Monday stabbing could be drug related

JONESBORO, Ark. – He got a call Tuesday morning saying he needed to pay $200 – or people would come to his apartment. Later that evening, the same man was beat up and stabbed, the police report said.

At 11:18 p.m. Monday night, Jonesboro Police Department Officer Nathan Coleman responded to the 2400-block of South Madison in Jonesboro, where he found a white male walking toward him holding his right hand inside of a McDonald’s bag. The bag was soaked with blood, dripping on the ground through the paper sack, along with his clothing and skin also being bloody. 

First, the victim, 25, said he was walking around when he was jumped – but that would prove to be untrue. The victim’s father later told police someone had called him, threatening him that morning, about money the victim owed to someone.

Office Nathan Coleman with JPD during a stop on Johnson Avenue in Jonesboro

When confronted, the victim admitted to police the two men told him he owed money to a former drug dealer, going by the name “June-Chow,” out of Blytheville. Instead of them coming to his house, the victim opted to go meet the men. When he arrived, they asked for his money and tried to take his wallet. That’s when a fist fight broke out.

The victim said he was punched in the head multiple times and then felt something stick in his hands.

His right hand was stabbed twice on top with his left hand stabbed three or four times. His face was also red with swelling around the right eye.

However, on Tuesday, Detective Kenny Oldham with JPD visited the victim, who said he did not want to pursue the matter, citing his own personal reasons as to why he wanted it dropped. He then signed an investigation termination form and the case was closed.

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