CL
Arkansas, Dewitt, Carly Pike, DL
Arkansas, Gillett, Rylee Knoll, DL
Arkansas, Stuttgart, Ashley Choisser, CL
Arkansas, Stuttgart, Reba DeVore, CL
Arkansas, Stuttgart, Christopher Hooks, CL
Arkansas, Stuttgart, Corinne Keller, CL
Arkansas, Stuttgart, Micah Mitchell, CL
Arkansas, Stuttgart, Kimberly Oliver, CL
Arkansas, Stuttgart, Allison White, CL
Arkansas, Stuttgart, Clay Leder, DL
Arkansas, Stuttgart, Jaelyn Maddox, DL
Arkansas, Stuttgart, Joseph Stewart, DL
Ashley, Crossett, Tristan Hopper, CL
Ashley, Crossett, James Riles, CL
Ashley, Hamburg, Darius Crite, CL
Ashley, Hamburg, Peyton Knight, CL
Ashley, Hamburg, Laurin McDuffee, CL
Ashley, Hamburg, Jacob Hollis, DL
Ashley, Hamburg, Jordan Lovett, DL
Baxter, Calico Rock, Emily Johnson, CL
Baxter, Gassville, Jessamyn DePriest, CL
Baxter, Gassville, Jessica Dwyer, CL
Baxter, Gassville, Brittany Green, CL
Baxter, Gassville, Tatanya Jones, CL
Baxter, Gassville, Noelle King, CL
Baxter, Gassville, Shawna Martin, CL
Baxter, Gassville, Lauren Vanmatre, CL
Baxter, Lakeview, Lisa Toms, CL
Baxter, Midway, Anna Harris, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Jennifer Bauss, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Megan Cantrell, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Maggie Crider, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Alexis Crull, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Summer Day, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Alexander Degroote, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Vicky Friend, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Kaycee Grissum, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Briar Harris, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Bryston Hickman, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Jason Hickman, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Avery Hodges, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Nell Holleman, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Amber King, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Briana Lofton, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Madeline Malloy, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Katie Milner, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Jessica Neubauer, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Payton Parker, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Zoe Parsons, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Samuel Reagan, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Nicole Roberson, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Jamie Rogers, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Robert Rooker, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Ezekiel Sanders, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Samantha Shelley, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Taylor Waldon, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Nicholas Wilhite, CL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Sydney Allen, DL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Whitney Barkes, DL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Blair Brozynski, DL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Susan Eckley, DL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Brooke Maycunich, DL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Jaden McDonald, DL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Adrienne Moore, DL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Alex Robbins, DL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Kamie Swanson, DL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Cortni Thomas, DL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Sonya Thompson, DL
Baxter, Mountain Home, Valory Zortman, DL
Baxter, Norfork, Tanner Ezell, CL
Baxter, Norfork, Alexis Knapp, CL
Baxter, Salesville, Isabella Pagni, CL
Benton, Bella Vista, Ania Golaway, CL
Benton, Bella Vista, Travis McCloskey, CL
Benton, Bella Vista, Kelsey Pierce, CL
Benton, Bentonville, Rebecca Holtz, CL
Benton, Bentonville, Kelsey Blankenship, DL
Benton, Cave Springs, Michelle Anderson, CL
Benton, Centerton, Rebecca Cassagne, CL
Benton, Rogers, Nicole Dale, CL
Benton, Rogers, Katherine Vaughan, CL
Boone, Harrison, Charles Cantrell, CL
Boone, Harrison, Kathryn Collier, CL
Boone, Harrison, Wyndylyn Collins, CL
Boone, Harrison, Jessica Holsted, CL
Boone, Harrison, Wen Hunt, CL
Boone, Harrison, Kayla Leal, CL
Boone, Harrison, Carissa Rogers, CL
Boone, Harrison, Linda White, CL
Boone, Harrison, Savannah Edwards, DL
Boone, Harrison, Keisha Sewell, DL
Bradley, Hermitage, Collin Wilkerson, CL
Bradley, Warren, Cristal Couto, CL
Bradley, Warren, Regan May, DL
Carroll, Berryville, Tristan Payne, CL
Carroll, Berryville, Samantha Richter, CL
Carroll, Berryville, Clinton Summers, CL
Chicot, Lake Village, Kaitlin Hill, CL
Clark, Arkadelphia, Micalah Atkins, CL
Clark, Arkadelphia, Mackenzie Suggs, DL
Clark, Gurdon, Lisa Rogers, CL
Clay, Corning, Aaron Ermert, CL
Clay, Corning, Lauren Hovis, CL
Clay, Corning, Chad Johnson, CL
Clay, Corning, Riki Sisk, CL
Clay, Corning, Kaitlin Smith, CL
Clay, Corning, Rebecca Young, CL
Clay, Corning, Erica Masterson, DL
Clay, Corning, Seth Robinson, DL
Clay, Corning, Alexandria Teague, DL
Clay, Greenway, Christopher Lee, CL
Clay, Piggott, Christopher Book, CL
Clay, Piggott, James Copelin, CL
Clay, Piggott, Allison Crittenden, CL
Clay, Piggott, Kacey Crossfield, CL
Clay, Piggott, Taylor Davis, CL
Clay, Piggott, Peyton Haley, CL
Clay, Piggott, Nicholas Harris, CL
Clay, Piggott, Hunter Holcomb, CL
Clay, Piggott, Anna McMillon, CL
Clay, Piggott, Andrew Neeley, CL
Clay, Piggott, Breanna Wright, CL
Clay, Piggott, Megan Blue, DL
Clay, Piggott, Cody Crittenden, DL
Clay, Piggott, Brittaney Frederick, DL
Clay, Piggott, Haley French, DL
Clay, Piggott, Nick Haywood, DL
Clay, Piggott, Noah Smith, DL
Clay, Rector, Kylee Beshears, CL
Clay, Rector, Haven Cagle, CL
Clay, Rector, Madison Cate, CL
Clay, Rector, Victoria Hill, CL
Clay, Rector, Brian Hufty, CL
Clay, Rector, Jacob Nolen, CL
Clay, Rector, Tyler Remagen, CL
Clay, Rector, Sarah Shaw, CL
Clay, Rector, Mitchell Weber, CL
Clay, Rector, Brittany Bradshaw, DL
Clay, Rector, Amy DeMent, DL
Clay, Rector, Kaitlyn Essman, DL
Clay, Rector, Lindsey Ford, DL
Clay, Rector, Charles Richey, DL
Cleburne, Concord, Ethan Reed, CL
Cleburne, Drasco, Felicia Houston, CL
Cleburne, Greers Ferry, Braelen Hunt, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Lauren Bishop, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Hayden Blankenship, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, William Bodron, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Josie Butkovich, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Meghan Chalk, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Victoria Clegg, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Caitlyn Crowder, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Hailey Crowder, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Taylor Eaton, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Sarah Irwin, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Waren Olmstead, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Patricia Robb, CL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Preston Bennett, DL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Grant Childers, DL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Kaleigh Kyzer, DL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Laura Rawls, DL
Cleburne, Heber Springs, Shelbi Rowley, DL
Cleburne, Quitman, Brittany Dollar, CL
Cleburne, Quitman, Katie Fenley, CL
Cleburne, Tumbling Shoals, Ian Lowe, CL
Cleburne, Tumbling Shoals, Tyler Moss, CL
Cleburne, Tumbling Shoals, Kristen McCormick, DL
Cleveland, Rison, Taylor Russell, DL
Cleveland, Rison, Austin Slater, DL
Columbia, Magnolia, Caleb Silvey, DL
Conway, Center Ridge, Kristen Anderson, CL
Conway, Morrilton, Rebecca Adams, CL
Conway, Morrilton, Shawn Newton, DL
Conway, Oppelo, Abigail Windham, DL
Conway, Springfield, Irene Taylor, CL
Conway, Springfield, Madeline Beck, DL
Craighead, Bay, Angela Cooley, CL
Craighead, Bay, Chase Davis, CL
Craighead, Bay, Royce Howard, CL
Craighead, Bay, Meagan Jernigan, CL
Craighead, Bay, Autumn Lee, CL
Craighead, Bay, Tiffany Towery, CL
Craighead, Bay, Karen Wright, CL
Craighead, Bay, Lee Davis, DL
Craighead, Bay, Karalee Johnson, DL
Craighead, Bay, Teresa Rodriguez, DL
Craighead, Bay, Matthew Willard, DL
Craighead, Bono, Ashley Freligh, CL
Craighead, Bono, Starla Gibson, CL
Craighead, Bono, Tyler Hart, CL
Craighead, Bono, Sabrina Knight, CL
Craighead, Bono, Alexis McEntire, CL
Craighead, Bono, Karley Morgan, CL
Craighead, Bono, Mallory Morris, CL
Craighead, Bono, Katelin Rickman, CL
Craighead, Bono, Haven Saffell, CL
Craighead, Bono, Ronald Slaven, CL
Craighead, Bono, Elizabeth Smith, CL
Craighead, Bono, Tracy Blevins, DL
Craighead, Bono, Hannah Doss, DL
Craighead, Bono, Journee Fernandez, DL
Craighead, Bono, Robert Hunter, DL
Craighead, Bono, Hannah Knight, DL
Craighead, Bono, Anna Mitchell, DL
Craighead, Bono, Tammy Monteniszs, DL
Craighead, Bono, Cassidy Reid, DL
Craighead, Brookland, Nathan Baggett, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Kelly Elder, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Roger Forbus, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Tamela Foshee, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Gracyn Garner, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Brandon Marrone, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Jordan Maynard, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Kailey McQuay, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Olivia Metzgar, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Katie Nelson, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Lauren Pace, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Andrea Roark, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Brittany Rowland, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Dylan Seaton, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Susan Shepherd, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Hannah Todd, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Kaylan Wilson, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Keenan Wilson, CL
Craighead, Brookland, Warren Baxter, DL
Craighead, Brookland, Ashton Chaplain, DL
Craighead, Brookland, Justin Guilliams, DL
Craighead, Brookland, Tabitha Hudspeth, DL
Craighead, Brookland, Kasey Reagans, DL
Craighead, Caraway, Christy Booth, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Destani Abney, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jacob Adlong, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Leah Aldridge, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Faith Allen, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Khansa Alodhaib, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mohammed Alotaibi, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Shamsa Al-Zadjali, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ernest Amanor-Opata, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Garrett Andrews, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jacob Armstrong, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lydia Askeland, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kara Austin, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Erica Bacsa, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Deanna Baggett, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Allyson Ballard, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kelsey Banks, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cynthia Barnhill, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Marc Barrett, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah Becker, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kristyn Belk, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Celsie Benson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tipton Boling, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Nickolas Boysaw, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Rachel Branscum, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jaqulyn Brantley, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brendan Brecklein, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kylie Brickey, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Adam Brown, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Nicholas Brown, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Olivia Brown, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Samantha Brown, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, LaSandra Brunson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ashley Buazard, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Haley Burden, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Timothy Bush, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Erin