Strong Arm offering free guidance/low-cost service for flood victims

JONESBORO, Ark. – A Craighead County business will set up a mobile command-type operation in Randolph County as flood recovery efforts begin and plans to offer low-cost restoration services to those affected by the disaster.

Strong Arm Services will offer equipment rental for those who plan to do the cleanup and recovery themselves without hiring full professional crews. Without flood insurance, professional restoration services can cost thousands. Since homes affected by floodwaters will require a great deal of tearing out and professional drying, not just any normal fan can do the job. The company will have professional equipment available like industrial blowers.

However, for those who rent the equipment, Operations Manager Eddie Wofford told NEA Report he will accompany them to their homes and give them advice and guidance on what they need to do to protect their home as best – and for as cheap – as possible. He will provide that service for free. 

“I’m going to go out with them and tell them/show them exactly what they need to do and try to direct them in the best and most cost effective way possible to solve the situation they have,” Wofford said.

The company is also offering equipment rentals to the 911 Dispatch Center for its restoration efforts free of charge, along with free consultation and guidance on using it, should the city use its own workers to clean up affected buildings.

Pocahontas Mayor Kary Story spoke to NEA Report Friday and said he would likely take the company up on the offer and he appreciated it.

Wofford said the company will have an equipment trailer coming in within the next few days and people who may have a need can contact him directly at 870-340-5170. You can also call owner Jake Hillis directly at 870-530-0838.



“For commercial locations, we are going to try to bend over backwards to give them the best prices possible,” Wofford said. “I really don’t think our competitors can touch us on prices anyway but in an event like this, some people try to capitalize. We’re just going to go in there, get people back up on their feet and try our best to take care of them.”

Strong Arm maintains a near perfect 5 star rating on both Google reviews and Facebook reviews. SCI Supply is also assisting Strong Arm in making available the equipment.

The company hopes to get a headcount of who may need equipment so that they can bring in more if needed to assist.

He said the company had considered bringing canned goods or supplies into the community to help, but with so many others offering that type of assistance, the best way to help was doing what he did best, he said.

“Lets focus on what we do, try to keep those costs low and do what we do best,” Wofford said.

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By Stan Morris | Twitter | e-mail | Facebook; Featured photo from Strong Arm Services Facebook

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