Craig Rickert gone from KAIT

JONESBORO, Ark. – A long-time KAIT news anchor is finished with Region 8 News and sources indicate the split was not mutual.

Craig Rickert is nowhere to be seen on either Region 8 News broadcasts or the website. Several sources indicate he was fired by the Raycom Media-owned television station amid controversy. 

Rickert has been one of two primary faces of the K8 News/Region 8 News brand for many years, joining KAIT in 2002, according to his (now deleted) KAIT profile. However, sometime in the past several days, references to the anchor were removed from Rickert’s profile was also deactivated, with the original link now leading to a deactivated page. However, archived versions of the page were available from Web.Archive.Org (the Wayback Machine).

Rickert’s (deleted) K8 photo

As of late Tuesday, several inquiries to KAIT management and staff were not responded to. NEA Report called the KAIT newsroom and was told Rickert was not there and wasn’t expected back. Multiple sources confirmed Rickert was no longer with Region 8 News. It was not clear when the departure took place.

NEA Report reached out to Rickert multiple times Tuesday. Several calls to his cell phone were not returned. His Twitter feed has not been updated since April 16.

In addition to anchoring Region 8 News at Five and six, with longtime anchor Diana Davis, Rickert also anchored Region 8 News at Ten with Allison Munn. He also would anchor the Crimestoppers segments each Tuesday night, where he routinely shouted “stamp him,” or “stamp her,” following the arrest of a suspect previously featured on the segment – followed by a graphic and a sound effect, signifying the arrest of a suspect still considered innocent under the rule of law.

It isn’t the first time the anchor has been the subject of controversy, though. Rickert found himself in the news in 2012, when Max Brantley with the Arkansas Times published a story titled, “Jonesboro: Do you know your anchorman?” The story, a reblog from another source, focused on Rickert’s factually questionable social media statements along with his perceived conservative positions expressed in several posts. The story can be viewed here. 

Update: Of the sources who spoke to NEA Report about the matter, none indicated this was the reason for his departure.

NEA Report was unable to obtain comment from KAIT on the matter before publication. Should one be issued, we will update this story. Follow NEA Report on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news developments from across Northeast Arkansas.

By Stan Morris | Twitter | e-mail | Facebook

Featured photo source: Rickert; Story photo source: KAIT.


  1. Have been trying to find info about this story. Sad to hear Mr. Rickert has been dismissed. Over on Topix, they have turned it into something personal, or misinformation to take away from the truth. ? Help find the Truth.

    • You are so wrong in firing this man!! Get over yourselves, we need more men like him to comment maybe not the politically correct. We need to speak out when the powers that be tell us we CAN’T SAY THINGS OR DO THINGS THE WAY WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE THEM. We are being pushed around and our freedoms are being taken away.Speak the truth and support those who aren’t afraid to comment the truth on air. He was an assest and you blew it KAIT.

    • Very disappointed. Liked him
      A lot! Very professional. Will have to reconsider where to
      get local news.

      • Need to watch once a week. Make a note of the advertisers and refuse to support them until they bring Craig back!!!!!!!


  2. This is a VERY big loss for the KAIT 8 viewers whether or not KAIT 8 sees it that way or not!
    Craig Rickert and Diana Davis are our news reporters and they who I prefer to watch to get the news in our area! He has been on KAIT it seems forever and has done an outstanding job!
    I just don’t know what’s happening with KAIT 8 anymore but this is just VERY sad!

  3. Say it ain’t so!!! We have enjoyed Craig for as long as he has been with KAIT. I pray that the problem can be resolved. He is an outstanding anchor.

  4. So sorry to hear this. Always felt that Craig Rickert was VERY professional, trustworthy and could be depended on to bring the news to this region. Haven’t been nearly as happy with programming, reporting, reporters since the new general manager took over. Craig Rickert was a rock in a lot of sinking sand. Sad day for KAIT8.

  5. Craig was always very professional, easy to listen to, and not fake sounding. I don’t know what happened but I think it was a mistake to fire him.

  6. Craig Rickert was my favorite person on Kait news. Regardless of what happened I think Kait made a big mistake.

    • They did make a huge mistake but they will NEVER admit it. Craig gave the News without injecting his opinion but his personal opinion was Conservative and he worked on a hate filled Liberal television station. Well now to find another news channel to watch-Fox will have to do!

  7. Sad- Craig was a great newsman. I will no longer be watching KAIT. Apparently KAIT is clueless. I am done with them along with advertising we buy from them.