Carson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Claire Case, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, McKenzie Catt, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Julie Chambers, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Paula Chavers, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Rebecca Chen, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Callie Clark, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Teal Clark, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ryken Cocherell, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Bethany Cooley, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Savannah Cooper, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kristy Corbeil, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tucker Crain, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Hannah Cummins, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Hanna Dailey, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Troy Davidson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Justin Dent, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Devlin Deveney, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Alex Ditto, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Elisha Doane, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Emily Doggett, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah Doty, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brittany Dubose, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Joshua Dye, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jordan Eanes, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah Eberwein, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Zachary Ellenburg, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jeremy Ellis, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jordan Ellis, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Annah Elrod, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Uriel Esparza, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cullen Estes, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Deja Evans, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cassie Ferrell, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mikah Finnicum, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, David Flores, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Gabriela Flores, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, John Fowler, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Virginia Freemyer, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Valery Fuller, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Stephanie Gage, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Bryan Gammill, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jorge Garcia Zavala, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jordan Gardner, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Eva Garduno Martinez, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lauren Gay, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Nathanael Gillis, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ryan Gotcher, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brooke Graham, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jessica Greaser, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Dylan Green, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, McKenzie Griffin, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mikala Groves, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Olivia Gueno, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jennifer Hacker, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lindsey Hall, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah Hall, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Judith Halsell, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jennifer Hannah, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kaley Hawkins, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sophie Hedge, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, John Heern, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Alexa Herring, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Audrey Hicks, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Loc Ho, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Quynh Ho, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lyndi Hodges, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Madison Hollister, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kalista Holloway, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Michael Holmes, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Samantha Holt, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cody Horton, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Abigail Houston, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cheyenne Howell, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Dylan Howell, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Neil Hudson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Bailey Hufstedler, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Max Hughes, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Claire Hulett, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kevin Hulett, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Katherine Huss, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Eric Jackson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mary Jenness, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Nauman Jiwani, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Garrett Johnson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Holly Johnson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Logan Johnson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Meagan Johnson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Nathan Johnson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Nathan Johnson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Shelby Johnson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Andrew Jones, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jeremiah Jones, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jessica Jones, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Karman Jones, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Zachary Jones, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tierra Kastner, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Taylor Keown, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Caleb King, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Samuel King, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Leray Kious, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Taylor Kirby, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Alliyah Kirkwood, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, David Lange, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Chelsey LaRue, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Gabrielle Laureano, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Madison Lawson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Elizabeth Ledbetter, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kang Lee, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jason Lemon, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Benjamin Levenbach, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kristen Lilly, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Emily Lindley, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Natalie Lipsky, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah Lipsky, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jodi Long, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tara Loperano, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Megan Lopez, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Bailey Lovrien, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mikaela Lucy, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kyle Madden, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Caitlin Maguffee, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mollie Martin, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jenna Mays, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Morgan McCall, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mandie McPhail, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Austin Meeks, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Darah Merritt, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Carmen Miller, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Michael Miller, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Samantha Milligan, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kirsten Millsap, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Yu Minakata, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sammie Miser, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Makayla Moody, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah Moody, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Seth Moody, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Carrington Morehouse, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Meg Morgan, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Katrina Morries, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Abigail Moseley, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Batool Mraiyan, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ana Munoz, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tassie Murphree, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Monica Nava, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Hannah Nelson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Andrew Newman, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Christina Newman, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Le Ngo, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Vu Nguyen, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tiffany Nowlin, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Moira O’Keefe, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Stefan Olive, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brianna Orr, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ashton Owen, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Madison Palmer, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Zachary Passmore, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, David Persell, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tristan Pickle, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Evan Pierce, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah Pitts, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Anna Powell, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Madison Powell, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Hali Pratt, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mary Agnes Reding, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Bailey Reed, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Claire Reid, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jennifer Reves, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Guy Riggins, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Samantha Risi, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Drew Roberson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Madison Roberts, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cameron Robinson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jammye Robinson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, John Ross, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Megan Ross, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Gregory Self, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Megan Sellers, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Connor Shannon, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, David Shatzer, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Erica Sheets, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Carson Short, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Samuel Snider, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Laci Solis, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Joseph Stark, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Chandler Starling, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Laci Stewart, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Molly Stoll, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jennifer Stroud, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Anna Sturgeon, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Taylor Suiter, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cebrina Swanson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Hiroka Takehara, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Emilee Taylor, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Justin Taylor, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Adam