Bag of guns found in Jonesboro backyard

A number of JPD patrol cars parked near the Justice Complex on Washington in Jonesboro.

JONESBORO, Ark. – After a local man alerted authorities to a bag of guns found in his backyard, a criminal plot gone awry seemed to have been stumbled upon.

Jonesboro police took the report at the Justice Complex, where a local man was doing work in the backyard of his residence at the 800-block of West Monroe when he noticed a red bag in some bushes. He opened the bag and found three pistols with magazines – two of which were loaded. The man immediately brought the guns to police to turn them over. The items included:

  • A Bersa Thunder .380 Caliber Pistol
  • A Smith and Wesson .380 Caliber Pistol
  • A Smith and Wesson SD40 Pistol

The weapons and items were placed into evidence for processing.

The red back pack had the words “Straight Outta Lewis Family” on it.

All three guns were believed to have been reported stolen in Jonesboro, although the SD40 pistol did not match the serial number in its report.

If you know anything which could help police, you may call the Jonesboro Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division at (870) 935-6710 or Crime Stoppers at (870) 935-7867 (935-STOP.)

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  1. Please correct the 380 caliber pistols one is a Smith and Wesson and the other is a Bersa Thunder

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