    • We all like Craig hope you. get him. Back. the news is no good without him .won’t be watching. anymore.

    • You only have to watch one of the 5 times a day for the first 3 minutes and the same stories will show up several days in a row. Boring!

  8. Good riddance. His negative comments on race and religion have no place in a tolerant society. Looking forward to hearing what happened.

    • I agree. I can’t believe all these people saying no matter what he did, he should not have been fired. He was obviously not going to be fired for the reasons you mention. I agree with you that he is racist and intolerant. I guess that means when we find out what it was, all his supporters will still be behind him. Especially after everyone is done googling Old Testament verses to make themselves feel better!

      • It’s too bad that a Conservative has to keep silent. Bill O’reilly and then they try Hannity but you Liberal cry babies will not shut us all up! We have a voice and you can bet one way or another, your going to hear it!

    • Tolerant society? You mean like at Berkley? Coded in your attitude is “tow the progressive line or else.” Getting fired, riots whatever it takes, right? #usefulidiots

    • Nancy, thanks so much for clearly demonstrating the meaning and value of today’s “tolerant society.”

  9. He had a genuine smile not fake. Rare in news anchors. I consider it a grave mistake that I would like the viewer s to change. Give him his job back KAIT….

  10. Totally agree with Craig on his views of Obama!!! Stand behind his views 100%
    Will be a loss for kait!!

  11. I like Craig should not have let him go he’s a very good. News man get him back or you will lose watchers

    • Craig is one of the most respect man I know . Craig did his job and a great job . Bring him back to KAIT OR YOU WELL LOSE LOTS OF VIEWS.

  12. I would like to hear the WHOLE story. The truth and nothing but the truth on this matter, as well as many others. The TRITH IS something that’s become hard to come by. Especially so with big news stations. KAIT8 should be well aware that there are always at least two sides to every story. But what I want is the TRUTH. Then, we as a society, can form an opinion of our own.

    • As a “society”, people already have, and will, form an opinion, no matter how ill-informed that opinion might be.
      To put a picture of the guy up and demand both sides of his story for the people to judge him is a very slippery slope. What if he’s beyond guilty of something anti-social ? Do we put him in stocks and throw rotten fruit at him ? Cane him on the Courthouse lawn ? Maybe throw stones at him until he is no more ? (I hear that punishment is popular in certain countries).
      We, the people aren’t his Judge and Jury.
      Dang, Jonesboro, next all of the people, (and Sharon), will want to waterboard him !!!
      But……….if you want to play fair, how about you —-> Sharon, confess to something on here, so we can judge you first. ?
      How about it ???

      • Not understanding why lait will broadcast about fox news firing people and not one of their own anchors. The people of Jonesboro have a right to know why he was fired after 20 years in the tv business. Crying shame that you can’t voice your opinion about anything in this world without some stupid liberals, nut jobs demanding blood.

  13. Craig Rickert is a very good man, great anchor, community minded, wonderful personality on and off the air. What a poor decision by the kait8 management.

  14. We will miss him very much. Don’t know what happened but I hope they get him back. Never heard him say anything negative.

  15. If what I hear is true, KAIT made a huge mistake! Have RayCom “higher ups” watched the KAIT news casts when Dianna, Allison or Craig aren’t on? It’s a joke, almost comical! If the story that’s goin around turns out to be true, people need to stand up for Craig and what’s right. If we do, it will make for a BETTER REGION 8!

    • What can we do to get them to take him back? Would much prefer to let them know how we feel than just sit here and post where it goes nowhere. I agree he was the best they had.

    • AMEN!!! I think Jonesboro could handle another station. Look at Little Rock and Memphis. KAIT would loose most of their viewers.

  16. it would nice to see either the new Fox or CBS Jonesboro station start a news dept. and broadcast! That would be such a great opportunity for Craig and a great chance for NE Arkansas to show KAIT8 just what a big mistake it was to fire him….in my opinion.

  17. This sucks crag is very good at his job we the people think crag is a friend on tv. Kait sucks I will not watch kait

  18. I hate to see Craig treated this way. A wonderful husband, father, Christian and one amazing Anchor. There are a lot of things going on that need to be brought to light with the management at KAIT. Just keep watching, there’s more going to be leaving in the next 6 months. Definitely not the place it used to be.

  19. Between Kait and The Jonesboro Sun you would think this area was predominately left wing! I have not read a Jonesboro Sun in six months and I just deleted Kait news from my DVR list. They can shove their crap down somebody else’s throat!