Tedford, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ashley Thacker, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Aaliyah Thomas, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Conner Thomas, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kodi Thompson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Olivia Throesch, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amber Throgmartin, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kevin Tinker, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ellen Tinnell, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Benjamin Tinsley, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Maribeth Tomlinson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Patrick Tribbett, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ian Tucker, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cortney Turner, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brandon Vanbuskirk, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Madison Wagar, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Logan Walters, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Andrew Warren, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brentlee Weaver, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Taylor Wheeless, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jordan White, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Samuel White, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cory Whitehurst, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Samuel Whitmire, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kayla Williams, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Reagan Williams, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cody Willoughby, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Hayleigh Wilson, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Madison Wise, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Shuangsui Yang, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jeong Kwon Yun, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Emily Zane, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Xingjian Zhao, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Hao Zheng, CL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Easton Adams, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Riley Adams, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mohammed Al
Mehmadi, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mohammad Alabbad, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Hannah Aldridge, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Husain Alhamza, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Firas Almaghrabi, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ahmed Alsehali, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ziyad Alzaben, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jared Arthur, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Maxwell Bacot, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, McKenna Baldwin, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Andrew Barker, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ethan Barnes, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Samuel Bell, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Collette Bernreuter, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ashlyn Blankenship, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mikayla Blessing, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Darby Bouland, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Caleb Brackin, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Holden Broadaway, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Matthew Burns, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tiffany Byais, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sarah Calaway, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Keely Caldwell, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Angelo Caparas, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Rhonda Carter, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Hannah Clark, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Coleton Clifft, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kirsten Cooney, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Roy Cooper, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Aspen Copelin, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jennifer Cortez, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Stephanie Dekok, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Gerald Dodd, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cena Doud, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brittney Dunn, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Alexandra Ellington, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Joshua Evans, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Linda Forbis, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Emilee Ford, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Haydn Fuller, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Taylor Gambill, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kaylie Gamble, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Abby George, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Umut Ufuk Gokmen, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Anna Grayson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Desirae Green, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kaleb Green, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Daniel Greene, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Melissa Gregory, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Xing Grubbs, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Zhijun Gui, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Whitnee Guthrie, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cleo Henry, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Melissa Herring, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Robert Hicks, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brandon Higdon, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Madison Hill, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Luke Hinson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Emma Hoggard, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Logan Huggins, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Zhedrick Jackson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Madison James, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amber Jaramillo, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, John Henry Jones, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Mary Kelso, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Joshua King, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ciara Leverette, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Dongyu Lin, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Nathan Liouh, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Chreyshayla Lognion, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Judy Long, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Daranique Love, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cheyenne Luster, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Bobby Lyles, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Zachary Manning, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Caitlyn Mans, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jessica Martin, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sean Martin, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Meghan McCarty, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jennifer Mccorkle, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jordan McDaniel, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jake McMasters, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Abigail McNatt, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kallie McWilliams, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ashley Meadows, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ashley Monteforte, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Rachel Moore, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Bailey Morgan, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Prudence Mortoti, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Haleigh Moye, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Angelica Munoz, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, McKennah Murdock, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Wesley Nelson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Matthew Newman, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Andrew Nichols, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Geneva Nichols, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ryan Nix, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Cameron Nolen, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jeremiah Page, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Princeton Pitts, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Destiny Quinn, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Katelyn Ratley, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Shanice Rice, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Sandronica Robinson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Ryan Sartain, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Amy Scott, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Samuel Scott, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jacob Showalter, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Madison Simpkins, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lynlie Simpson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Marc Smith, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kaitlyn Soffray, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Maria Anne Soriano, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Lauren Southe, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Heather Spence, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Eleanor Stafford, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Rebecka Stallings, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Allyson Stevens, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Tyesha Stewart, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kwameka Stone, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Katie Street, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Marina Swanson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Dominique Tagupa, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Abigale Thompson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Rebecca Tinsley, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Jesse Tipton, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Princess Toney, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Colton Tosh, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Erika Tuck, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Kaylee Turner, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Samuel Vickers, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Nghi Vo, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Xusheng Wang, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Brittany Waters, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Emily Waterworth, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Katelyn Watson, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Eli Webb, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Taylor Wetta, DL
Craighead, Jonesboro, Chandler Williams, DL
Craighead, Lake City, Amy Baker, CL
Craighead, Lake City, Tyler Cornwell, CL
Craighead, Lake City, Shelby Lynch, CL
Craighead, Lake City, Rocklan McCall, CL
Craighead, Lake City, Sam Meurer, CL
Craighead, Lake City, Jordan Miller, CL
Craighead, Lake City, Sasha O’Guinn, CL
Craighead, Lake City, Bailey Owens, CL
Craighead, Lake City, Timothy Arquitt, DL
Craighead, Lake City, Sydney Emery, DL
Craighead, Lake City, Abbie Love, DL
Craighead, Lake City, Lauren Weaver, DL
Craighead, Monette, Callyn Bird, CL
Craighead, Monette, Laura Parnell, CL
Craighead, Monette, Cassidy Qualls, CL
Craighead, Monette, Kaylee Strickland, CL
Craighead, Monette, Catherine Sullivan, CL
Craighead, Monette, Coral Burke, DL
Craighead, Monette, Stephanie Hill, DL
Craighead, Monette, Drake Pipkin, DL
Craighead, Monette, Morgan Sims, DL
Craighead, State University, Kaylynn Fain, CL
Craighead, State University, Aracelly Jimenez
Rios, CL
Craighead, State University, Ashley James, DL
Craighead, State University, Abdullah Al Sulays,
Craighead, State University, Maurice Ates, CL
Craighead, State University, Gracie Bain, CL
Craighead, State University, Jada Chandler, CL
Craighead, State University, Trinh Dinh, CL
Craighead, State University, Evelina Eriksson, CL
