Intoxicated ex ruts up yard in truck, leads police on chase

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JONESBORO, Ark. – A man is facing a list of charges after officers assert he returned to a property he had been criminally banned for and tore the yard up.

Shortly before 1 a.m. early Wednesday morning, JPD was sent to the 5400-block of Viney Creek in reference to an ex-boyfriend rutting up the yard and spinning out in her driveway.

Officer Adam Hampton arrived next. His narrative tells what he saw:

“As I was pulling into the subdivision, dispatch advised that the subject was back at the house,” Hampton said. “I turned the corner on to Viney Creek and could see the vehicle stopped in the road out in front of the house. The white Ford truck took off from the house at a high rate of speed. The truck then went down Viney Creek and attempted to turn onto Hollow Creek but missed his turn and ran up through the yard of a residence. The
truck then came back out onto the road and was fishtailing all over the road and ran up through the yards of 5628 and 5632 Hollow Creek, almost hitting vehicles sitting in the driveways, before coming back out onto the road.”

The officer reported the truck continued through the neighborhood and ran up on the curb, almost hitting the stop sign, before pulling out onto Harrisburg Road. The officer turned on his blue lights but he said the truck sped up and fled from him.

“The truck went over the railroad tracks at a high rate of speed causing the rear end of the truck to lose traction and fishtailing,” Hampton reported. “The truck then ran the red light at Stadium and turned south on Stadium. (The suspect) lost control of the truck and spun around in a complete circle on Stadium and ran off the roadway onto the shoulder and grass area in front of 5400 Stadium. I stopped in the roadway and the truck came at me very quickly and almost struck my car before driving off the roadway again.”

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The pursuit continued with the truck hitting a concrete driveway and culvert, causing the truck to come off the ground and onto its passenger side. The officer said it fell back onto all wheels – and continued driving.

Eventually, after the car had run on Caraway, Stadium and other highly traveled roads, the driver crashed into a ditch. Officer’s said he then exited and ran on foot – leaving his wallet, with his ID. Officer’s identified the driver as Jordan Seth Oneal, 21, of Jonesboro. His iPhone was left in the seat, as well.

On the home screen of the phone were messages from “Grandma” saying the police were all around the house and to just turn himself in.

“You really did the deed this time,” one of the texts from “Grandma” read.

K-9 units were brought out to track the fleeing man. Officers cleared the scene. However, some officers also hid in the woods to search for the man, the report said. Police used night vision goggles to search for him.

The vehicle was towed back to the residence. Surprisingly, officers found Oneal at the residence sitting in the wrecked vehicle. He apparently had snuck up to the home and sat down inside of the wreckage.

He was arrested and taken to the Justice Complex, where he blew a 0.12 in the BAC text. He reportedly told officers many times he was sorry for putting their lives in danger. He said he wasn’t the bad guy and made a mistake. He also said he had been hiding in a nearby ditch and watched police attempt to locate him in the field and woods.

He was taken to Craighead County Detention Center to face charges, all misdemeanors, of:

  • Second Degree Criminal Mischief
  • Criminal Trespass
  • DWI
  • Fleeing
  • Reckless Driving
  • Leaving the Scene of an Accident

An estimated $1,000 in damage was done to the woman’s lawn. Had the damage exceeded it, the suspect would have faced a felony.

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