Hepatitis C suspect arrested for spitting blood to infect police

JONESBORO, Ark. – A man is accused of beating a woman, fighting officers and even spitting at them with blood in his mouth – and the man was said to have Hepatitis C.

The disgusting incident reportedly happened at about 11:30 a.m. Friday morning at the Gee Street Market, on Gee Street in Jonesboro. Jonesboro Police Department Officer Mohammed Pasha arrived to see a man with his medic kit out trying to provide first aid to a victim. The man, also who had made the 911 call, was Toby Emerson. He pointed out the suspect, William B. Stanley, 26, of Jonesboro, who allegedly assaulted the female victim to the extent that she was covered in blood.

Stanley cooperated briefly until officers took his arm to arrest him. He then became rigid before he began fighting with police and resisting arrest, said the report. He had blood on his hand and was spitting a light-red bloody spit. Both Pasha and Officer Scott Byrd tried to calm down the suspect but Stanley, “kept spitting” at officers and yelling curse words.

“Die. You are police.” – Stanley, according to the police report.

Later, the female victim advised Stanley had been diagnosed with Hepatitis C and to use precautions while handling him.

“During arrest, William Stanley tried to spit on me and Byrd and my uniform suffered stains from his saliva (right side of my shirt),” Pasha reported.

jpdpolice5Byrd’s police narrative also showed the suspect seemed to immediately resort to spitting and trying to spread his illness in a malicious way.

“After we grabbed his arm and put it behind his back, Stanley turned and spit on Officer Pasha and myself,” Byrd reported. “Stanley then began trying to actively resist so I grabbed his head, turned it away from us and pushed him onto the hood of Pasha’s patrol car. I continued to hold Stanley’s head down and away from us as he was still trying to spit on us.”

Once Byrd spoke to the female and was told the suspect was Hepatitis C Positive, he reported Stanley, “knowingly tried to infect Officer Pasha and myself by spitting on us.”

On the drive to Craighead County Detention Center, the suspect was very talkative, according to Pasha.

“You all think y’all are hard,” Stanley said, according to Pasha. “She is going to come back to me again and bail me out. She is my wife and she does it all the time. All I was trying to do is to take the cell phone out of her hand and bitch would not listen to me, and you will not make it to the correction center.”

Pasha asked the suspect why he didn’t tell them about his medical condition (Hep. C). The report shows a shocking disregard in Stanley’s alleged statements.

“I don’t care,” Stanley said, according to the report. “Die. You are police.”

At CCDC, Stanley was cited for third degree battery on a family or household member and resisting arrest. He was also held to face a felony charge of aggravated assault upon a law enforcement officer.

Pasha went back to St. Bernard’s Medical Center to collect a victim statement but by the time he arrived, the victim had left the facility with her aunt. No one answered the phone when police attempted to contact the victim at her aunt’s phone. A nurse said her injuries included a facial contusion and bruising due to a “severe blow to her face.” A CAT scan was taken of the victim.

However, as of Monday, the suspect had not been bailed out of jail as quickly as he had hoped. He remained in jail as of 2 p.m. Monday, facing at least one serious felony charge for aggravated assault on an officer of the law.

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  1. Could you please make an addition to headline – spitting BLOOD at police ….

    About 1/3 down the page it speaks of kissing, eating utensils, etc.

    Thank you!

    As many people just skim headlines … I would like folks to know there is a BIG difference between saliva and blood in transfer of HCV- good reporting – just thought that might help folks who do have it no be thrown in the same basket as this nut job!

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