Craighead, State University, Thomas Hamaker,
Craighead, State University, Tomomi Hosoi, CL
Craighead, State University, Daiki Itoh, CL
Craighead, State University, Tiffany Johns, CL
Craighead, State University, Skyler Jones, CL
Craighead, State University, Annica Karlsson, CL
Craighead, State University, Fumi Kubota, CL
Craighead, State University, Lance Layman, CL
Craighead, State University, Abigail Lewis, CL
Craighead, State University, Emma Miller, CL
Craighead, State University, Izumi Miura, CL
Craighead, State University, Jackson Mixon, CL
Craighead, State University, Yui Omameuda, CL
Craighead, State University, Andrea Pérez Algarra,
Craighead, State University, Victoria Pisani, CL
Craighead, State University, Thomas Ragland, CL
Craighead, State University, Natsu Sato, CL
Craighead, State University, Casey Sherwood, CL
Craighead, State University, Daisuke Takagi, CL
Craighead, State University, Moeko Takahashi, CL
Craighead, State University, Giang Trinh, CL
Craighead, State University, Kaho Ukai, CL
Craighead, State University, Hikaru Umeuchi, CL
Craighead, State University, Kathryn Williams, CL
Craighead, State University, Tomonori Yoshino, CL
Craighead, State University, Yiting Zhang, CL
Craighead, State University, Giang Bui, DL
Craighead, State University, Faunia Cofre
Unnold, DL
Craighead, State University, Xiaoxue Fu, DL
Craighead, State University, Kolby Kendrick, DL
Craighead, State University, Inyoung Kim, DL
Craighead, State University, Hyunsoo Lee, DL
Craighead, State University, Asa McShan, DL
Craighead, State University, Victoria Nichols, DL
Craighead, State University, Haneul Oh, DL
Craighead, State University, Viorel Ravar
Ladislau, DL
Craighead, State University, Aika Sasaki, DL
Craighead, State University, Yuna Tachikawa, DL
Craighead, State University, Reona Tanaka, DL
Craighead, State University, Min Xu, DL
Craighead, State University, Zachary Young, DL
Crawford, Alma, Hannah Hays, CL
Crittenden, Crawfordsville, Taylor Nemenz, CL
Crittenden, Crawfordsville, Jacey Mize, DL
Crittenden, Earle, Paul Clark, CL
Crittenden, Earle, Zandra Johnson, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Megan Barnes, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Cole Bledsoe, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Tyson Bradley, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Erica Dent, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Kaitlyn Evance, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Autumn Forrest, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Tyler George, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Molly Ginn, CL
Crittenden, Marion, William Gutt, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Brianna Hall, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Kimberley Hendrix, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Brianne Henson, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Tyler Holmes, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Abby Pettus, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Kristy Rodgers, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Angela Rosensteel, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Madison Weaver, CL
Crittenden, Marion, Savannah Allen, DL
Crittenden, Marion, Jacob Bedsole, DL
Crittenden, Marion, John Bell, DL
Crittenden, Marion, Delaney Chapple, DL
Crittenden, Marion, Allison Conrad, DL
Crittenden, Marion, Jillian Griffin, DL
Crittenden, Marion, Zackary Nicholson, DL
Crittenden, Marion, Charlotte Sechrest, DL
Crittenden, Marion, Michael Smith, DL
Crittenden, Marion, Peyton Wiggins, DL
Crittenden, Proctor, Jessica Morgan, CL
Crittenden, Proctor, Georgie Pulliam, DL
Crittenden, Proctor, Marissia Watkins, DL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Patricia DeSomma, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Karla Norton, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Shelby O’Brien, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Mallory Ross, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Jessica Stephenson, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Katherine Thomas, CL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Anna Dries, DL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Faith Grissom, DL
Crittenden, West Memphis, William Shegog, DL
Crittenden, West Memphis, Carlee Smith, DL
Cross, Cherry Valley, Summer Armstrong, DL
Cross, Cherry Valley, Truman Jones, DL
Cross, Cherry Valley, Darla Thomas, DL
Cross, Parkin, Destiny Mason, CL
Cross, Wynne, Kateisha Austin, CL
Cross, Wynne, Kayla Austin, CL
Cross, Wynne, Jesseca Biondolillo, CL
Cross, Wynne, Johanna Cannon, CL
Cross, Wynne, Madison Dulin, CL
Cross, Wynne, Samantha Hogland, CL
Cross, Wynne, Tanner Jarrett, CL
Cross, Wynne, David Makool, CL
Cross, Wynne, Blair McClanahan, CL
Cross, Wynne, Sarah Morrow, CL
Cross, Wynne, Kathryn Pruiett, CL
Cross, Wynne, Taylor Scott, CL
Cross, Wynne, Kelsey Smith, CL
Cross, Wynne, Callie Sorrels, CL
Cross, Wynne, Aneshah Washington, CL
Cross, Wynne, William Watson, CL
Cross, Wynne, Stephanie Waymire, CL
Cross, Wynne, Alyssa Dean, DL
Cross, Wynne, Hannah Hamilton, DL
Cross, Wynne, Matthew Miller, DL
Cross, Wynne, Sydnie Mohr, DL
Cross, Wynne, Emily Odom, DL
Cross, Wynne, Quy Van, DL
Cross, Wynne, Victoria Waldrep, DL
Dallas, Fordyce, Shanna Hornaday, CL
Dallas, Sparkman, Jonathan Richardson, CL
Desha, Dumas, Mckinley James, CL
Desha, Dumas, Leah Day, DL
Desha, Dumas, Sarah Smith, DL
Desha, McGehee, Antwanet Wade, CL
Desha, McGehee, Katlynne Dunn, DL
Desha, McGehee, Morgan Reeves, DL
Desha, Tillar, Britney Fuller, DL
Desha, Tillar, Taylor Parker, DL
Desha, Watson, John Williams, DL
Drew, Monticello, Alexandra Borchardt, CL
Drew, Monticello, Rebecca Jenkins, CL
Drew, Monticello, Mary Jones, CL
Drew, Monticello, Hannah Kling, CL
Drew, Monticello, William Roberts, CL
Drew, Monticello, Johnathon Ward, CL
Drew, Monticello, Olivia Pesaresi, DL
Drew, Monticello, Cody Pigott, DL
Drew, Monticello, Heather Rhoads, DL
Faulkner, Conway, Paige Ashcraft, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Hanna Barton, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Erin Bradley, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Brianne Brown, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Jordan Daves, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Hannah Davis, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Abby Hicks, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Breanna Keith, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Megan Land, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Jaime Martin, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Zachary Rail, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Alexandria Skouras, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Anita Stevenson, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Lauren Widmer, CL
Faulkner, Conway, Joseph Austin, DL
Faulkner, Conway, Matthew Austin, DL
Faulkner, Conway, Catherine Coleman, DL
Faulkner, Conway, Alex Harken, DL
Faulkner, Conway, Jennifer Rohrer, DL
Faulkner, Conway, Allison Weatherly, DL
Faulkner, Conway, Collin Weatherly, DL
Faulkner, Conway, Kendra Wooley, DL
Faulkner, Greenbrier, Kristina Collier, CL
Faulkner, Greenbrier, Caleb Corrigan, CL
Faulkner, Greenbrier, Amy Fulton, CL
Faulkner, Greenbrier, Grace Hawk, CL
Faulkner, Greenbrier, Haylee Russaw, CL
Faulkner, Greenbrier, Justin Alexander, DL
Faulkner, Greenbrier, Elaina Fox, DL
Faulkner, Greenbrier, Sarah Thompson, DL
Faulkner, Greenbrier, Seth Thompson, DL
Faulkner, Vilonia, Maggie Collier, CL
Faulkner, Vilonia, Rachel Hinson, CL
Fulton, Ash Flat, Shelby Dunaway, CL
Fulton, Ash Flat, Dawn Hale, CL
Fulton, Ash Flat, Lane Hall, CL
Fulton, Ash Flat, Chloe Sellars, CL
Fulton, Ash Flat, Shawn Young, CL
Fulton, Ash Flat, Emma Johnson, DL
Fulton, Glencoe, Kendra Pendergrass, CL
Fulton, Glencoe, Kelsey Pendergrass, DL
Fulton, Mammoth Spring, Jacob Stewart, CL
Fulton, Mammoth Spring, Ashlyn Vanginhoven,
Fulton, Mammoth Spring, Trisha Davis, DL
Fulton, Mammoth Spring, Nicholas Mero, DL
Fulton, Mammoth Spring, Kaitlin Stewart, DL
Fulton, Salem, Lakin Coffman, CL
Fulton, Salem, Hannah Lance, CL
Fulton, Salem, Callie Marsh, CL
Fulton, Salem, Holly Martin, CL
Fulton, Salem, Whitney Ward, CL
Fulton, Salem, Jeremiah Koetje, DL
Garland, Hot Springs, Aundrea Allen, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Tyler Brown, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Kellen Davis, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Kelli Elkin, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Kirsten Garner, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Teresa Greiner, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Tanner Jackson, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Katherine Johnson, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Parker Knapp, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Dillon Lechak, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Lindsey Mills, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Monica Norman, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Katherine Norton, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Alexus Raymo, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Hannah Rice, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Bo Ritter, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Sarah Rountree, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Ryan Scroggins, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Austin Smith, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Dylan Tedder, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, Vanessa Thompson, CL
Garland, Hot Springs, John Charles, DL
Garland, Hot Springs, Abby Hanlon, DL
Garland, Hot Springs, Taylor Johnson, DL
Garland, Hot Springs, Madison Noble, DL
Garland, Hot Springs, Robert Noble, DL
Garland, Hot Springs, Ashleigh West, DL
Garland, Mountain Pine, Miranda Keys, DL
Garland, Pearcy, Natalie Mason, CL
Garland, Pearcy, Aubrey Miller, CL
Garland, Pearcy, Kaitlyn Moody, CL
Garland, Pearcy, Caleb Marsh, DL
Garland, Royal, Jessica Dobyns, CL
Grant, Grapevine, Nathanael Grimes, CL
Grant, Grapevine, Sierra Hedden, CL
Grant, Leola, Mariah Dykes, CL
Grant, Prattsville, Lukas Mayberry, DL
Grant, Sheridan, Mary Cater, CL
Grant, Sheridan, Sarah Handloser, CL
Grant, Sheridan, Caleb Hollinger, CL
Grant, Sheridan, Sarah Michael, CL
Grant, Sheridan, Lauren Mitchell, CL
Grant, Sheridan, Lakyn Oliver, CL
Grant, Sheridan, Ethan Flores, DL
Grant, Sheridan, Alyssa Green, DL
Grant, Sheridan, Shelby Rhodes, DL
Greene, Beech Grove, Abby Gibson, CL
Greene, Beech Grove, Madison Rowe, CL
Greene, Beech Grove, Courtney Spillman, CL
Greene, Lafe, Jared Dubar, CL
Greene, Lafe, Lauren Dubar, CL
Greene, Lafe, Lilly Niedermeier, CL
Greene, Lafe, Tiana Nyland, CL
Greene, Marmaduke, Allison Hampton, CL
Greene, Marmaduke, Tabitha Hicks, CL
Greene, Marmaduke, Kyle Jackson, CL
Greene, Marmaduke, Madeline Jennings, CL
Greene, Marmaduke, Nathan Littleton, CL
Greene, Marmaduke, Deborah Pratt, CL
Greene, Marmaduke, Hannah Speer, CL
Greene, Marmaduke, Jessica Boggs, DL
Greene, Marmaduke, Lucas Dixon, DL
Greene, Marmaduke, Ali Nortier, DL
Greene, Marmaduke, Tamara Stroup, DL
Greene, Marmaduke, Rachel Vangilder, DL
Greene, Marmaduke, Bailey Williams, DL
Greene, Paragould, Sydney Adams, CL
Greene, Paragould, Katlyn Allred, CL
Greene, Paragould, Madison Allred, CL
Greene, Paragould, Arin Anderson, CL
Greene, Paragould, Drake Arnold, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jesse Barkley, CL
Greene, Paragould, Macey Barnum, CL
Greene, Paragould, Kelsey Bateman, CL
Greene, Paragould, Katie Blankenship, CL
Greene, Paragould, Chelsea Brincks, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jenna Brown, CL
Greene, Paragould, Chelsey Burkhart, CL
Greene, Paragould, Connor Burroughs, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jerra Bynum, CL
Greene, Paragould, Morgan Cannon, CL
Greene, Paragould, Elizabeth Cardwell, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jessica Carlile, CL
Greene, Paragould, Kelsey Cates, CL
Greene, Paragould, Hallee Cole, CL
Greene, Paragould, Kiana Cole, CL
Greene, Paragould, Ashlee Cook, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jenna Davenport, CL
Greene, Paragould, Nikki Denning, CL
Greene, Paragould, Rhonda Dinkins, CL
Greene, Paragould, Oliver Dozier, CL
Greene, Paragould, Sarah Eason, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jacob Edwards, CL
Greene, Paragould, Stephanie Edwards, CL
Greene, Paragould, Brenton Ezell, CL
Greene, Paragould, Josie Fletcher, CL
Greene, Paragould, Lexa Flye, CL
Greene, Paragould, Chelsea Forehand, CL
Greene, Paragould, Peggy Francis, CL
Greene, Paragould, Tiffany Gage, CL
Greene, Paragould, Sara Giguere, CL
Greene, Paragould, Mark Gilland, CL
Greene, Paragould, Elizabeth Goodman, CL
Greene, Paragould, Cade Gramling, CL
Greene, Paragould, Nathan Greer, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jared Griffin, CL
