Downtown murder suspect was out on bond for kidnapping charge

OSCEOLA, Ark. – The man seen on a Snapchat video firing five shots Sunday at a crowded party venue in Jonesboro, now accused of first degree murder, was already awaiting trial in connection with a kidnapping and robbery in Osceola.

Kalius “KK” Lane, 20, was out on bond for aggravated robbery and felony terroristic threatening from Osceola when Sunday’s incident occurred, according to Osceola Police Chief Ollie Collins, who spoke with NEA Report on Wednesday.

Lane is one of two in custody for the shooting incident at The Basement in Downtown Jonesboro on May 15, along with Chauncey Jovon Thomas, 19, of Jonesboro.

On September 13, 2015, Osceola officers responded to a call in reference to a robbery and kidnapping at Vollie’s, a nightclub in Osceola. A witness advised a man walked outside, got into his vehicle, and realized another was in it. Two more quickly jumped inside. Several eyewitnesses corroborated the account to responding police. The men took him for a ride, robbed him and left.

Later on, police were able to contact the victim, who said he was at Vollie’s leaving when he noticed three men in front of the club. He walked past them, got in his car, and realized he needed his phone which he had left inside. As he turned to get it, a man got into the car and put a gun into his right side.

The two other men got into the vehicle and one said “you know what this is,” according to the report. With the victim in the driver’s seat, a gunman in the passenger seat, and two in the back seat, the man complied. He said during the ride, one of the back-seat suspects was sticking a gun in his left side and eventually, another put a gun to his head. The suspects were smoking marijuana and blowing smoke into his face, the report said.

The three made the man drive them to Blytheville, the report said, pulling into an alleyway. The suspects took the man’s wallet, social security card and driver’s license, he reported, and then left. That’s when the man went to Blytheville Police Department to make the initial report. He said he was unharmed physically but was very traumatized from the incident.

Police arrested all three they believed to be the suspects of the crimes.

  • Kalius Lane, then-18, was charged with felony terroristic threatening, felony kidnapping and felony aggravated robbery.
  • Thomas Razor, then-18, was charged with felony terroristic threatening, aggravated robbery and kidnapping.
  • Allen Miller, then-18, was charged with felony terroristic threatening and aggravated robbery.

Chief Collins said Lane had yet to go to trial to face the charges and was still out on bond, awaiting hearing, when Sunday’s downtown shooting at The Basement on Main Street in Jonesboro took place. Lane was named as one of two suspects by police, but denied his guilt while indicating he was laughing.


Lane’s Facebook profile was shut down after a report was published showing his social media rants. The troubled young man was arrested by U.S. Marshalls later the same evening, on Monday, after fleeing to Texas. He is awaiting extradition to Craighead County.


In the probable cause hearing Monday of Chauncey Thomas, the affidavit says the incident began as an altercation in front of the business prior to the shooting incident. Kalius “KK” Lane and Chauncey “Jigga” Thomas were involved. An eyewitness said KK was the suspect that shot the victim, Montario Barnes.

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Another witness said Thomas also discharged a firearm during the incident. The witness, who did not know Thomas, made a positive identification of him during a police lineup.

Both men face first degree murder charges along with six counts of battery.

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Featured photo from Dallas Co. Jail, Thomas photo from CCSO; Composite photo made by NEA Report.

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