Suspect says she stabbed woman in self defense

JONESBORO, Ark. – A suspect in a reported stabbing from Wednesday will be in court for a probable cause hearing today (May 18).

Meanwhile, the victim has been released from the hospital with less serious injuries than originally believed.

Skyy Walker, 28, of Jonesboro, is accused of felony second degree battery with a knife in the case. At 2:30 p.m., Detective Keri Varner and another detective were on State Street, headed to Cedar Heights to search for a witness to another incident when a call came over the radio of a fight with a person being stabbed. The location was Cedar Heights.

Walker. Source: VineLink

Varner and others pulled up to the 1800-block of Cedar Heights to see a female walking across the road with a large ring of blood on her back. She was identified as Tanisha Thompson, 21, of Jonesboro. She said she had been stabbed by Walker and then pointed to a residence at the 1800-block as to where the suspect had gone. Police noticed a puncture wound of about one inch on her back.

Thompson told detectives she was with her boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend was there, as well, along with the suspect. Thompson said she told her boyfriend they had to leave which started a physical fight. She said she went to leave the apartment, Walker jumped from a seated position and stabbed her in the back.

Other officers found Walker hiding in an apartment a block over. She had run through broken glass, wounding her foot, so she had to be taken to St. Bernard’s Medical Center before she was transported to jail. Officer Jeremy Wheelis interviewed the suspect. Walker said she only stabbed Thompson in self-defense. She said that Thompson and her sisters were attacking Walker. She said Thompson grabbed her clothes and was throwing them out the door, so she grabbed a knife and stabbed her in the back, the report says, verbatim.

“She still maintained it was for self-defense,” Wheelis reported.

She was transported to Craighead County Detention Center and booked on felony second degree battery charges.

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