  20. As a fan and follower of Region 8 News programming, I would expect public comment by both Craig & Raycom that clearly define the event(s) so as to not leave people guessing and to quell rumors … honesty is the best policy!

  21. After inquiring about Craig, K8 sent me an inbox message on Facebook messenger telling me to contact Chris Conroy and immediately blocked me from their page. Lol! Cowards!!

  22. We only get the view of the station owners. I want another station. We get only one to watch

  23. I will no longer watch KAIT News! Craig Rickert was the best part of it and now some idiots fired him?!?! PLEASE BRING HIM BACK!!!!!

  24. They won’t bring him back, it’s a political thing now. Maybe he will get a great job in Memphis and shame kait.

  25. I will not longer be watching Kait 8 News. Your station has made a big mistake. The people in our area need to take a stand and boycotton Channel 8.

  26. It would be nice if a TV station recognized what their viewers actually like and care about! If Chris Conroy wants to keep up his pompous advising on how to make this a better region 8, he might start with being honest about why Crain Rickert is no longer a member of the news team. Since I was born here, I had the rather idiotic notion that we here in region 8, were already doing a rather nice job of making this a better region 8.

  27. To make this a better regeon 8 get Craig back as our anchor man. Otherwise I will find another news channel to watch.

  28. Another good news anchor gone, just like Jack Hill. I don’t live in the arwa anymore but I still keep up with what’s going on. Totally Needless to get rid of Craig Rickert!

  29. I live in Memphis and have for 18 years. I dont know Rickert. I know Donna Davis, though. Of her, anyway. Grew up watching Channel 8 news. Just sounds like Rickert was no longer journalistically neutral. I’d hate to think it was any more than that, like maybe he was part of a rather nasty controversial group. Kinda Mark Fuhrman-ish.

  30. He was big market talent at a crappy little ABC affiliate. Good luck attracting someone with 25% of his talent.

  31. I don’t know what was behind the firing of Craig Rickert but I always thought he did a very good job and I liked to watch him I think Kait made a big mistake

  32. Craig always seemed genuine to me. His voice was pleasant and not so stilted or reporterish, like he was naturally talking to each one of us and CARED. You will be greatly missed, Craig.

  33. Craig was and still is a great and fair reporter who I believe a true Christian, firming will have great repercussions from people who watch kait and from companies that support it. I vote for adversitments to be cut greatly.

  34. You have made a mistake Craig was great to listen and had genuine appeal to all who listen. I will not watch your broadcast. I hope another station will come along because we will not listen to yours that’s for sure. The leaders of station should be fired not craig

  35. Imagine that, KAIT “refusing” to comment on what’s going on at their station, but don’t have a problem airing out other people’s dirty laundry. A true example of the way the media works. Craig was a great anchor and, like any other American, is fully entitled to his opinion. KAIT should be ashamed for not offering its viewers an explanation when asked. They “expect” the people they report on to answer their questions, but refuse to answer ours when questioned.

  36. I will not be watching KAIT8 anymore! The only thing I ever watched was the news and weather anyway. The news team KAIT has now is mostly a bunch of unprofessional women, not counting Diane Davis. Craig Rickert was a pro and imho THE anchor on their news at 6 and 10!!!! I’ll be boycotting the advertisers too!

  37. You people are just like the national news media ,very controlling of what news gets aired that is to say what the big guys want to say and not the actual news.Your going to miss Craig and your going to miss me to .i’m gone.

  38. THEY ARE TERRORISTS AND THEY DO HORRIBLE THINGS’ GET THE SCOOP BLAME INNOCENT PEOPLE MAKE A FAIR TRIAL IMPOSSIBLE PEOPLE GET THE DEATH SENTENCE BECAUSE OF THE LIES THEY TELL ALSO ELECTION TAMPERING THEY DEFAME MORE ELIGIBLE Candidate and back lies a crooks as upstanding people they have never been also reports in weather getting peoples killed they keep terrorist on the streets an dad do not mentioned hundreds of kids disappear in Arkansas last two years Craig rickerts probably dead

    • Renee, I TOTALLY believe you! My co-host Shelly Jo Govar and I from the Jo-Jo’s for Justice fight against corruption here in Arkansas on a DAILY basis! We’re currently investigating the disappearances of Michael Morris and Brooke Allensworth. We would very much like to talk to you about your situation.

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