Several suspected meth dealers arrested at Franklin Apartments in Paragould

PARAGOULD, Ark. – The Greene County Sheriff David Carter is making it known his department will not tolerate drug peddlers in his community.

Greene County Deputies and the Greene County SWAT team hit the Franklin Apartments, again, Monday, June 26, with several warrants in hand, Chief Deputy Rick Mellow told NEA Report. 

Four were arrested, with two being arrested for delivery of crystal methamphetamine.

“We’ve been watching them for a couple of weeks and stopping people from coming out,” Mellow said. “They’ve been buying dope in the same apartment. We’ve had guys watching them in an unmarked truck. We got warrants on the guy selling dope and we asked the judge for a search warrant to go in.”


The suspects were only selling in the apartments and not actually manufacturing. Mellow said that has become harder for dealers to do because of government restrictions on ingredients.

Mellow said interviews were ongoing and it would be a day or so before reports were available, including the names and details. However, he did post a number of pictures to the sheriff’s Facebook page showing the arrests.

“This effort seems to be working because it appears that about half of the apartments are now empty,” Mellow said on the sheriff’s page. “We are doing exactly what we said we will be doing. If you sell dope we will be knocking on your door.”

Photos from Facebook

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