Greene, Paragould, Maddison Griggs, CL
Greene, Paragould, Kathleen Gunn, CL
Greene, Paragould, Monica Hazlewood, CL
Greene, Paragould, John Hestand, CL
Greene, Paragould, Dylan Hoggard, CL
Greene, Paragould, Savannah Huckabay, CL
Greene, Paragould, Madilyn Hudson, CL
Greene, Paragould, Elijah Irvin, CL
Greene, Paragould, Lacey Ivie, CL
Greene, Paragould, Sadie Jackson, CL
Greene, Paragould, Brittney Kahl, CL
Greene, Paragould, Ceslee Kidd, CL
Greene, Paragould, Clayton Liddell, CL
Greene, Paragould, Julia Lorenzana, CL
Greene, Paragould, Winona Lovell, CL
Greene, Paragould, Caleb Lucius, CL
Greene, Paragould, Rebecca Martin, CL
Greene, Paragould, Meagan Massey, CL
Greene, Paragould, Jacob McKnight, CL
Greene, Paragould, Mackenzie McNamara, CL
Greene, Paragould, Cameron McNeil, CL
Greene, Paragould, Melissa Messer, CL
Greene, Paragould, Blair Metheny, CL
Greene, Paragould, Brooke Midgett, CL
Greene, Paragould, Riley Millay, CL
Greene, Paragould, Brandi Mize, CL
Greene, Paragould, Carly Newsom, CL
Greene, Paragould, Christie Oquinn, CL
Greene, Paragould, Charlie Peek, CL
Greene, Paragould, Ryan Phipps, CL
Greene, Paragould, Rachel Pillow, CL
Greene, Paragould, Patrick Quinn, CL
Greene, Paragould, Randel Rader, CL
Greene, Paragould, Caitlin Reynolds, CL
Greene, Paragould, Laureal Risner, CL
Greene, Paragould, Will Robbins, CL
Greene, Paragould, Elizabeth Robinson, CL
Greene, Paragould, Allison Rogers, CL
Greene, Paragould, Emily Rollings, CL
Greene, Paragould, Claire Rowland, CL
Greene, Paragould, Keelee Rushing, CL
Greene, Paragould, Whitney Schug, CL
Greene, Paragould, Austin Shelton, CL
Greene, Paragould, Kendall Sheppard, CL
Greene, Paragould, Emily Sisco, CL
Greene, Paragould, Caroline Sloan, CL
Greene, Paragould, Rona Smith, CL
Greene, Paragould, Spenser Sullivan, CL
Greene, Paragould, Candace Titus, CL
Greene, Paragould, Morgan Todd, CL
Greene, Paragould, Lauren Tompkins, CL
Greene, Paragould, Sarah VanZant, CL
Greene, Paragould, Mallory Walker, CL
Greene, Paragould, Levi Warmath, CL
Greene, Paragould, Hannah Webb, CL
Greene, Paragould, Savannah Wells, CL
Greene, Paragould, Kara White, CL
Greene, Paragould, Lexi White, CL
Greene, Paragould, Andrea Williams, CL
Greene, Paragould, John Williams, CL
Greene, Paragould, Mackenzie Wolverton, CL
Greene, Paragould, Rhegan Wright, CL
Greene, Paragould, Dongqin Zhang, CL
Greene, Paragould, Chase Adams, DL
Greene, Paragould, Logan Adcock, DL
Greene, Paragould, Connor Aikman, DL
Greene, Paragould, Marcus Andrew, DL
Greene, Paragould, Desirae Barnes, DL
Greene, Paragould, Colton Batten, DL
Greene, Paragould, Ashley Bishop, DL
Greene, Paragould, Holly Boozer, DL
Greene, Paragould, Stanley Broadaway, DL
Greene, Paragould, Jodi Brownfiel, DL
Greene, Paragould, Melissa Bustamante, DL
Greene, Paragould, Thomas Carter, DL
Greene, Paragould, Jordan Davault, DL
Greene, Paragould, Ashlie Davis, DL
Greene, Paragould, Kimberly Gardner, DL
Greene, Paragould, Chelsea Gilligan, DL
Greene, Paragould, Spencer Gramling, DL
Greene, Paragould, Katie Henley, DL
Greene, Paragould, Jeremiah Householder, DL
Greene, Paragould, Jared Huffmaster, DL
Greene, Paragould, Remington Jett, DL
Greene, Paragould, Crystal Kachevas, DL
Greene, Paragould, Jacob Kienbusch, DL
Greene, Paragould, Amber Lenderman, DL
Greene, Paragould, Cody Mace, DL
Greene, Paragould, Tori Mafnas, DL
Greene, Paragould, Mollie Mason, DL
Greene, Paragould, Aaron Matheny, DL
Greene, Paragould, Michaela Moore, DL
Greene, Paragould, April Oakes, DL
Greene, Paragould, Madison Petty, DL
Greene, Paragould, Nick Pillow, DL
Greene, Paragould, Kevin Richardson, DL
Greene, Paragould, Mariah Robinson, DL
Greene, Paragould, Mattie Robinson, DL
Greene, Paragould, Hailey Rogers, DL
Greene, Paragould, Whitney Rowe, DL
Greene, Paragould, Kailee Rowland, DL
Greene, Paragould, Evan Shain, DL
Greene, Paragould, Ella Sisco, DL
Greene, Paragould, Madeline Sloan, DL
Greene, Paragould, Jenna Smith, DL
Greene, Paragould, Elizabeth Spain, DL
Greene, Paragould, Alec Tripp, DL
Greene, Paragould, Hannah Tyler, DL
Greene, Paragould, Emily Walker, DL
Greene, Paragould, Mckinlee Walker, DL
Greene, Paragould, Savannah Walker, DL
Greene, Paragould, Samantha Weston, DL
Greene, Paragould, Lara White, DL
Greene, Paragould, Victoria Winn, DL
Greene, Paragould, Tiffany Woodsmall, DL
Greene, Paragould, Tristen Wright, DL
Hempstead, Hope, Madonna Hickman, CL
Hempstead, Hope, Crystal Lockett, CL
Hot Spring, Bismarck, Tristin Phillips, CL
Hot Spring, Malvern, Julia Jester, CL
Hot Spring, Malvern, Connor Scroggins, CL
Hot Spring, Malvern, Sydney Randolph, DL
Hot Spring, Malvern, Faith Woodfield, DL
Hot Spring, Malvern, Ethel Yarbrough, DL
Howard, Mineral Springs, Tia Stewart, CL
Independence, Batesville, Jaysa Barnett, CL
Independence, Batesville, Stephanie Bolin, CL
Independence, Batesville, Brandon Brock, CL
Independence, Batesville, Phelicia Burns, CL
Independence, Batesville, Kyler Dickey, CL
Independence, Batesville, Kaitlin Fielder, CL
Independence, Batesville, Nicholas Garcia, CL
Independence, Batesville, Edith Gonzalez-Gomez, CL
Independence, Batesville, Wesley Gwaltney, CL
Independence, Batesville, Ryan Hancock, CL
Independence, Batesville, Dylan Herekamp, CL
Independence, Batesville, An Huynh, CL
Independence, Batesville, Tuong Vi Huynh, CL
Independence, Batesville, Grant Long, CL
Independence, Batesville, Cheyenne Martin, CL
Independence, Batesville, Morgan Martin, CL
Independence, Batesville, Griffin McCowan, CL
Independence, Batesville, Christina Okolo, CL
Independence, Batesville, Halle Rush, CL
Independence, Batesville, Hannah Shell, CL
Independence, Batesville, Hannah Stewart, CL
Independence, Batesville, Samantha Stinnett, CL
Independence, Batesville, Bailey Bruce, DL
Independence, Batesville, Cathryn Coles, DL
Independence, Batesville, Kaylee Crowl, DL
Independence, Batesville, Dillon Daniels, DL
Independence, Batesville, Abby Edwards, DL
Independence, Batesville, Samantha Goodwin, DL
Independence, Batesville, Stephen Henry, DL
Independence, Batesville, Jamie Holley, DL
Independence, Batesville, Korbin Inman, DL
Independence, Batesville, Crystal Shutt, DL
Independence, Batesville, Sarah Wycough, DL
Independence, Desha, Baylee Keller, DL
Independence, Floral, Destany Lytle, CL
Independence, Floral, Tanner McGuire, CL
Independence, Floral, Tristan Sweatt, CL
Independence, Newark, Cacey Howard, CL
Independence, Newark, Christine Mathes, CL
Independence, Newark, Lisa Mohlke, CL
Independence, Newark, Natasha Lovell, DL
Independence, Oil Trough, Shelby Steward, CL
Independence, Oil Trough, Jeffrey Steward, DL
Independence, Pleasant Plains, Cassie Passmore,
Independence, Rosie, Shyanne Price, CL
Independence, Sulphur Rock, Jade Sneed, CL
Independence, Thida, Madison Randleas, DL
Izard, Franklin, Courtney Lock, CL
Izard, Franklin, Molly Taylor, CL
Izard, Horseshoe Bend, Hillary Brooks, CL
Izard, Horseshoe Bend, Davia Fuller, CL
Izard, Melbourne, Richard Crawford, CL
Izard, Melbourne, Anthony Guiltner, CL
Izard, Melbourne, Kristin Montgomery, CL
Izard, Melbourne, Sydney Shrable, CL
Izard, Melbourne, Kennedi Wiles, CL
Izard, Melbourne, Allie Womack, CL
Izard, Mount Pleasant, Charlee Burns, CL
Izard, Pineville, Timi Killian, CL
Izard, Violet Hill, Marissa Crawford, CL
Izard, Violet Hill, Tyler Moody, DL
Jackson, Amagon, Acklyn Overfield, DL
Jackson, Bradford, Brittani Barron, CL
Jackson, Bradford, Megan Bright, CL
Jackson, Bradford, Rachael Bumpous, CL
Jackson, Bradford, Seth Crawford, CL
Jackson, Bradford, Sophia Scoggin, CL
Jackson, Bradford, Stephen Selvidge, CL
Jackson, Bradford, Brandy Jones, DL
Jackson, Grubbs, Kelby Nicholson, CL
Jackson, Newport, William Bowen, CL
Jackson, Newport, Nathan Duncan, CL
Jackson, Newport, Taylor Haley, CL
Jackson, Newport, Kaelin Hutchinson, CL
Jackson, Newport, Diana Huynh, CL
Jackson, Newport, Autumn Mears, CL
Jackson, Newport, Amy Piker, CL
Jackson, Newport, Mason Runyan, CL
Jackson, Newport, Courtny Summers, CL
Jackson, Newport, Kathryn Connor, DL
Jackson, Swifton, Allison Schulz, CL
Jackson, Swifton, Holley Smith, CL
Jackson, Tuckerman, Samantha Dunavion, CL
Jackson, Tuckerman, Drake Hopkins, CL
Jackson, Tuckerman, Laura Hutchison, CL
Jackson, Tuckerman, Sara Helms, DL
Jackson, Tupelo, Lorie Cromwell, DL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Bryanah Crane, CL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Tyler Graham, CL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Tyler Majors, CL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Ashley Morris, CL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Daniel Shults, CL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Ashley Smithey, DL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Jessie Sturgeon, DL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Brandon Thomas, DL
Jefferson, Pine Bluff, Sheyanne Todle, DL
Jefferson, Redfield, Zachary Corbitt, CL
Jefferson, White Hall, Haley Brown, CL
Jefferson, White Hall, Ashley Clark, CL
Jefferson, White Hall, Jamie Cope, CL
Jefferson, White Hall, Kendal Doggett, CL
Jefferson, White Hall, Leah Gillette, CL
Jefferson, White Hall, Crosby Hendrix, CL
Jefferson, White Hall, Landon Reed, CL
Jefferson, White Hall, Robyn Reed, CL
Jefferson, White Hall, Tarendeep Thind, CL
Jefferson, White Hall, Rian Thomas, CL
Jefferson, White Hall, William Tietz, CL
Jefferson, White Hall, Elizabeth Gillette, DL
Jefferson, White Hall, Katelyn Hamilton, DL
Jefferson, White Hall, Bryce Moore, DL
Jefferson, White Hall, Garrett Reed, DL
Jefferson, White Hall, Lindsey Williams, DL
Johnson, Clarksville, Mariajose Reyes, CL
Lawrence, Alicia, Courtney Light, CL
Lawrence, Black Rock, Jessica James, CL
Lawrence, Black Rock, Zachary Easley, DL
Lawrence, Hoxie, Danielle Black, CL
Lawrence, Hoxie, Lauren Garner, CL
Lawrence, Hoxie, Jacob Speirs, CL
Lawrence, Hoxie, Weslie Allison, DL
Lawrence, Lynn, Natalie Howard, CL
Lawrence, Portia, Mickey Gage, DL
Lawrence, Powhatan, Daniel Gill, CL
Lawrence, Powhatan, Whitney Meeks, CL
Lawrence, Ravenden, Brianna Allen, CL
Lawrence, Ravenden, Tahya Taffar, CL
Lawrence, Ravenden, Ivory Wells, CL
Lawrence, Smithville, Rachel Crabtree, CL
Lawrence, Smithville, Hope Satterwhite, CL
Lawrence, Smithville, Lillie Neal, DL
Lawrence, Smithville, Samantha Parker, DL
Lawrence, Strawberry, Stacy Maxwell, CL
Lawrence, Strawberry, Makenly Coles, DL
Lawrence, Strawberry, Caleb Mckenzie, DL
Lawrence, Strawberry, Kelsey Richey, DL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Emily Bilbrey, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Anna Bland, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Courtney Cox, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Zachary Crisler, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Kelsey Gentry, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Vanessa Hufstedler, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Aubree Hughart, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Jordan Masterson, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Amanda Moskop, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Christen Petty, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Cassie Pratt, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Ashley Roacho, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Darby Sager, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Peyton Tillman, CL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Logan Brady, DL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Gunner Cook, DL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Rebecca Gill, DL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Case Hall, DL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Gracie Hicks, DL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Rylee Lewis, DL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Sydney Linebaugh, DL
Lawrence, Walnut Ridge, Holley Yates, DL
Lee, Marianna, Sarahjane Beauchamp, CL
Lincoln, Star City, Jordan Grayson, DL
Little River, Ashdown, Madeline Chandler, DL
Little River, Ashdown, Bradley Isenberg, DL
Logan, New Blaine, Kennady Kremers, CL
Lonoke, Austin, Codi Boyd, CL
Lonoke, Austin, James Eaton, CL
Lonoke, Austin, Heather Haselhuhn, CL
Lonoke, Austin, Jessica McDonough, CL
Lonoke, Austin, Valeria Negron-Cuevas, CL
Lonoke, Austin, Sara Rowley, CL
Lonoke, Austin, Madison Walker, CL
Lonoke, Austin, Maegan Hutchins, DL
