WBC Sustains Damage in Thunderstorm

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. – For the second time in less than a week, a severe thunderstorm has left damage in its wake at Williams Baptist College.

Two homes in the college’s faculty neighborhood were damaged by fallen trees, and the softball and baseball fields also sustained damage when the storm rolled through in the early morning hours Tuesday.  No injuries were reported.

A 10 X 20 foot scoreboard at the WBC Softball Field was left in twisted pieces over 100 yards away, and the outfield fence at the softball field was also damaged.  At Shell Baseball Field, two large sections of wooden fence were flattened in the storm.

Wind Damage 17 IIe (1)

In WBC’s Faculty Cove, a large tree was uprooted and fell on the roof of one home.  Damage to the roof was substantial, but the occupants will be able to remain in the home while repairs are made.  Another home suffered minor damage when a limb fell on it.

“The storm left us with some structural damage, but we are blessed that no one was hurt and it hasn’t disrupted our schedule today at Williams.  We are thankful for our maintenance and campus safety personnel who responded quickly to secure our facilities and keep everyone safe,” said Dr. Tom Jones, WBC’s president.

Another storm hit the Williams campus last Wednesday, knocking down trees and damaging some vehicles.

Williams is a liberal arts college in Walnut Ridge.

Photos attached of (Wind Damage 17 IId) a fallen tree on the roof of a home in WBC’s Faculty Cove neighborhood, and (Wind Damage 17 IIe) part of the crumpled scoreboard from the WBC Softball Field.

Press release and photos – Brett Cooper, WBC

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