Lonoke, Austin, Alaina Paty, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Abbey Allgood, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Shannon Bagwell, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Jacob Bailey, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Bethany Baxter, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Westley Beaver, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Joshua Bennett, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Payton Binns, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Morgan Boroughs, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Hannah Brown, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Sarah Brown, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Kathryn Calhoun, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Sheila Everett, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Courtney Gibson, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Lindsey Hart, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Katherine Haynes, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Seaton Howard, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Ashlyn Johnson, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Meradith Kalchik, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Kyle Kaufman, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Colby Lynch, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Alyssa Perry, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Miranda Perry, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Mary Record, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Taylor Sales, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Brittany Sorrell, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Lindsay Spell, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Kristen Sumler, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Jennifer Taylor, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Dylan Thompson, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Carlee Wright, CL
Lonoke, Cabot, Rachel Allgood, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Lauren Calhoun, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Weston Conard, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Megan Fruhling, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Bailey Moses, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Ryan Raines, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Samantha Shaw, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Kaitlin Soderlund, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Lee Sullivan, DL
Lonoke, Cabot, Shelby Thompson, DL
Lonoke, Carlisle, Cody Bowlan, CL
Lonoke, Carlisle, Steven Chambers, CL
Lonoke, Carlisle, Peyton Hitchings, CL
Lonoke, Carlisle, Austin Reed, CL
Lonoke, Carlisle, Braden Reed, CL
Lonoke, Carlisle, Nicholas Schafer, CL
Lonoke, Carlisle, Harold Laws, DL
Lonoke, Carlisle, Jordan Sheets, DL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Ashley Cleveland, CL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Taylor Davis, CL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Samantha Gann, CL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Pierce Jackson, CL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Haiden Jeter, CL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Heather Payne, CL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Poreah Ronaghi, CL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Mariana Zermeno, CL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Savannah Holman, DL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Haley Petrus, DL
Lonoke, Lonoke, Jacob Wilson, DL
Lonoke, Ward, Gina Jacobs, CL
Lonoke, Ward, Kelly Landers, CL
Lonoke, Ward, Angelica Coonts, DL
Lonoke, Ward, Adrianna Hubble, DL
Madison, Elkins, Tonyia Tannehill, CL
Marion, Bull Shoals, Bayley Politte, CL
Marion, Bull Shoals, Spencer Politte, CL
Marion, Flippin, Mallory Rorie, CL
Marion, Summit, Loretta Reazin, DL
Marion, Yellville, Patricia Burleigh, CL
Marion, Yellville, Arriah Demeritt, CL
Marion, Yellville, Mary Gates, CL
Marion, Yellville, Madeline Hall, CL
Marion, Yellville, Zachary Pearson, CL
Miller, Fouke, Madison Reid, DL
Miller, Texarkana, Krista Beard, DL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Madison Carr, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Tiffany Cloud, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Lana Crosskno, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Sarah Ellis, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Christen Houwen, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Hannah Raney, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Abby Rigney, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Emily Tilley, CL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Kathryn Ashley, DL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Jennifer Cooper, DL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Holly David, DL
Mississippi, Blytheville, Christiana Iacampo, DL
Mississippi, Blytheville, John Wright, DL
Mississippi, Dyess, Brittney Clayton, CL
Mississippi, Dyess, Shannon Forister, CL
Mississippi, Gosnell, Jonathan Thibault, CL
Mississippi, Gosnell, Tyler Gibbons, DL
Mississippi, Keiser, Kaylee Parnell, CL
Mississippi, Keiser, Corbin Smith, CL
Mississippi, Keiser, Whitney Weathers, CL
Mississippi, Keiser, Summer Gardner, DL
Mississippi, Keiser, Alexis Graham, DL
Mississippi, Keiser, Bailee Tyler, DL
Mississippi, Leachville, Seth Price, CL
Mississippi, Leachville, Griffin Varner, CL
Mississippi, Leachville, Ashley Field, DL
Mississippi, Leachville, Jessica Krob, DL
Mississippi, Leachville, Peyton Milligan, DL
Mississippi, Leachville, Clay Turner, DL
Mississippi, Luxora, Jon Mark Horton, CL
Mississippi, Manila, Amber Booth, CL
Mississippi, Manila, Blake Carr, CL
Mississippi, Manila, Michael Hobeck, CL
Mississippi, Manila, Holly McGuire, CL
Mississippi, Manila, MiKayla Shedd, CL
Mississippi, Manila, David Smith, CL
Mississippi, Manila, Mackenzie Tate, CL
Mississippi, Manila, Jessica Weiss, CL
Mississippi, Manila, Seth Grissom, DL
Mississippi, Manila, Kylie Henderson, DL
Mississippi, Manila, Ty Minton, DL
Mississippi, Manila, Karley Moore, DL
Mississippi, Manila, Kailen Shelton, DL
Mississippi, Manila, Emily Smith, DL
Mississippi, Manila, Brianna Stone, DL
Mississippi, Osceola, Evan Delancey, CL
Mississippi, Osceola, Kimberly Guy, CL
Mississippi, Osceola, Kelli Pierce, CL
Mississippi, Osceola, Dalton Austin, DL
Mississippi, Osceola, Tiffany Cooper, DL
Mississippi, Osceola, Saccari Jacobs, DL
Mississippi, Osceola, Arnelle Jones, DL
Mississippi, Osceola, Amber Manley, DL
Mississippi, Osceola, Adrianna Prince, DL
Mississippi, Wilson, Madison Goble, CL
Mississippi, Wilson, Kelsey Baker, DL
Monroe, Brinkley, Lenetta Brown, CL
Monroe, Brinkley, Hannah Paschal, CL
Monroe, Brinkley, Cesley Williams, DL
Monroe, Clarendon, Sarah Lindley, CL
Monroe, Clarendon, Mary Depriest, DL
Montgomery, Norman, Ryan Brumwell, DL
Ouachita, Camden, Rayna Todd, CL
Ouachita, Camden, Joshua McMahan, DL
Perry, Bigelow, Dillon Fryar, DL
Phillips, Helena, Anne Bennett, CL
Phillips, Helena, Jenna Lynn, CL
Phillips, Helena, John Williams, CL
Phillips, Marvell, Michael Hall, CL
Phillips, Marvell, Kaitlyn Wiles, DL
Phillips, Mellwood, Kenya Hunt, CL
Phillips, Turner, Celia Bonner, CL
Phillips, West Helena, Grace Laureles, CL
Phillips, West Helena, Mary Austyn Reyna, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Tyler Armstrong, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Edwin Brietz, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Austin Cole, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Kortnie Fallon, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Alyson Henry, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Donald Horton, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Jonathan Lewis, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Morgan Osment, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Maria Parker, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Alivia Rouse, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Morgan Smith, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Alicia Vernor, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Angela Willbanks, CL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Camden Bryant, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Elizabeth Goad, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Collin McCrary, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Trey Moody, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Jared Orr, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Ashton Reddmann, DL
Poinsett, Harrisburg, Matthew Walton, DL
Poinsett, Lepanto, Jamie Kohan, CL
Poinsett, Lepanto, Mysty Langley, CL
Poinsett, Lepanto, Rachel Worsham, CL
Poinsett, Lepanto, Cameron Evance, DL
Poinsett, Lepanto, Clay Malone, DL
Poinsett, Marked Tree, Kelsey Pitts, CL
Poinsett, Marked Tree, Emilee Timbs, CL
Poinsett, Marked Tree, Sara Wells, CL
Poinsett, Marked Tree, Madison Carroll, DL
Poinsett, Marked Tree, Chadwick McCrary, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Hannah Booth, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Morgan Boyd, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Nathan Buie, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Benjamin Collins, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Kelsey DeFord, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Kylie DeFord, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Gabrielle Giddings, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Brooke Hazelwood, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Austin Jones, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Blaire Jones, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Charles Jones, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Michaela Maxwell, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Julia McRee, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Kayla Miller, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Trenton Mullins, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Courtney Sullivan, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Lauren Walker, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Hannah Walters, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Jedidiah Whitt, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Tyler Williams, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Stephanie Yeager, CL
Poinsett, Trumann, Kaitlyn DeFord, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Katie Jackson, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Amber Kent, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Lindsay Morgan, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Alysha Rieathbaum, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Cain White, DL
Poinsett, Trumann, Taylor Wilson, DL
Poinsett, Tyronza, Martha Kay Mettler, CL
Poinsett, Tyronza, Stacey Mott, CL
Poinsett, Weiner, Avery Bise, CL
Poinsett, Weiner, Caitlyn Lyerly, CL
Poinsett, Weiner, Whitney Aitkens, DL
Poinsett, Weiner, Kristopher Jackson, DL
Poinsett, Weiner, Hunter Lewis, DL
Polk, Mena, Melissa Nichols, CL
Pope, Atkins, Mary Thompson, DL
Pope, Pottsville, Savannah Hancock, DL
Pope, Russellville, Erin Heikes, CL
Pope, Russellville, Merideth Smith, CL
Pope, Russellville, Sarah Henderson, DL
Pope, Russellville, Nathan Overton, DL
Prairie, Des Arc, Tori Bell, CL
Prairie, Des Arc, Natalie Treadwell, CL
Prairie, Des Arc, Hayley Calhoun, DL
Prairie, Devalls Bluff, Austin Foot, CL
Prairie, Griffithville, Emily West, DL
Prairie, Hazen, Madison Hill, CL
Prairie, Hazen, Mitchell McCarty, DL
Pulaski, Cammack Village, John Lovell, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Caroline Bettencourt, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Makiyah Brown, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Joshua Cook, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Jordan Cox, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Alexa Gates, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Phebe Hall, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Maitland Hurley, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Ashleigh Kyzer, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Robert Morris, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Shelby Moseley, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Tanner Ruple, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Makayla Tadlock, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Khagji Warren, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Chandler Weber, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Kaylianne Weber, CL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Hayle Bluebird-Burnett, DL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Maya Coleman, DL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Ryann Collins, DL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Mabel Moniqu Cushman, DL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Shayla Evans, DL
Pulaski, Jacksonville, Glyneth Hicks, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Ian Bacic, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Grant Baldwin, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Anjolina Bates, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Jasmine Brown, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Travis Byrne, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Caroline Chalupka, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Carinna Coletti, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Haley Cooper, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Haylee Curd, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Jeremy DeLon, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Regonald Franklin, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Joel Haynes, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Sean Hightower, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Clayton Howard, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Alexander Lipe, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Alex Myers, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Hunter Sanders, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Kaci Squires, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Haley Stotts, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Nicolas Thomas, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Kyle Walker, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Adam Weiner, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Madalyn Weiner, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Paige Willett, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Emma Young, CL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Kelsi Beard, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Olivia Bennett, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Stephen Bowen, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Jazzmine Calloway, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Mary Cooper, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Madison Daugherty, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Raven Dillard, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Amahri Easter, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, William Fox, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Victoria Gill, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Taylor Harvey, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Daniel Massirer, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Breanna Morris, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Faith Oliver, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Lauren Oury, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Samantha Overby, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Megan Ross, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Haley Starrett, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Trey Sykes, DL
Pulaski, Little Rock, Rachel Young, DL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Sean Adams, CL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Hannah Colford, CL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Jordan Glover, CL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Melanie Griffey, CL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Christyal Holloway, CL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Heaven Huffmaster, CL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Hannah Irvin, CL
Pulaski, Maumelle, George Nodine, CL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Matthew Strack, CL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Lindsey Trussell, CL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Kailey Whitson, CL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Hunter Almond, DL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Alec Bishop, DL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Kristen Black, DL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Andrew Elmore, DL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Allison Graf, DL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Holly Johnson, DL
Pulaski, Maumelle, Eliza Richmond, DL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Alyssa Burleson, DL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Destini Lattimore, DL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Shanna Childress, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Caleb Conaway, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Arian Curtis, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Anna DePoyster, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Scott Gann, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Tawny Johnson, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Tanner Kirby, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Andrew Kuebler, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Alysha Petroff, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Hayley Scott, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Madeline Smith, CL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, Taylor Coulter, DL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, FaNise Jefferson, DL
Pulaski, North Little Rock, John Webb, DL
Pulaski, Roland, David Holmquist, CL
Pulaski, Roland, Carrie Smith, DL
Pulaski, Scott, Robert Bevis, CL
Pulaski, Scott, Katelyn Chapman, DL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Brandon Baioni, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, John Chunn, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Ryan Craig, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Jennifer Fuller, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Abigail Grappe, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Alexandria Haley, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Fallon Howley, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Rebecca Johnson, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Darla Miller, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, John Miller, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Emily Moran, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Mary Murry, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Connor Poteet, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Caitlin Sanders, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Haydn Scallon, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Adara Williford, CL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Brianna Downing, DL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Shelby Eddy, DL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Jessica Gates, DL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Morgan Hopson, DL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Zachary Maier, DL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Kayleb Scallon, DL
Pulaski, Sherwood, Sandericka Smith, DL
Randolph, Imboden, Jake Hickman, CL
Randolph, Imboden, Trevor Anderson, DL
Randolph, Imboden, Elizabeth Harvey, DL
Randolph, Imboden, Robert Powell, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Mily Ball, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Lexie Bates, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Anthony Crismon, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Rachel Declerk, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Amber Harris, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Hailey Hawkins, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Christian Helms, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Amanda Johnson, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Matt Kirkendoll, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Melody Laky, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Mykala Lemmons, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Jacob Pipkin, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Emma Reddmann, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Taylor Smith, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Brookelyn Throesch, CL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Courtney Baltz, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Hunter Egan, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Brett Ford, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Shelby Lakey, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Sydney Sheets, DL
Randolph, Pocahontas, Elizabeth Weick, DL
Randolph, Warm Springs, Dharma Blackwell, CL
Saline, Alexander, Spencer Adami, CL
Saline, Alexander, Drew Carnahan, CL
Saline, Alexander, Caroline Cato, CL
Saline, Alexander, Lauren Hart, CL
Saline, Alexander, Heidi Sohl, CL
Saline, Alexander, Linda Bailey, DL
Saline, Alexander, Laney Gilliam, DL
Saline, Alexander, Angelia Harrison, DL
Saline, Alexander, Jaret Jacobs, DL
Saline, Alexander, Brooke Lasley, DL
Saline, Alexander, Baylie McLaren, DL
Saline, Bauxite, Abby Crouch, CL
Saline, Benton, Shelby Atkeison, CL
Saline, Benton, Samuel Bell, CL
Saline, Benton, Loren Blakley, CL
Saline, Benton, Abby Clay, CL
Saline, Benton, Emily Davis, CL
Saline, Benton, Bryce Denker, CL
Saline, Benton, Mallory Donaldson, CL
Saline, Benton, Morgan Hawkins, CL
Saline, Benton, Bryce Jefferson, CL
Saline, Benton, Cady Jefferson, CL
Saline, Benton, Kaitlyn Jones, CL
Saline, Benton, Bailey Keaton, CL
Saline, Benton, Kristin King, CL
Saline, Benton, Monica Kuykendall, CL
Saline, Benton, Adrienne Lasage, CL
Saline, Benton, Ashlyn Mason, CL
Saline, Benton, Karrie McCurry, CL
Saline, Benton, Abby Pennington, CL
Saline, Benton, Kristen Scarlett, CL
Saline, Benton, Alaina Smith, CL
Saline, Benton, Cameron Spivey, CL
Saline, Benton, Joshua Taylor, CL
Saline, Benton, Lindie Thompson, CL
Saline, Benton, Hannah Vergason, CL
Saline, Benton, Stevie Walters, CL
Saline, Benton, Jared Barker, DL
Saline, Benton, Madison Brooks, DL
Saline, Benton, Sarah Cockman, DL
Saline, Benton, Kynlee Cunningham, DL
Saline, Benton, Claire Gilbow, DL
Saline, Benton, Hannah Glover, DL
Saline, Benton, Sydney Jones, DL
Saline, Benton, Nikki LaSage, DL
Saline, Benton, Chase Nix, DL
Saline, Benton, Beth Noble, DL
Saline, Benton, Madison Rhodes, DL
Saline, Benton, Madison Rose, DL
Saline, Benton, Myah Thompson, DL
Saline, Benton, Meghan Warford, DL
Saline, Benton, Cassandra White, DL
Saline, Benton, Brandyn Wilcox, DL
Saline, Bryant, Megan Alkire, CL
Saline, Bryant, Allie Atkinson, CL
Saline, Bryant, Andrea Buford, CL
Saline, Bryant, Sarah Bullington, CL
Saline, Bryant, Evan Caddy, CL
Saline, Bryant, Gracen Caddy, CL
Saline, Bryant, Addison Chaloupka, CL
Saline, Bryant, Jamie Cheek, CL
Saline, Bryant, Alexander Edens, CL
Saline, Bryant, Caleb Garrett, CL
Saline, Bryant, Casey Garrett, CL
Saline, Bryant, Lauren Johnson, CL
Saline, Bryant, Britten Lovelace, CL
Saline, Bryant, Scarlet Pense, CL
Saline, Bryant, Hannah Shelby, CL
Saline, Bryant, Kayley Smith, CL
Saline, Bryant, Rachel Stewart, CL
Saline, Bryant, Shilah Sugg, CL
Saline, Bryant, Jeremy Anderson, DL
Saline, Bryant, Alexis Balisterri, DL
Saline, Bryant, Sarah Howard, DL
Saline, Bryant, Nicholas Kitchens, DL
Saline, Bryant, Taylor Matthews, DL
Saline, Bryant, Skyler McKissock, DL
Saline, Bryant, Raj Patel, DL
Saline, Hensley, Sarah Jackson, CL
Saline, Hensley, Jordan Moore, CL
Saline, Hensley, Kinsey Marsh, DL
Saline, Hensley, Calvin Tackett, DL
Saline, Mabelvale, Alexandrea Beech, CL
Saline, Mabelvale, Hannah Hampton, CL
Saline, Mabelvale, Sara Lequieu, CL
Saline, Mabelvale, Caleb Strain, CL
Saline, Mabelvale, Skylar Davis, DL
Saline, Mabelvale, Elizabeth Morris, DL
Saline, Mabelvale, Lance Parker, DL
Saline, Mabelvale, Shelby Richards, DL
Saline, Mabelvale, Loran Ross, DL
Scott, Waldron, Zachary Hale, DL
Searcy, Marshall, Brittany Mize, CL
Searcy, Marshall, Sarah Treat, CL
Searcy, Saint Joe, James Brown, CL
Sebastian, Fort Smith, Hannah Barr, CL
Sebastian, Fort Smith, Drew Jones, CL
Sebastian, Fort Smith, Abigail Barr, DL
Sebastian, Fort Smith, Samantha Black, DL
Sebastian, Fort Smith, Gunnar Etzkorn, DL
Sebastian, Fort Smith, Nicole Knight, DL
Sevier, De Queen, Julie Atkins, CL
Sevier, De Queen, Katy Smith, CL
Sharp, Cave City, Abigail Ball, CL
Sharp, Cave City, Arnold Cunningham, CL
Sharp, Cave City, Hannah Eckard, CL
Sharp, Cave City, Savannah Williams, CL
Sharp, Cave City, Kerrie Wilson, CL
Sharp, Cave City, Dalton Carpenter, DL
Sharp, Cave City, Teila Marlin, DL
Sharp, Cave City, Lacey Turner, DL
Sharp, Cave City, Jose Williams, DL
Sharp, Cherokee Village, David George, CL
Sharp, Cherokee Village, Sharon Mamath, CL
Sharp, Cherokee Village, Kendra West, CL
Sharp, Cherokee Village, Kayla Brown, DL
Sharp, Cherokee Village, Lauren Gotte, DL
Sharp, Cherokee Village, Brooke Cole, CL
Sharp, Evening Shade, Shelby Hopkins, CL
Sharp, Evening Shade, Thomas Qualls, CL
Sharp, Hardy, Charlotte Fernimen, CL
Sharp, Hardy, Morgan Lowe, CL
Sharp, Hardy, Rebecca Reed, CL
Sharp, Hardy, Burgin Shelby, CL
Sharp, Hardy, Leonard Merriman, DL
Sharp, Highland, Jedidja Hoppe, CL
Sharp, Sidney, Cyndal Burns, CL
Sharp, Sidney, Savannah Helm, CL
Sharp, Williford, Maryellen Wollschlager, CL
St. Francis, Colt, Anna Mears, CL
St. Francis, Forrest City, Josh Brock, CL
St. Francis, Forrest City, Karla Furr, CL
St. Francis, Forrest City, Amber Kelso, CL
St. Francis, Forrest City, Kiara Metcalf, CL
St. Francis, Forrest City, Jodie Kelso, DL
St. Francis, Forrest City, Briana Ursery, DL
St. Francis, Forrest City, Joycelynne Williams, DL
St. Francis, Goodwin, Dominique Weaver, CL
St. Francis, Hughes, Kirby White, CL
St. Francis, Palestine, Homer Browning, CL
St. Francis, Wheatley, Summer Nash, CL
Stone, Mountain View, Caitlin Branscum, CL
Stone, Mountain View, Emily Dixon, CL
Stone, Mountain View, Alyssa Ragsdale, CL
Stone, Timbo, Emily Johnson, CL
Union, El Dorado, Kelsey Hall, CL
Union, El Dorado, Brian Williams, CL
Union, El Dorado, Doris Finley, DL
Van Buren, Bee Branch, Benjamin Bush, CL
Van Buren, Clinton, Sarah Ward, CL
Van Buren, Clinton, Kaitlyn Weaver, DL
Van Buren, Shirley, Dalton Smith, CL
Van Buren, Twin Groves, Darius Young, CL
Washington, Elm Springs, Rachel Lovell, CL
Washington, Farmington, Ian Holman, CL
Washington, Farmington, John Person, DL
Washington, Fayetteville, Holly Hertzberg, CL
Washington, Fayetteville, Ashley Smith, DL
Washington, Springdale, Jonathan Arrington, CL
Washington, Springdale, Morgan Atkins, DL
Washington, Springdale, Christopher Ketterman, DL
Washington, West Fork, Regina Reed, CL
White, Bald Knob, Angelina Corbit, CL
White, Bald Knob, Haley Deflorian, CL
White, Bald Knob, Cameron Duke, CL
White, Bald Knob, Melinda Johnson, CL
White, Bald Knob, Stacy Young, CL
White, Bald Knob, Tabitha Inman, DL
White, Bald Knob, Victoria Wantulok, DL
White, Beebe, Anna Anders, CL
White, Beebe, Taylor Baldwin, CL
White, Beebe, Tyler Childress, CL
White, Beebe, Blake Difani, CL
White, Beebe, Taylor Foster, CL
White, Beebe, Laurissa Fritts, CL
White, Beebe, Hannah Glynn, CL
White, Beebe, Kelsey Graham, CL
White, Beebe, Ieisha Jackson, CL
White, Beebe, Victoria Jackson, CL
White, Beebe, Julie Johnson, CL
White, Beebe, Parker Kilby, CL
White, Beebe, Patti Mann, CL
White, Beebe, Sarah Massey, CL
White, Beebe, Alfonso Ramirez, CL
White, Beebe, Kassidy Ratz, CL
White, Beebe, Kennith Swafford, CL
White, Beebe, Caitlin Weatherly, CL
White, Beebe, Cecily Brock, DL
White, Beebe, Natalie Henley, DL
White, Beebe, Allen Kirk, DL
White, Beebe, Audrey Kirk, DL
White, Beebe, Tanner Patrom, DL
White, Beebe, Jarrod Rogers, DL
White, El Paso, Chloe Breckenridge, CL
White, El Paso, Emily Clark, CL
White, Judsonia, Tye Crawford, CL
White, Judsonia, Ashley Hale, CL
White, Judsonia, John Hale, CL
White, Judsonia, Brandy Jones, CL
White, Judsonia, Jacob Goodwin, DL
White, Judsonia, Taylor Hale, DL
White, Judsonia, Hannah Rushing, DL
White, Kensett, Evelyn Munoz, DL
White, Kensett, Kirklan Pettis, DL
White, Kensett, Dymond Smith, DL
White, Letona, Sarah Barnhart, DL
White, McRae, Alexis Loveless, CL
White, McRae, Hope Mcalee, CL
White, McRae, Erin Rogers, CL
White, McRae, Asia Underwood, CL
White, McRae, Jonathan Underwood, CL
White, McRae, Julia Williams, CL
White, Pangburn, Kaly Ishee, CL
White, Pangburn, Virgil Martin, CL
White, Pangburn, Robin O’Connor, CL
White, Pangburn, Bailey Slane, CL
White, Pangburn, Easten Vernon, CL
White, Romance, Emily Simmons, CL
White, Searcy, Gabrielle Brooks, CL
White, Searcy, Elizabeth Brown, CL
White, Searcy, William Chambers, CL
White, Searcy, Madelyn Cossitt, CL
White, Searcy, Dannon Daniel, CL
White, Searcy, Patrick Dietz, CL
White, Searcy, Chelsea Duncan, CL
White, Searcy, Mandi Finley, CL
White, Searcy, Noah Ford, CL
White, Searcy, Ashley Fox, CL
White, Searcy, Sutton Gadberry, CL
White, Searcy, Bayley Garringer, CL
White, Searcy, Ashton Herekamp, CL
White, Searcy, Katherine Jimerson, CL
White, Searcy, Randall Jones, CL
White, Searcy, Morgan King, CL
White, Searcy, Summer King, CL
White, Searcy, Craig Kirkdoffer, CL
White, Searcy, Caitlin Laire, CL
White, Searcy, Ryne Lynch, CL
White, Searcy, Charity Martin, CL
White, Searcy, Laura McCord, CL
White, Searcy, Hannah Merrell, CL
White, Searcy, Cydney Paxton, CL
White, Searcy, Stephanie Perry, CL
White, Searcy, Erica Peters, CL
White, Searcy, Ashley Pigg, CL
White, Searcy, Victoria Pulliam, CL
White, Searcy, Chapel Shults, CL
White, Searcy, Weston Wood, CL
White, Searcy, Emily Woodell, CL
White, Searcy, Kyle Ziegenbalg, CL
White, Searcy, Brady Black, DL
White, Searcy, Thomas Castaneda, DL
White, Searcy, Morgan Ferren, DL
White, Searcy, Sidney Fritz, DL
White, Searcy, Aya Karouni, DL
White, Searcy, Joshua McLarty, DL
White, Searcy, Kiehl Miers, DL
White, Searcy, Harold Niederbrach, DL
White, Searcy, Torianna Pate, DL
White, Searcy, Davis Polston, DL
White, Searcy, Elena Quillen, DL
White, Searcy, Kaylee Sheppard, DL
White, Searcy, Rachel Simmons, DL
White, Searcy, Sydni Woodard, DL
Woodruff, Augusta, Alexa Shadwick, CL
Woodruff, McCrory, Chasidy Culbreath, CL
Woodruff, McCrory, Emily Dewitt, CL
Woodruff, McCrory, Brittany Rowlett, CL
Woodruff, McCrory, William Wiggins, CL
Woodruff, McCrory, Kendal Williams, CL
Woodruff, McCrory, Dakota Conerly, DL
Yell, Belleville, Tyler Corbin, CL
Yell, Belleville, Stefanie Traigle, DL
Yell, Dardanelle, Mary Cruse, CL
Yell, Dardanelle, Alberto Segovia, CL
Yell, Dardanelle, Hunter Ramey, DL
Flagstaff, Mohammed Almesned, CL
Nogales, Justin Felix, DL
Carlsbad, Katherine Padgett, CL
San Mateo, Zhili Jin, DL
Berlin, Lindsey Brochu, CL
Bethany, Nicole Velardi, CL
Wallingford, Danielle Moya, CL

Crestview, Cindrianna Hansen, CL
Milton, Skylar Staib, CL
Niceville, Casey Gilbert, DL

Gainesville, Amanda Barber, CL
Pine Mountain, Summer Jarosz, CL

Honolulu, Erynn Witt, CL
Ankeny, Andrew Huseman, CL
Colona, Monica Lieving, DL
Columbia, Lindsey Boelzner, CL
Indian Creek, Amy Andrea, CL
Marion, Madison Shoukletovich, CL
Maryville, Taylor Maggio, CL
O’Fallon, Jordan Kasza, CL
Peoria, Ashley Hudson, DL
Plainfield, Dana O’Boye, CL
Red Bud, Todd Salger, CL
Culver, Shannon Brown, DL
Overland Park, Erin Gately, CL
Overland Park, Jake Swalley, CL
Fort Knox, Bonnie Kamei, DL
Grand Rivers, Marissa Bergman, CL
Villa Hills, Ava Abner, CL
Fallston, Dawn Clark, CL

Belleville, Paige Hughes, CL
Macomb, Nicole Mikaelian, CL
Ballwin, Alexis Philippe, DL
Bernie, Hanna Norman, DL
Bragg City, Maria Blankenship, CL
Campbell, Brittany Davis, CL
Cape Girardeau, Hunter Kelpe, CL
Cape Girardeau, Shelby Powers, CL
Cardwell, Branden Carnal, CL
Caulfield, Rachel Colbert, CL
Dexter, Jonathan Foels, CL
Dexter, Sydney Graves, CL
Dexter, Erin Lauters, CL
Dexter, Gina Magarian, CL
Dexter, Cody Neldon, CL
Dexter, Brooks Propst, DL
Dexter, Brooke Stoker, DL
Doniphan, Bretton Hale, CL
Doniphan, Allison Hodo, CL
Doniphan, Kiera Payne, CL
Doniphan, Michelle Popp, CL
Doniphan, Tiffany Oliver, DL
East Prairie, Kirstin Bratton, DL
Eureka, Katherine Shelton, CL
Fairdealing, Kelly Hamly, CL
Fisk, Brooke Baker, DL
Florissant, Tariane King, CL
Gideon, Brooklyn Earnheart, CL
Gideon, Caleb Buchanan, DL
Harviell, Brooke Sheppard, CL
Holland, Hannah Wakefield, CL
Hornersville, Tarina Carlisle, DL
House Springs, Rebecca Goebel, CL
Kansas City, Hannah Hefner, DL
Kennett, Brent Carr, CL
Kennett, Zachary Dees, CL
Kennett, Felicia Goodrich, CL
Kennett, Mackenzie Lee, CL
Kennett, Jacqueline Lockhert, CL
Kennett, Tia Mitchell, CL
Kennett, Darby Sparks, CL
Kennett, Hannah Spencer, CL
Kennett, Kelsey Washburn, CL
Kennett, Jared Butler, DL
Kennett, Elizabeth Cook, DL
Kennett, Amy Johnson, DL
Kennett, Nathan Robertson, DL
Kennett, Kerry Tucker, DL
Kennett, Joshua Wilcoxson, DL
Lake St Louis, Mallory Warrington, DL
Myrtle, Kaley Kepplinger, DL
O’Fallon, Riley Ebenroth, CL
Odessa, Deanna Rigdon, CL
Pacific, Emma Borgmann, DL
Poplar Bluff, Trevor Asher, CL
Poplar Bluff, Chase Burch, CL
Poplar Bluff, Taytem Eudaley, CL
Poplar Bluff, Danielle Farmer, CL
Poplar Bluff, Samantha Gatewood, CL
Poplar Bluff, Sadie Lynn Harber, CL
Poplar Bluff, Lydia Keller, CL
Poplar Bluff, Kaylee Lewis, CL
Poplar Bluff, MaKala McIver, CL
Poplar Bluff, Taylor Pierce, CL
Poplar Bluff, Mallory Robertson, CL
Poplar Bluff, Emily Walls, CL
Poplar Bluff, Brooke Darnell, DL
Poplar Bluff, Tyler Tomerlin, DL
Poplar Bluff, Savannah Weitzel, DL
Portageville, Ethan Cooper, CL
Portageville, Molly Frakes, CL
Portageville, Jennifer Ifland, CL
Portageville, Sasha Starnes, CL
Portageville, Lauren Jones, DL
Qulin, Brooke Madison, CL
Qulin, Maci Shearer, CL
Raytown, Zahria Whiting, DL
Saint Louis, Meghan McCabe, CL
Saint Louis, Kelsey Ponder, DL
Senath, Nadia Castillo, DL
Sikeston, Elizabeth Hay, CL
Sikeston, Geena Hooper, CL
Sikeston, Sarah Martin, DL
Springfield, Malachi Stout, CL
Steele, Katie Hall, CL
Steele, Heather Yarbrough, CL
Steele, Elizabeth Callens, DL
Steele, Kattie Davis, DL
Thayer, Lesley Dennis, CL
Thayer, Shawn Dennis, CL
Thayer, Ashlyn Hufstedler, CL
Thayer, Emily Riley, CL
Thayer, Morgan Stone, DL
Wardell, Ethan Elsworth, DL
Wardsville, Anna Murphy, CL
Weldon Spring, Elizabeth Watkins, CL
West Plains, Calley Dunnihoo, CL
West Plains, Logan Miller, CL
Biloxi, Rachel White, CL
Columbus, Brittany Eldridge, CL
Columbus, Denise Mize, DL
Drew, Scotty Reynolds, CL
Greenwood, Sergio Rodriguez, DL
Hernando, Laura Bostain, DL
Morgan City, Kierra Rose, DL
Olive Branch, Micheal Compton, CL
Olive Branch, Abigale Crump, CL
Olive Branch, Courtney Dickey, CL
Pelahatchie, Joseph Houston, DL
Southaven, Laura Sivley, CL
Southaven, Katie Jarnagin, DL
New Bern, Kayla Rodgers, DL
Vilas, Stephen Shirley, CL
Lincoln, Jared Scheuler, CL
Lincoln, Samantha Nelson, DL
Concord, Megan Reese, CL
Albuquerque, Michaela Supple, CL
Hiram, Christin Dornback, DL
Pickerington, Connor Kern, DL
Edmond, Justice Hansen, CL
Hinton, Maci Brooks, DL
Tulsa, Khristoffer Walser, DL
Lancaster, Samantha Wallace, CL
Moscow, Lucianne Burner, DL
Sioux Falls, Tyler Mitzel, DL
Worthing, Haley Voges, CL
Arlington, Brooklyn Hinson, CL
Atwood, Madison Heckert, DL
Bartlett, Kenzie Fields, DL
Brighton, Shady Ross, CL
Collierville, Kelsey Ball, CL
Collierville, Rena Boykin, CL
Collierville, Samantha Brainard, CL
Collierville, Danielle Cueria, CL
Collierville, William Fickle, CL
Collierville, Hannah Foreman, CL
Collierville, Logan Wimberley, CL
Collierville, Tijuana Sales, DL
Collierville, Alex Sanders, DL
Germantown, Oliver Gibbs, CL
Germantown, Cullen Ray, CL
Germantown, Elizabeth Ray, CL
Germantown, Jacob Still, CL
Germantown, Conrad Ray, DL
Lakeland, Dylan McDaniel, CL
Lakeland, Abigail Butler, DL
Lakeland, Christopher Foy, DL
Lakeland, Lawson Wherry, DL
Memphis, Mark Allison, CL
Memphis, Zachary Ortiz, CL
Memphis, John Ruch, CL
Memphis, Albert Akpotu, DL
Memphis, Nickaylynn Barner, DL
Memphis, Lori Jamison, DL
Memphis, Terraneisha Robinson, DL
Millington, Christina Morgan, CL
Munford, Rachel Stanfill, CL
Allen, Sawyer Williams, DL
Amarillo, Marisa Marquez, CL
Amarillo, Larry Hughes, DL
Conroe, Amber Klug, DL
Dallas, Omar Alhallak, CL
Fort Worth, Kudakwashe Makuvire, DL
Kaufman, Brooklyn Archer, DL
Keller, Lindsay Cline, DL
McKinney, Elishiba Maina, CL
Paris, Collin Napier, CL
Plano, Zoie Wilson, CL
Rowlett, Austin Bush, CL
Rowlett, Grant Townsend, CL
Rowlett, Sarah Armstrong, DL
San Antonio, Rachel Fischl, CL
San Antonio, Jesica Krousey, CL
Spring, Preston Weigel, DL
Sugar Land, Armond Weh-Weh, CL
Weatherford, Gramm Kelly, CL
Falls Church, Erin Nunan, CL
Austria, Laxenburg, Agnes Maznikolla, DL
Bangladesh, Dhaka, Muzahidul Islam, CL
Bangladesh, Dhaka, Myful Al Sarah, DL
China, Guangzhou, Yongxin Li, CL
China, Guangzhou, Qingleyang Lyu, DL
China, Guangzhou, Guangdong, Chengwei Zheng,
China, Zhongshan, Liu Huang, CL
Croatia, Virovitica, Sabina Jeresic, DL
Czech Republic, Prague, Patrik Jericha, DL
France, Mauléon, Laetitia Cabral, DL
France, Sailly en Ostrevent, Julie Gauguery, DL
Honduras, Tegucigalpa, Jose Buelto Perez, CL
India, Ahmedabad, Tanisha Tak, CL
India, Ernakulam Kerala, Anjala Jiji, CL
India, Navsari, Vivek Ranka, DL
India, Solapur, Hrishikesh Kapshikar, DL
Japan, Fujisawa-shi, Kanaga, Takehiro Shinokawa,
Japan, Kobe-shi, Hyogo-ken, Tomomi Hashimoto, CL
Japan, Nagasaki, Sae Otani, CL
Japan, Otsu, Kaori Kitamura, CL
Japan, Saitama, Misato Tsuruta, CL
Japan, Saitama, Mako Wakayama, DL
Japan, Sakado, Momiji Saito, DL
Kuwait, Kuwait City, Abdulrahman Alshammari, DL
Kuwait, Salwa, Atin Suri, DL
Malaysia, Seberang Perai Utara, Xin Ying Kong, CL
Morocco, Casablanca, Ahlam Safouhi, CL
Nepal, Kathmandu, Palden Lama, DL
Nepal, Kathmandu, Rasila Thapa, DL
Nepal, Lamjung, Nabina Shrestha, CL
New Zealand, Ani Gemmill, CL
Nigeria, Lagos, Chineche Aniemena, DL
Pakistan, Karachi, Fnu Salman, CL
Pakistan, Karachi, Ahad Sanjrani, DL
Saudi Arabia, Dhahran, Mustafa Alhajji, CL
Saudi Arabia, Dhahran, Ahmed Alsunbul, DL
Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, Noha Pandit, DL
Saudi Arabia, Khobar, Rakan Alotaibi, DL
Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Salman Alarfaj, CL
Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Fady Farag, DL
South Africa, Alberton, Heinrich Herbst, CL
South Africa, Benoni, Joshua Goldsmith, CL
South Africa, Pretoria, Jonathan Howard, CL
South Korea, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-d, Seunghee Woo, CL
Vietnam, Hanoi, Uyen Tran, DL
Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, Tran Huynh, CL
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